Monday, February 28, 2011

February Month End

1. Weight Loss was maintained. Which is perfect!

2. No clothing this month but I did buy a pattern to make a dress with fabric I found in my stash. It is beautiful pinstripe fabric I at Britex MANY years ago.

3. Finished UFO's
President's Challenge "Weed In My Garden"
Stitchin Sister's Challenge "Finding My Bliss"

4. New Recipes
Candy Bar Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Picky
Chicken Picata from Ina Garten book
Orange Pound Cake from Ina Garten book Family Style
Apple Blueberry Crumble

Sorry this is late. I thought I had it set to auto publish.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pink Hair!

You guys did it!!! With the help of my family and friends I was able to get $750 in donations in 2 weeks. Since they came through I dyed my hair Hot Pink!

I am now trying to reach $1000 by the end of the month Monday night. As of right now I am at $865. I only need $135 in 3 days. If you would like to help me got to the 3 find a participant and type in my name Dianah Pfeifle. It is that easy!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Week!

With only ONE WEEK left in February I would LOVE to get another $210 in donations. It would take me to $1000. Right now I have $790 and I am at a third of my goal. I am VERY HAPPY for that.

I have already started my training walks. We are encouraged to do 3 miles an hour. I know it sounds slow but when the event gets here it is a good pace to walk 60 mile in. My treadmill also came this week so I will be able to start walking more at home.

If you would like to help me out you can go to MY 3 Day Walk Page and make a donation. Every donation helps and gets me One Step Closer to my goal.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mojo FOUND!!!

I have had some issues lately and haven't wanted to finish anything for my guilds quilt show. I haven't sold the raffle tickets I need to sell, $5 will buy you 6 tickets to win a quilt let me know if you are interested. I don't want to attend guild meetings. I am over it.

Last year one of my goals:

I really tried to be productive. Many people said thank you that I did a good job. I chaired 3 committees and 1 was something completely new to our guild. BUT there is that small few that complained and then weren't adult enough when confronted to admit what they said or apologize. I am really feeling I need a break from the group. Because of this I haven't wanted to quilt anything.

SOOOO I bought the book above Quilts For The Modern Home Simplify by Camille Roskelley. I am in LOVEEEE. EVERYONE should go out and buy this book. I am totally motivated to quilt. I want to make them all. I am so excited to sew again. The first quilt up is Little Man. I will be using Alice in Wonderland by Maywood Studio.

My friend Jennifer and I bought the Alice tower about a year ago and have been looking for the perfect project for it. Several of the quilts will work with the large focal prints. Tonight I order a piece of yardage for borders and a piece for binding. Once the show is over and the fabric is deliver we will be piecing all night long!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2010 Health Goal

Last January one of my goals was to meet the Health Goal my work set for me. I got my results middle of last February. My lab results said I was completely healthy and to change nothing. It also said I should start to exercise and lost some weight. BUT they said I had no goal to meet. So I decided that since I didn't HAVE meet a Health Goal for work that I was going to set my own. I decided that I was going to loose 30lbs. Last December I met that goal and I have maintained that goal since. I think I am the healthiest I have ever been.

Now I have been asked "How did you do it?" Honestly, No I didn't have surgery. No I didn't take a magic pill. No I didn't wave a fairy wand. I did it with work. I did it with diet and exercise. I REFUSE to eliminate foods from my diet. I choose to limit the amount of them I eat.

My big diet tips are PORTION CONTROL and DRINK WATER!!! I tried eating High Protein and Low Carb diet when I did Booty Camp. My body didn't like that. I only lost 2lbs in 2 weeks. My body responds to portion control. I also drink Protein Shakes in the morning. I am not a breakfast person so the shake is a good way for me to start the day. I try to drink a gallon of water a day. I still eat Mc Donalds BUT my secret is I get a cheeseburger and split a small fry with the girls. Yes there are days that I get a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a Large Fry but that is maybe once every 6 weeks. I have also limited my alcohol intake. Pizza and beer is a must once a month. It is amazing how long a 12 pack is lasting at my house lately.

Now the dreaded exercise. UGHHHH! I found something that I LOVE! Without Venus Pole Fitness I don't think I would have even thought of dropping the 30lbs. I started with Pole Fitness and fell in love. Since last July I have taken many classes, Lap and Chair Dancing, 4 weeks of Booty Camp, and some traditional Abs and Legs classes. I have been able to take classes from 4 of the instructors and they are all wonderful and supportive. Thursday night I am starting Burlesque Dance Classes. I can't wait! With the encouragement I have received at Venus I found DVD's that I enjoy doing at home. I have gotten out my Gazelle and have been using that.

Now my goal for this next year, to maintain. I would like to drop another 10lbs and I know I can do it. Right now I am more focused on keeping off the 30 lbs I already lost. I am also working on the training for the 3-Day Walk. I would never thought that any of this was possible for me.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pink Pain

What a weekend!!!

As of 1pm I reached my goal of $750 in donations for the 3 Day Walk!!! My family and friends are amazing. I wanted to have $750 by 11:59pm Valentine's Day, I was 35 hours ahead of schedule. This is 30% of the $2300 I need to do the walk. So PLEASE keep the donations coming in.

Yesterday I got to take two classes at Venus Pole Fitness. Diane is amazing! I got to take a Lap Dance class followed up by a Chair Dance class. I had a fun time and an AMAZING workout! Today I am sore I know that tomorrow I will be in PAIN.

Today I got to walk a 5k with my team One Step Closer! I got to meet a great group of women that I am going to love training and fundraising with. I can't wait!

Friday, February 11, 2011


After 5 weeks I am headed back to Venus Pole Fitness. I am so excited to be back dancing. I really miss it and my body craved the activity. Never thought that would happen. Because I am so smart I am taking 2 classes tomorrow for a total of 2 and a half hours!!! Am I CRAZY?
As if that wasn't enough I am starting Burlesque classes Thursday night. And since I am questioning my mental health I am taking the Luscious Legs class before hand too.
Not sure if I will be able to walk this next week. We will see.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting Started!!!

Tonight I am headed to San Leandro for my Getting Started meeting for The 3 Day walk. I am excited to learn more about my new journey.

I am busy training and raising donations. I set a goal of $750 by 11:59pm on Valentine's Day. Now if I make it I will dye my hair HOT PINK! Plus I have some friends that will take a photo of my hair and post it all over the place. Also one of my friends made a photo card for me to mail to help raise donations.

I have also joined the group One Step Closer. They do training and fund raising together. Plus we all camp and walk together in San Francisco.

If you would like to help get my hair HOT PINK you can make and online donation on my 3 Day Walk page. I am also working on a few other ideas to help me make my goal.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

220 Days!

I have decided to walk in the SGK 3 Day for the Cure in San Francisco this September. I am very excited to FINALLY get to do this. It will be A LOT of work. First I need to raise $2300 and second I need to get my body in condition to walk 60 miles in 3 days.

Today is the first of my Training Days! We will be walking 3 miles today. I have started a 24 week training schedule. Over time I will build up how many mile I walk in a day. The other good part is Scott usually flies in and out of San Francisco so I have opportunities to go to the city to train. San Francisco is the hardest of all the walks because of the hills, most of the cities are a lot flatter.

If you would like to support me on my journey you can go to The 3 Day on the right is says "Donate to a Participant" click on that. It will then have a box that you can type in my first name "Dianah". I am the ONLY one. It will then walk you through making a donation.