Monday, December 31, 2007

Then End Is Near...

It has been a busy year. We started the year me not working, Delaney not walking and talking, and Scott well he's just Scott.

So let's do a quick recap of out year...

Me - I did get some UFO's done but I think I added more to the pile. I got a few projects done around the house. I have cooked dinner more this year than any year previous. I did get to read and even got in one classic, something by Willie the Englishman. I went back to work for Food 4 Less. And even managed a few vacations, weekend quilting in Monterey with friends, a week in Texas visiting with friends and a weekend cruise to Mexico with even more friends.

Delaney - She has done so much where do you start. She is walking, running and jumping. She talks all the time and is learning to count and say her ABC's. She tries to ride her bike. She can climb out of her crib. And is asking to sit on the potty.

Scott - He has worked on 5 different jobs but did not have to work in Reno. He finished ripping out the trees in the front yard. Is still repairing and driving the Blazer, even after the wheel falling off. Got to go squirrel hunting. Also finished siding and painting the outside of the house.

Now for the predictions of 2008. Me I will work on some of my UFO's, some will get finished some will be added. Poop will be potty trained, and Scott will get to go deer hunting.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Memories and Traditions

Again I am caving to peer pressure. Like my friends that blog I am going to share some of our Christmas memories and traditions with all of you.

For me we always spend Christmas Eve at my mom's parents house, filled with family. When I was young their was only 5 girls all of us 1 year apart in age. We would get a phone call in the weeks before Christmas asking us what we would like from our grandparents. Whatever we asked for would be under the tree. I remembering asking for and getting the Barbie Motor Home and a rabbit fur coat. We have now grown to 12 grandchildren and many greats. We always went to see the Grinch House up on the river and listened to the story. Of course the drive down Meadow to see all the lights.

Christmas Eve while we were at the party Santa would always make a quick stop to drop off 1 gift. We would get to open one gift and only one gift one Christmas Eve night. Funny it was always the same pajamas. One year Santa didn't come early and we didn't get to have new pajamas. The next year my mom made sure the pajamas were under the tree. As we got older we new which package to look for, there was always a small "p" on the corner of the label. The theory was you had to have new Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve so you looked good Christmas morning for pictures while opening gifts. This is a tradition that has carried over to my and Linda's kids.

Christmas morning my dad's mom and husband, Granny and Grandpa would could over to watch us open gifts, they lived within walking distance even for a 3 year old. My parents would always make breakfast. Then we were to get ready to go to my aunt's to have Christmas dinner with my dad's side of the family.

One of the things Scott loves is going to my Uncle Tom and Jim's house to see ALL the decorations. It is truly amazing. The entire house inside and out is decorated top to bottom. It should be in magazines. I he usually does 3 full size trees. The one tree in the living room has over 3000 ornaments and it is only a 7 1/2 foot tall tree! The first time we went to see the house was a few years ago we were stunned. They had had a party the weekend before Christmas and some candles had caught the living room on fire, not to bad. So instead of cancelling Christmas Eve at their house Jim cleaned all the furniture and carpet AND painted the living room good as new all in 3 days time! WE are looking forward to see the house again next year. When I grow up I want my house to be half as great as Jim's!

We still carry on some of our traditions with Delaney. Santa brings the Christmas Jammies while were out and then comes back with the toys while we sleep. We make breakfast at home Christmas morning. Of course we drive down Meadow many times, filled with cool, mom! mom!, wow, and more. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Hour

Delaney decided she needed a cocktail since dad was having one. She drug a kitchen chair over and got out one of my JUMBO Margarita glasses, brought it to me at the computer and said "dink, peas." I put about one inch of water in it. She took it back to Scott to sit with him to have Happy Hour. He had a cold beer from the keg.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Crappy Sunday FINISHED

So thinking we would have a good Sunday I get up and go to work, an hour late. Once I got to work the paperwork I need to do my job was jacked. Yeah ME! This means longer work day for me. Then I remember to call my friend Nathan to ask to pick me up BBQ at the Austin Airport, I'm late the plane already left. CRAP! So I leave work. My cell phone has died and now my charger isn't working, NO cell phone.

Okay driving home thinking of what needs to be done:
1. Call Ang, see when she is getting to town
2. Clean house for family dinner
3. Make grocery list for Scott
4. Organize Monday breakfast with friends
5. Find Ryan

So by now I am driving through the ghetto. Odd 10:30am on Sunday no one's out. Make the turn to the street that leads to mine, HMMM only 3 people out at the first house, "where is everyone." Make the turn on to Admiral, no one's out. WAIT what are those 7 guys doing walking down my street. They don't belong here. Dang that kid's yellow shoes are ugly. Steve isn't vacuuming his lawn. Jump out of my truck walk around the back to get something out of the passenger side. Hit the door locks, shut the door, and start to walk into the house. Why is that kid picking something up in the "Naked Mexicans" yard. THWACK! What the #*%*! Shit that dumb ass hit my truck with a rock. Damn he busted out my window.

I run to the front door yelling for the phone.

To be continued. Got to go to breakfast with the friends.

Continuing NOW...

Okay we are back from breakfast.

So I get on quickly with 911 and Scott takes off in the truck to slow down the kids until the cops arrive. The 911 lady asked for a description of the kids. "All 7 of them?" Okay. All 7 are black males, 12-15 years of age, all 7 have on baggie jeans, 2 have on BIG white t-shirts, 1 has on BRIGHT yellow tennis shoes, a few have on dark sweatshirts, and some have on hats. Okay so now the cops are on the way. Scott comes home. Scott leaves of the store and sees the cops have the kids. Now PD calls me back and says "we have officers in the area detaining some kids." Me "It's them, my husband just drove past." Lady "if we need anything else we will call you back."

