Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME! *EDIT*

That's right today is my birthday. No big plans today. Last night I went out with my friends Heather and Kymn. We had a great time. They took picture of me, then Chili's for dinner and rounded out the night with coffee at Starbuck's.

Today not much is planned. I asked Scott to start the remodel on the hall bath. We'll see how that goes. Anyone know a contractor? My other big plans are going to Target to buy toilet paper, I NEED toilet paper. I am hoping to sew a little and maybe get a scrapbook page or two done. Oh and I am going to cook my favorite dinner, pork chops and brown rice complete with artichokes from Castroville!

Maybe if Heather is feeling generous she will sent me just 1 photo from yesterday to post here, I haven't seen any of them yet. I promise I had on makeup and my hair was not in a ponytail. You wont even recognize me!

Heather sent me pictures!!!


Liz said...

Happy Birthday....Dainah!!!!! Sounds like you are having a good one. See you Tuesday night.....maybe?

DearGina said...

Hasppy Birthday dear friend:) You look so gorgeous i the pics!!!
Missing you

DearGina said...

<----took English 1A, REALLY!

Dave said...

Hey, How come you get even better looking with age? Meanwhile old farts like me are getting grayer (not that I show it..) and grayer!