Tuesday, April 24, 2007

MMM, Chocolate

What more can I say. It is all that was left after I gave her a 1/4 inch square piece of chocolate. She loves playing in my sewing room and my living room. She keeps taking Scott small things she can find. And then he brings them to me asking if it's ours. Who else would it belong too? it's in OUR house! Some of her favorites are a small turtle, a black and white rock egg and grill seasonings.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Frist Day

Well I made it through my first day back to work. Not much has changed in the 9 years I have been gone from Food 4 Less. I think the only thing different is that paper work. I am training with one girl this whole week and I have asked for a day of training with another book keeper, Merleen, before they put me on my own. I have a feeling I will be on my own next week. The good part is I was off work by 11am today.

All went well with the baby shower. I got everything done in time, including my makeup. We took all the furniture out of both the living room and family room for the party. It was in the sewing room, Poop's room and the garage. This is what the sewing room looked like this last weekend. I only had enough room to swing the door open. Needless to say I haven't been sewing.

I do need to get a few baby quilts done and soon. Also I am hoping to give Gina my Parts Department quilt on her next trip over here. I have gotten little, very little, bite more done on it. I am hoping to get the row of pinwheels done this week It is going to be about 6 weeks so I should have some time to work on it. Speaking of Gina, I was able to meet my wonderful new friend Saturday morning at the quilt store. I enjoyed getting to talk to her, it felt like I have known her forever.

Here are the two cards I entered in the Paper Crafts Magazine Gallery Idol contest. The theme was a Hello card. I made them both on Thursday afternoon and the deadline was on Friday. They will be picking 20 people to go on to round 2. I will know on Friday if I am one of the lucky ones.

Saturday I got my stamps I won from Paper Crafts. I can't wait to make something with them. I do need to get some block to use them with since they are unmounted stamps.

Scott did some yard work at our house. He got home early one day so I asked him to pull out our city tree. I have hated that tree since we bought the house. For some reason yard work either means using 4-wheel drive or drinking a lot of beer and watching the grass grow.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Baby Shower Count Down

Okay I don't think I am doing to bad:
1. Table cloths are made
2. Food and chairs are ordered
3. Favors are half done
4. Game prizes are wrapped
5. Paper products are purchased
6. Trees riped out of front yard

I still need to:
1. Make desserts
2. Finish print outs for games
3. Make diaper cake
4. Decorate
5. Clean house
6. Pick up and prep food
7. Pick up and set up tables and chairs

Also I am fully hired at Food 4 Less. This has been a 3 day process. It took more of my time than I thought it would. I start 5:30am Monday morning at Wilson Way. I still need to buy black shoes this weekend for that.

Friday is also the deadline for the Card Idol Contest I wanted to enter. I have entered 2 cards and would like to get 3 more done before the deadline, I think I have until 11am. Wish me luck! Somewhere around 800 cards have been entered so far. Twenty people will be picked to go onto round 2, many people entered more than one card.

I will post pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Visual DNA

Bittersweet, and I Don't Mean Chocolate.

I am going back to work. I am not that excited about returning to work and leaving Poop. The sweet part is that I am going back to Food 4 Less as a bookkeeper with my old boss Diane. I really enjoyed that job and Diane as a boss. Also my sister is going to be watching Poop. I will start work at 5:30am and I will be off around 10:30am, so I will be with Poop most of the day anyway. I will also be working 2 weekends a month. I also let her know about my trip to Texas and she said no problem. SouthFork here I come.

I am working on everything for Diana's shower today. I need to come up with one more game and 2 more girl prizes. I started the favors this morning. I need to sew the table cloths. I was thinking of making an advice album for the parents to be from the shower guest. I am also cleaning house.

Scott is in San Ramon for a long while now. He is on the job he will be taking over learning the houses with his lead man Nick. It is nice that he isn't really working now. It is a lot nicer on his back too.

