Monday, April 25, 2011

3 Day Walk Update

This past weekend with the help of my family and friends I achieved the amazing milestone of $2300 in donations. This is the minimum amount needed to participate in the 3 Day Walk. I am truly thankful and humbled from all the support and donations I have received.

I will continue to fundraise to meet my personal goal of $3000. I will set monthly goals until I walk in September. If you would like to help me reach my goals you can donate on my page or click on the 3 Day image to the left.

I am close to my goal for this month I need a few more $5 and $10 donations to make it. Every donation takes us One Step Closer to a cure.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sampler Sunday! 2

Ready for another installment of Sample Sunday?

I am holding off on throwing you a curve. Instead here is a fun easy block.

Many of you know that I support the military. I am joining in with Moda and their Just One Star project. Moda is trying to make 100 quilts in 100 days using this star pattern. Moda is asking for cream background and medium Red or medium Blue blocks. If you choose to make a block it needs to be in the mail this next week.

Now this makes about a 10" block so I am adding a 1 1/2" stripe to each side to make a 12" block for my sampler quilt. My blocks will be ready to photo later this week.

I challenge all of you to make 2 blocks. One for Moda and One for yourself.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fabric Prices

Okay I was just thinking tonight while I was cutting off selvage what is going to happen with Fabric Prices with the disasters that keep hitting Japan?

In the last few years fabric has gone from $9 a yard up to $10 to $11 a yard. Many fabric manufactures have moved their operations to Japan. Many designers work with teams in Japan to get their designs and colors right before going to production in Japan.

Just this year Kona cotton has gone from $6 a yard last December to $7 a yard in March, that is the first time I purchased it this year. That is about 17% jump in 1 year!

Now if you are wondering who, I have a few for you.
1. Moda
2. Robert Kaufman
3. Micheal Miller
4. Lucein

I am not sure on a few others but I am sure with a little research you could find out.

As budgets are tightening I am wondering what is going to happen to fabric prices. For me at $11 a yard I REALLY have to love the fabric to buy it. I am working more on finishing my UFO's and not starting new quilts. I am shopping my stash before heading out to a store. I am using my scraps and not just storing them. Now I am not saying that I am not buying ANY fabric. I am pickier about what I buy. Instead of buying a half yard of 6 fabrics in a line that I like, I buy a half yard of my favorite that I can use with what I already have. Here is an example. This weekend I saw a fabric with High Heels on it, LOVE! It was white fabric with Black shoes and once in awhile there was a red shoe. SO ME!!! BUT they also had it WITHOUT the red, just white with black. Now I loved the one with the red, the one without worked better with my stash. So I bought a half yard of with one without the red.

Also I was looking through the Connecting Threads catalog today. Their fabric runs $5 to $7 a yard and is Made in the USA. Plus orders over $50 get FREE SHIPPING!!! Has anyone ordered from them? I would love to hear what you think of their fabric. I am thinking of placing an order.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sampler Sunday!

I am making a Sampler Quilt! Who's joining me?

I decided that I have a ton of SCRAPS leftover from my Stars & Stripes quilt that I needed something to do with. I don't have much yardage but I do have usable chunks. I thought why not make a sampler. Most of the fabric is from an old Moda line "We The People." This next one is Red, Green and Cream. I belonged to a guild that I chaired the Christmas Quilt Committee. The idea was to make a 12 inch block in Red, Green and White/Cream. You bring it to the meeting and get a ticket to win a finish quilt at the Christmas Dinner. The biggest question I got asked in the year was "what block do I make?" I am here to help! Also my friend Bonnie is collecting 12 inch blocks in Red, White and Blue to make Sampler Quilts for Quilt of Valor. Photo of that block later in the week.

The block I started with is Four Corners from Quilters Cache. There are tons of free blocks on the site. I usually sort by size to find a block. This block was SUPER easy to cut and piece. It took me under an hour and that was with a diaper change, getting dessert and a phone call to mom. Next Sunday I am throwing you a CRUVE! Who's in with me?

Friday, April 8, 2011

With Friends Like Mine!

Who needs enemies?

