Monday, September 29, 2008

Holiday Photo Sessions Offer

I am passing on an amazing offer to all of you. My friend Heather of Moomph Photography is offering a WONDERFUL Mini Holiday Photo Session. I am taking advantage of this myself.

First I have to tell you Moomph Photography does beautiful work. Heather took beautiful photos of me for my birthday. She is always snapping shots of Poop. One of the cards on her blog is of Poop, when Scott was putting in her baseboard.

So here are the links to her blog to find out more on getting truly one of a kind BEAUTIFUL Christmas Photos.

Mini Session Info

Christmas Cards

If you ask nicely she let's you bring your dog too. Even BIG ones! Now hurry and book you session now!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Greetings From Vacation

Yes we are on vacation! We are enjoying our "vacation ownership" in beautiful Mission Valley (San Diego) California. It has a El Torito and a Benihana Steak House in the parking lot. There is a ton of restaurants and shopping close by, less than 5 miles. H you need to book this one.

We are minutes away from Balboa Park. A 9 mile drive Krispy Kreme, yes we went this morning and bought more than a dozen. And 2 miles away from Mission Valley Mall. Which has TONS of stores, including Target, Macy's, Nordstrom's Rack AND a Hooters!!! Yes we went to Target already we needed bread and milk. We are taking the kids to Hooters soon. LOL!

The kids, we brought Ally too, were great on the way down. We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach yesterday on the way down. THANK YOU Ryan!!! My wonderful friend Ryan works there. It is the second largest in California and 5 in the U.S. It was amazing. Yes I took pictures. Speaking of pictures Delaney had stashed my camera last July and gave it back to me Wednesday night. The little turd! I will fill you all in on that when we get home.

Today has been slow. We did the educational Krispy Kreme self guided tour. I taught Ally how doughnuts are made. We had to stay and watch the Chocolate Bars from start to finish. Which starts as the dough drops onto the lift system that goes up and down a long time until the dough rises enough to get dropped into the oil. Then it floats in the hot oil to the flipping machine. Once it flips to cook the other side it floats to the oil drip off station. Then if it gets glazed it rides through the glaze shower. Last it rides around until someone puts it on a tray to get sold. BUT our doughnuts didn't get a glaze shower so we had to ask what was going to happen to them. We were told our dough nuts were going to be hand dipped and become chocolate bars. A nice lady demo'd it for us. First I will say Krispy Kreme most likely has better names for the process and second Thank God I watch a lot of Food Network.

We also did some shopping at Target and our owner member meeting. The people here about stroked out seeing that we never have been to one and we have been owners for 5 years. No mom we did not buy more points but for wasting an hour of our time we did learn a little bit on how to work the system and got $75 AMEX gift card. We are going to finish our day with a swim in the pool and dinner somewhere.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Renewed My Faith

I got a call from the District Attorney's Office, again. I do NOT have to appear in Juvenile Court on Monday. AGAIN! Macy was very nice today.

I asked "Why?"
Macy said "The defendant plead guilty."
Macy laughed.
I asked "What happens now?"
Macy said "Have you filed your restitution paperwork yet?"
Me "Yes, back in January."
Macy said "You will now need to contact the defendant's Probation Officer to get your resolution."
Me "Is the worthless piece of shit, I prefer this name to defendant, really going to pay me?"
Macy said "He has plead guilty, he is ordered to pay restitution. You will need to talk to Probation to figure that out."

Next week I am calling Ken the D.A. on the case to find out why this went back to court. Ken said last week "Sometimes a juvenile becomes competent after they have been declared incompetent. I can tell you more after the case is resolved." Ken I will be calling you!


This is about the kid who broke my truck window with a rock 9 days before last Christmas. Here's the link to the original post. Crappy Sunday and the follow up Legal System Sucks.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Roller Coaster of a Week

Over the weekend we went to 2 BBQ's, one for a 50th birthday and another for a family gathering. Delaney got to play with a wiener dog named Jack, she kept saying "it not Jack." She also got to Kick (swim) in cousins Donny and Gina's pool and play with D.J. and the squirt guns.