Delaney is Delaney. She is teething again. Quick buy stock in baby medicine. Man we go through that stuff. She is learning to play hide n seek and laughs like crazy when she is found. She also has learned she likes Aunt Linda's coffee, I am sure it is filled with milk and sugar since the cup I saw was very light. She also has been trying like mad to get into a bar of bittersweet baking chocolate.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Already Gone ; {

Where did the weekend go? Scott just called saying they are in Reno on the way home. I am still trying to figure out how Reno is a short cut coming home from Northern California. It isn't a short cut to get their though. I guess that's what happens with 3 men in one car. They had a good time but didn't kill that many squirrels. I'll have more info when he is really home.

I feel like I have been almost productive this weekend. I still need to clear the air hockey table, I have been working on it. I am hoping to have it half way empty when Scott gets home. I have also worked on my Parts Department quilt. I still have a few rows to go before I can start the borders but I am getting there. Believe it or not this is a very time consuming quilt. You make it one block at a time. I am used to stripe piecing and time saving techniques. Next is a Black & White row, it is getting hard to look at again.

I told my mom I would cut her fabric for her class in 2 weeks. The night she was planning on doing it she is babysitting all 4 girls so me and Linda can go to stamp club. I am done cutting her fabric, I think she has enough to make it bigger than the 12 block quilt we saw in the store. The Yellow print is her border, the white/grey is the background, the greens are the stars and the yellow, orange, and pink stripes are going to be the "One Eyed Four Patch" at the tips of the stars.

I know my room looks messy but this is a big improvement. Before their wasn't the table under the window, I now have more table space for cutting and scrapping. Also there wasn't that much clean floor, I had stuff in piles. Those piles got sorted and but on the bookcase or in the scrapping cupboard. The boxes under the table by the window have paper in them and the ones under the other table have more fabric in them. It will be sometime in May before I can got through and get the bookcases done.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Almost Done!

I have put almost everything back into the new and improved sewing room. I still have to get the stuff off the air hockey table. Other than that everything is back in. I even have more room now. I still need to clean out the closet and the bookcases. I am leaving that for another weekend though.

I am hoping to be able to sew tonight and get more done on my "Parts Department." Poop came in to help me sew and couldn't find her stuff. I put all of my fabric away. It took her a few, very few, minutes to find a project box and start to unload.

We did go to Turlock's quilt store Cloth n Quilts today with grandma. We picked out her fabric for her One Eyed Four Patch class in two weeks. It is going to have green stars with yellow, orange and pink points on a grey background. The border she picked up in Hawaii last year and is yellow with white orchids and big green leaves. She wants the stars to look like flowers she took a picture of. It should work.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Surprise For Scott!

My mom is keeping Delaney over night tonight so I can work on cleaning my sewing room. This is a bigger task than most of you can imagine. I am going to move bookcases and haul at least 50% of my stuff out of the room. This will take hours. I get to drop Poop of at 3:30 to my mom's work, YEAH ME! The surprise for Scott is that my goal is to move my scrapping table in to my sewing room tonight. With any luck I will have all my crafting out of his living room before he gets home on Sunday night.

Me and Poop have been sewing more today. I have made some progress on my quilt and she has sorted more fabric. I am hoping to se able to sew the rows together on Sunday. I need to finish the row that is started, the churn dash, and add 2-4 more rows. I know it needs another black & white row.

This is Poop in the "clean" spot of my sewing room. This is the area I spend 2 hours last Sunday cleaning.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

With Dad Away The Girls Will Play!

Scott left this morning to help reduce the squirel population in Northern California. Their is a bunch of guys going up. And no we don't eat the meat. Also where they are hunting squirels the woman ownes a huge orchard. She has groups come in to hunt the squirel so they don't eat her crops.

So, me and Poop are on our own for the weekend. We have had a good morning. I won 3 stamp sets, in 2 different contests! I can't wait to get them. And we have been sewing. I have been working on a UFO for me called Parts Department. I took the class last summer. Poop has been sorting the fabric for my quilt. She throws it all over the sewing room usually a piece in each hand and fabric going over her shoulder.

Delaney's sewing.

We are going fabric shopping on Saturday with Grandma too!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What We Learned This Week...

