Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tis the Season...

For the made rush to get it all done! Fa La La La La La La

So this morning me and Poop head to Starbucks to have our coffee, Christmas shop, eat breakfast and make our to do list for the day. Yes all this was done at Starbucks plus see our friend Rhonda. Poop's coffee is the Organic Chocolate Milk. Then it was off to Home Goods for some additional shopping. The list didn't look as good as shopping.

My mom has asked to post a picture of the tree in Scott's living room, so here it is! My tree is going up tomorrow.

Yes the tree in Scott's living room is upside down. We love it! We have much more room because of it. The bottom 3 feet is non breakable ornaments for Jackson and Delaney. So far so good.

Tomorrow is Scott's office meeting. Every year we do something for the ladies (6 of them) in the office. This year is a Christmas Coffee Break. They are getting a holiday bag with a coffee cup filled with 2 kinds of biscotti, a small package of coffee, chocolate peppermint sticks, and a peppermint flavoring spoon. Also in the bag is a chocolate dipped pretzel, chocolate dipped graham crackers, a bag of candy, a small box of truffles and a Christmas flip flop note pad.

Tomorrow pictures of the Bordello Quilt. I am hoping to have half of the center done tonight.

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DearGina said...

well now thats just the most ingenius thing i've ever seen? who da thunk?
I had to look twice u ok, i had to STARE twice...LOL