It never fails that when a friend needs a partner in crime I get the call. This has been going on FOREVER!!!

A few months after college graduation a friend broke up with her boyfriend. I got THE CALL. I figured I was going to be the Designated Drive after all what are girlfriends for. OH HECK NO! Nothing that easy with this call. She needed someone to jump out of an airplane. Yes I went skydiving.

So no surprise last week I was talking to another girlfriend and she says "If I get 15 UFO's done I am going to redecorate my bedroom in pink and black. You should do it with me." UGGGGH! Okay...

So I walked into the sewing space and looked around. Well Once A Marine only needs binding, one done! Then Dazzling Diamonds was up on a quilter's list for next month so I pieced the back and shipped it out, sorta done. Now for number 3. Stars and Stripes.


I have had this top done to this point for YEARS. Last night I was determined that I was going to get the borders on it. At 10pm I figured out why it has been in the box for so long! I never bought the fabric for the stopper border. That's right all that has been stopping this from being a quilt is 3/8 yard of fabric. After reading Vicki's blog yesterday I realized it is okay to buy a little fabric to get a lot of fabric used.

This is what I mean by getting a lot of fabric used. Last night since I couldn't work on the borders, I did check my stash nothing worked, I pieced the back. I knew I wanted to frame out the panel with the extra fabric from the front. I ended up using over 3 1/2 yards of fabric.

Today I did run to the quilt shop and buy 1/2 yard of blue for the stopper and we are back in business. I will have the borders on today and start the quilting this weekend.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shipping Out

Once A Marine is done and shipping out. I am happy that this one is finally going to it's home.

Four of the Eagle, Anchor and Globes were quilted into the quilt along with a ton of stars.

Scott's old roommate in Iraq is getting this one. Frank is now home in Texas working for the state. And we are still in contact with him.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Some of you may have heard by now a rumor that I am not going to be paying my 2011-2012 dues to Manteca Quilt Guild. It is true.

I am taking this time to explain why. Also if you want to speak to me about it feel free to leave a comment, call or e-mail me.

This is not intended to bash anyone but to explain my feelings and actions. I set a goal at the beginning of 2010 to help bring change to the Manteca Quilters. I feel I honestly tried. I was supported by many members in my efforts and genuinely thank all of you for that.

Unfortunately I feel like I am being Bullied by one member. I have had a few problems with this member regarding a few different issues. Other members have had the opportunity to stand up to this member and instead have chosen not to and bash me along with her. Those members have said good things to my face about the projects I have worked on but once confronted with the Bully joined her.

I have been accused that I have ramrodded my pet projects down the guild throat. In fact I presented an idea to the board, who approved it and then took the idea to the guild to vote on the idea. According to the vote ALL members present voted yes. It has also been said that I don't understand that just because there is money in the Guild's bank account that I cannot just decide to spend it.

I will say that 2 of 3 committees I was on did over spend their budgets. Let me explain.

1. Christmas Quilt Block Committee budget $200 spent about $140

2. Christmas Dinner PROJECTED budget of $900, that would be 80 members paying $10 each for dinner total of $800 and $100 from the guild budget. Actual was 64 members paying for dinner and $100 from the guild for a total of $740. We still had to buy food, plates and treat for all 80 people. From what checks we were reimbursed we figured we spent about $760. So yes we were about $20 over budget. Leftover food and bottled water was taken to the December class for guild members to enjoy.

3. Quilt Show Gift Baskets budget $0 spent $28. This committee has NO BUDGET. The Quilt Show Chair did pre approve both of the $14 purchases that were made for this committee. One was for 8 spools of ribbon for the baskets and the other was for buckets to hold tickets. I will also say that this committee brought in $1400 this year and we the committee spent 2% of that.

I would like to clear up one more issue. It has been said that I am a new member and don't understand how things work. This is incorrect. Although I am younger than most of Manteca Quilt Guild membership I have been a member for 9 years. I have also been a member of other non profit groups and do understand budgets.

At this time I do not feel it is productive for me to be a member of this group.

This does NOT mean I am going to quit sewing and quilting. PLEASE know that I am still here to answer questions and help my friends. You can call me and I will help you.