We have all learned lots this week. I will start with Poop. She learned that her finger fits in her nose. You can still suck your thumb with your finger in your nose. And you can laugh, suck your thumb and have your finger in your nose, it is very funny when mama says "Cocka Poop, cocka!" The best place to read a book is on top of the basket filled with toys. She figured out how to scoot her butt to go down her slide. She loved hunting Easter Eggs, and yelled at us if we touched her eggs. She had a death grip on her basket. Delaney has also learned that she loves Mega 100.1 R&B and Old School Favorites, so far she really likes Kool & The Gang and Parliament, not so much on the Funkidelics. Did you know that the Funkidelics and Parliament are the same group they have 2 names because they recorded on 2 different labels.

Scott is working this week one the job he will eventually take over in San Ramon. He does get home earlier since they are able to start earlier. He is running this job this week, which means he really isn't working. Scott learned how to convert a file to a jpeg to be able to e-mail it. What he is still trying to learn is how to print the houses he drew to print in blue print size. It seems everyone thinks they know how to do it, until they realize they don't have the same program to be able to manipulate the drawings so they can print.

As for me, I am brilliant and don't need to learn anything else. LMAO! I have learned that I don't need so much stuff! Needless to say I am getting rid of a lot of it. I am down to only 8 swaps for PaperCrafting and am hoping to have 4 of them done in the next week. Keep your fingers crossed. I am currently working on 3 UFO quilts. I am hoping to have the borders on 2 of them tonight, I call them the ugly quilts. Ang one is for your birthday gift!LOL. I am hoping to quilt them by early May. I am also working on my Parts Department quilt. I am hoping that my new friend Gina will quilt it. Hint, Hint. I still have 4 baby quilts to get done. STOP drinking the water in Stockton! Here is a picture of the one I did for baby Nathan.

I get to go visit friends in Texas in June! I can't wait. My dear friend Nathan is working on his PhD in Economics at University of Texas so I will spend a week with him in Austin. He is going to take me to Dallas area to see my other wonderful friends Dave and Liz. As much as I miss all of them and look forward to seeing all of them, the highlight of my trip is I get to go to Southfork Ranch. I am so excited! I love Dallas. I watched it as a kid and I am watching it now on Soap Network. I have also bought the seasons they have released on DVD. Lastly I have been working on the kitchen cupboards this month for my Resolution. I was going to do one a month but I am about half way done already! Let's see if I finish by May.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Did you know...

That 1 in 5 kids in American suffer from Obesity. This is a big concern to me. That number just seems way to high. Did you also know that everyone needs to take 10,000 steps a day. That's not to loose weight, just to maintain good health. Also not all babies stop eating when they are full, doctors are WRONG!

We have not really had a fun 2 weeks. Delaney got more teeth and we are still waiting for 2 more molars to finish coming in. So that means in 5 weeks she got 2 little teeth and 4 molars. On top of that she has had a double ear infection, conjunctivitis and a few other -itis' I don't remember. She is in good spirits though. On top of all this Scott gave her a whole Quesidilla. She ate it all, she also puked an hour later.

For me, I did get 9 of my 10 sewing projects done in March and I only spent $9. I am very happy with the out come. I did not finish any of my UFO's but I finished a few projects that hadn't even made it to the list. I did work on 2 last night at quilting though. I am going to enter the Paper Craft Magazine Idol contest so wish me luck. I will post a picture as soon as I get my entries done. And yes Nathan the entry way closet is finished (I found a box of wedding gifts we never unloaded). I also did the top of the fridge and the cupboard over the fridge. I can't believe how much I have got done on my Resolution list! I also bought a pedometer yesterday(Tuesday) I am going to see if I am even walking close to my 10,000 steps a day.

And now for Scott. He is working in San Ramon right now. He has been asked to run the next release of houses (about 15) so the other foreman can get caught up. We are also waiting for another job (apartments) to get released and then Scott will take over a different job still in San Ramon. He has been asked again if he would go to Nevada. He has agreed to go help get the job started (first few weeks only) and to go up if the foreman needs a vacation or help for a week. The problem is where he would stay while he was their. Someone said he could commute. NO! I do have family in Reno that he could stay with and he would have to commute to Genoa, which is more than an hour away.

Sorry I still don't have pictures. I killed the battery in my camera and haven't bought a new one. Maybe next week.