Another BIG even was the wedding of my friend Andy on Sunday night. I am so happy for him. He is the first of my friends to get married! We got to see a lot of friends we haven't seen in a few years and catch up like no time has past. No the wedding quilt is not done but they did get a waffle iron and rolos.

I am busy working on the wedding quilt and writing the supply lists and a pattern for the classes I will be teaching this fall at Ladybug's Quilts. The first class is October 24th and it is a Bali Pop/Jelly Roll class. I am also finishing the sample for this one.

The down side to our week has been finding out the new job Scott was supposed to start at the end of this month is not going to happen. The builder notified his office yesterday that the builder was breaking the contract and Scott's company isn't going to build these houses. We are hoping something else comes up and soon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


So we have been busy! As of Monday night Scott finished putting in the new sod in the front yard. We now have green grass! This is a first since we bought the house almost 7 years ago! It looks good, we are hoping it all takes and none of it dies. If your in town drive by and look, you'll be shocked!

As for me, I am in town for a while, I think. I am trying to get the top of a queen size quilt finished for a wedding this Sunday. It wont be quilted in time. I still need to hem a few pairs of pants for my niece Natalie, it is starting to be cold in the mornings. Last I am trying to get a class sample made. I am also writing the directions to the pattern as I go. It is loosely based on the quilt block Whole in the Barn Door using a Bali Pop/Jelly Roll. I can't wait to teach it!

And we can't forget Poop. She is learning that she doesn't like the taste of soap. She has taken to yelling "NO!" at us and blowing raspberries if she doesn't like something she is told.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Greetings From...

San Luis Obispo!!! I am down here doing some training for our Coastal Stores. Scott is at home getting the yard ready for Sod on Monday. Poop is at a pool party.

I am sewing away down here in my off time. I put in a FULL 9.5 hour day today at work. So my plan is to stay in and sew tonight. I think I brought about 10 sets of projects with me. I am hoping to get more than one done. I have cut out part of the wedding quilt. I still need to buy a few pieces of fabric for is though.

So far I have seen the Madonna Inn, I am stay 3 businesses away from it, ate at Tahoe Joe's, and gone to Food 4 Less. I am planning to get out tomorrow after work. My goal is a 7 hour day. Let's hope I can make it. I don't think I will make it to the Creation Station this trip but I am determined to go to the Cotton Ball in Morro Bay before I leave. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fast Food Rant...

Okay I do understand that most people that work in fast food services are still in high school and they are not paid really well. But really how hard is it?

If I order a soda, I will need a straw.
If I order Tea, that does not mean I want Raspberry Tea or Sweet Tea. I want Plain Tea.
If I am at the drive up window and order a soda, I really don't want to be handed a cup with soda running down the sides of it. WIPE IT OFF!
If I order Pintos and Cheese, I will most likely need a Spork.
Chances are I will ALWAYS need napkins, more than one please.
If I ask for catsup and I have 3 orders of fries, 1 packet is NOT enough.

Now here is where I become the difficult customer, when I order my burger with NO ONIONS it means DO NOT put onions on my food. I understand where that is confusing. But don't get pissy with me when I ask you to fix it and NO I wont pick them off.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Completion Update

I am 4.75 and 1.25 in my 2 week goal of 6 projects done. I feel good with that number. The original plan was to stay up to midnight sewing Monday night but I ended up not getting Tuesday off. On top of that I drove to Salinas Monday because I worked at that store on Tuesday.

The current goal is to get the sewing done on the jean rag quilt Wednesday, my day off, and half of the cutting to make it fray. I have a good start on this. I am planning on spending Friday evening at a laundry mat washing it. Saturday it will go home to it's owner.

The last project I needed to get done of the six was a wedding quilt for my friend Andy. He will be getting an I.O.U. The wedding is less than 2 weeks away and I haven't even started cutting the quilt. My new goal on that is to have it done and dropped off to the quilter by the time we leave on vacation at the end of the month.

I will post pictures of the 5 projects I finished late Wednesday evening.

And of course I can't go without 6 projects in the works so I need to finish my Christmas Gifts quilt, I am doing a new spin on Mod Quad, I need to still turn out 9 aprons, 24 shopping bags, 14 dozen napkins, and the prizes for Stash & Scrap contest. I can think of a dozen more things I need to sew but I am stopping at six.