Friday, February 26, 2010

I am still around...

This past month has been full. We have been getting ready for Delaney's 4th birthday! And Scott coming home for a visit. Can we go back to January, I need more time. Let's see if I can hit some highlights of the last 4 weeks.

Made Delaney's birthday dress and currently working on sewing up the last 3 party favor bags. Yeah I know. If I have time tonight Daphne will also get a matching outfit for tomorrow's party.

I did finish 3 quilts this month and 2 of them were UFO's! I am hoping to get one more done by Sunday but I am not holding my breath.

Daphne had her 4 month check up and all is good. She is in the 50% range which is a big change from Delaney who was always 95%. Daphne is a good baby.

Scott got home last Friday. Saturday we did a quick sprint through the de Young to see the Amish quilts. The exhibit was great, the staff was so rude it blew my mind. That night we went to a crab feed for my niece's school. Sunday morning I was up early finishing a donation for a bowling fundraiser and then we were off to Reno for a few days.

A friend joined us in Reno. The guys got to snowboard one day and I got binding on 2 quilts. I also made a pair of Corvette pillowcases for me. I did get to shop at both of the quilt shops in Reno and want to go back in March for a class. Still trying to figure that one out.

Thursday was our first real day at home. I sewed for Delaney's birthday and Scott hung out with the kids. We also got to attend our niece's play The Wizard of Oz, all three were in the play. Last night was also the quilt guild meeting. This was the first month to turn in blocks for the Christmas Quilt Committee, which I am the Chairman of. So far I have 25 blocks, enough for one quilt and a block for the second.

Today is being spent finishing stuff for tomorrow's party. Scott and Delaney are out ordering the pizza and I am home sewing stuff and baking cupcakes. I will try to post pictures Sunday.