About 10 minutes goes by and a knock at the door. Why Gee it is an officer. "We have some kids detained, would you mind getting shoes on and coming to try to identify them." So now I get to ride in the BACK of a patrol car. THIS is now the point my neighbors are ALL outside doing stuff. Off I go. Around the corner, before we stop I say "it's them." The officer says "we have 2 in the car we are going to take out one at a time." First one is the kid that through the rock. "It's him." The second one is the kid in the yellow tennis shoes.

Now at this point the moral of the story is if your friends are going to do something stupid don't wear clothing that makes you stick out.

I get to ride back to my house and the officer tells me that the other officer will be by to take the report. So I hang out to wait to give my report. Officer shows up and I give the run down. Then I get a business card with officer name, number, and case number. He then tells me the kid is going to juvy, it is a misdemeanor crime, and will be released to his mom. Also that he should be ordered to pay restitution. So basically the kid will say that he can't pay and get community service. Somewhere in the city of Stockton someone will get free labor and I still get to pay for my busted window.

So now that we are done dealing with this, Poop's eye is swollen shut from a wild party Saturday night at Kymn's house. Ang is almost to my house and I still haven't eaten. Happy Crappy Sunday!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Following the Crowd

I have been meaning to do this since I got an e-mail last month. But... So today all my friends did it on their blogs, in order to stop e-mail saying "do it, do it, do it." I did it. I think Scott even go some extra rhythm. Enjoy!

The Pfeifle Jingle

By the way Jack's head is to big to be an elf.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tis the Season...

For the made rush to get it all done! Fa La La La La La La

So this morning me and Poop head to Starbucks to have our coffee, Christmas shop, eat breakfast and make our to do list for the day. Yes all this was done at Starbucks plus see our friend Rhonda. Poop's coffee is the Organic Chocolate Milk. Then it was off to Home Goods for some additional shopping. The list didn't look as good as shopping.

My mom has asked to post a picture of the tree in Scott's living room, so here it is! My tree is going up tomorrow.

Yes the tree in Scott's living room is upside down. We love it! We have much more room because of it. The bottom 3 feet is non breakable ornaments for Jackson and Delaney. So far so good.

Tomorrow is Scott's office meeting. Every year we do something for the ladies (6 of them) in the office. This year is a Christmas Coffee Break. They are getting a holiday bag with a coffee cup filled with 2 kinds of biscotti, a small package of coffee, chocolate peppermint sticks, and a peppermint flavoring spoon. Also in the bag is a chocolate dipped pretzel, chocolate dipped graham crackers, a bag of candy, a small box of truffles and a Christmas flip flop note pad.

Tomorrow pictures of the Bordello Quilt. I am hoping to have half of the center done tonight.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tutu Tuesday!

Yes I know it is Wednesday. I meant to post this yesterday so here it is.

I made Poop a red tutu to wear when she has her picture taken with Santa. The only problem is she figured out how to get it on and OFF by herself. I can just see a naked Poop picture with Santa!

Second this is the fabric for my bordello quilt. I am still having some issues with the greens but these are the two choices I am down too. I think I like the bottom layout better. There is only a small difference between the placement of the first four greens.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Deceptively Delicious

I heard about this book about 2 months ago from a friend. She gave me a quick overview of the concept. I thought hmmm, sounds interesting if I see it I'll flip through it. Black Friday I was at Target, saw this cookbook and flipped through it. I then picked up my cell and called my friend to see if it is the same book. IT IS! The cookbook is Deceptively Delicious by Jessic Seinfeld.

Okay so the concept of the cookbook is "Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Foods." What that means is hiding the healthy foods kids don't really want to try in stuff they love. Some of the things are Chicken Nuggets with any veggie puree, Quesadillas with butternut squash puree, and Brownies with spinach and carrot puree.

I am trying out my first recipe tonight, Chocolate Chip Cookies. They have Chickpeas, oats and fat free margarine spread. They smell just like a Toll House Cookie. The texture is a little different because of the oats. You don't really notice the Chickpeas. I kinda like them. I am hoping to make a puree or two on my days off this week so I can try out a few other recipes.
I purchased my copy at Target. I did see them cheaper at Costco today. I would say this is a worth having book if you have a picky eater in the house.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Count Down Is On!!!

Only 23 days until Christmas and 1 paycheck, for me. Crap not enough time!!! I only have 1 of my trees up, with 2 to go. Scott is putting lights on the house as I type. I built and lite a village today. I still need to wrap more gifts, decorate the entryway and clean/decorate the bathroom today. Scott's living room is done for the most part, my living room is being used for storage still. This weeks plan is to get my living room emptied, cleaned and decorated. Then all that will be left is getting the kitchen decorated.

I have discovered this year I have more village than table. I have about 8 buildings and 10 accessories that were not able to fit on the table. Scott even noticed! As soon as I hit the on button Scott said "Somethings missing. Where's the squeak?" My Krispy Kreme has a moving piece that sometimes squeaks, it is one that didn't make the village. This year there are 28 buildings, 8 accessories, 7 cars, 5 trees, 4 motorcycles, and 2 horse pulled wagons.

As for other holiday festivities I am hoping to start my baking this week. I also have 4 Christmas parties to attend. And I am hoping to start my holiday sewing. Good thing I'm only working 4 days this week!

Side note, my dad is getting his stitches out tomorrow and we will know more on his hand then.