Saturday, August 2, 2008


Okay besides watching to much Dora the Explorer, I got out my Feather Weight.

First last night I decided to work on an UFO from 3 years ago. Pegi Treat taught a Tessellations quilt class at our guild in July or August of 2005. I got the first top made, recut the first 3 rows and sewed them together. In the box they went. So last night I decided since my sewing table doesn't have a machine on it I could trace the template out on the rest of the quilt and start cutting. Today I finished cutting out rows 4 through 8, my design wall was running out of room. I just finished sewing row 4 and have attached it to the first 3 rows!

What I have learn in this process is:
1. I need a 1/4" foot for my Feather Weight, I do have a lovely piece of leopard print tape marking my 1/4" right now.
2. I am spoiled with my Pfaff having needle up or down.
3. I am spoiled by having a needle threader on my Pfaff.
4. My Feather Weight doesn't weigh as much as my Pfaff.

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Liz said...

See the feather weight is easy to use.....I miss the needle up and down when I use my 301a, but I get use to it. Can't wait to see your completed top!