Monday, January 29, 2007

January 29

We got exciting news last night. My dad bought a new truck! It is an F350 with the Lariat package. I got to ride in it today and Poop got a stinky diaper change in it. Good thing for leather seats!

Dinner My Way was a blast. I had a lot of fun making my food. I made 18 3 serving dinners and 6 side dishes all in 2 hours. I am wanting to do it again. We have eaten the Blue Cheese Burgers and Pesto Stuffed Shells. Both dinners were terrific. I am thinking of going again at the end of Febuary. I just have to have some room in the freezer. It does help with the resolution to make dinner once a week. The food is made. All you do is pull it out of the freezer, defrost and cook. The link to their website is on the left, they have locations all over the country. I am thinking birthday party!

Poop is almost one! She had her first Oreo this week, a mini one. Of course she loved it. She also had Carne Asada. She's a meat and tatoes kinda girl. I have ordered some of the party supplies for her birthday and invitations will be going out soon.

I have also finished a few quilts this past week. This is a picture of Sabrina's quilt. I will be mailing it to her this week.

I'm not doing to bad on the New Year's Resolutions list either. As for one house hold project a month I cleaned the laundry room cupboards AND packed up Poop's 0 to 9 months clothing. For crafts I finished Diana and Brian's wedding quilt (my UFO) and I am at only 7 active papercraft swaps. As for reading classics I read my first Jackie Collins, not a classic but it is a start. Good luck on all of your Resolutions.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

January 21

This has been a typical week for us, busy. We found out that Scott will no longer be working in Sacramento. Right now he will be working on the same job as his dad in Oakley. We are hoping his next job is still close to home, maybe Turlock.

This week I had my nieces one day, went to Stamp club and a quilt class. No, my quilt isn't done yet. Scott went to the Sportsman's Expo in Sacramento with some friends. No one made any major purchases, everyone bought a knife sharpener and they found a dollar beer both. Poop spent a day with her Aunt and another with Dad.

I did get 2 quilts done to donate. I started another for Sabrina and it will be mailed Friday. I have a few to finish this week for gifts. This is one of the two to donate. Both are made withthe same fabric both differnet designs.

I did get a Valentine's gift finished for a contest online. Wish me luck, I'll know by Friday how I did.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Start

Well, this is the start of it all. I figured this might be easier than e-mailing everyone to tell them what's going on. We'll see.

Me and Poop went to Reno with Linda and the girls for our cousin Enzo's 2nd birthday on Friday. We made a quick trip. It was "friggin' cold." We got excited that the temp at 11am was up to 20, at 8am it was around 5.

I have worked on some of my New Year Resolutions. The UFO I finished was Diana and Brian's wedding quilt and I am also working on Alison's quilt, it was her Christmas gift. On Tuesday I am going to the Library to quilt and will work on 2 quilts to be donated. One is going to a little girl in South Dakota who has brain tumors on her optic nerves that can only be treated with chemo. Also today I did my one "problem spot" in the house, I cleaned out and organized the laundry room cupboards.

We took Poop to Sushi tonight, she loved it. She had some steamed rice, chicken and a few soy beans. She tried to get to the fish, so that kept moving around the table. We also sat by the fish tank, she wanted to touch the fish.