Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Official...

Friday by 11 am I will start my vacation. I have much planned for my vacation, I hope I can get half of it done!

I am hoping to have 5 new things posted in my Etsy shop. Some of the things I would like posted are a PDF version of Hole in My Roll pattern, Summer Time Placemats, a few aprons, some baby stuff and a few Glam Bags. Sounds like I should get to work!

I am currently working on a new doll too. Her name is Americana Ana. I don't know if I will be able to sell her since the pattern isn't mine. I will have to e-mail the pattern owner first. But she is cute and fun!

Also we are headed to Solvang for part of our vacation. The California HHR Clubs are holding the annual Deja Vu Rendezvous. We can't wait!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quilt Cruise Update

I heard from Gina over at Quilters Buzz today and have a little more, very little more, information on the Quilters Cruise she is putting together.

The events company she is working with is currently working with the cruise line for dates, pricing and ship. They are looking at August of 2010 on the Carnival Splendor. Originally it would be a five day cruise with one port in Cabo San Lucas. Since things have not been confirmed with the cruise line yet that information is a maybe still.

For those of you who's husbands have said "your not going on a cruise without me!" The events company in the past has offered a discounted rate for cruiser non-participant. Which means husbands can go, at a cheaper rate, BUT MAY NOT go to quilting activities.

Also the events company in the past has offered a ship board credit for rooms booked if you list a referring person. IF this happens for this cruise and you list me as your referring person I will use the ship board credit to purchase your dinner drinks until the credit is used.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Child Prodigy

I know she is my kid BUT Delaney is brilliant. My very own Child Prodigy. I have two stories from this past week that she is wiser than her years.

First a while back Gram taught her to do the dishes, Gram forgot to mentions in the lesson ONLY do the dishes with a big person. So anytime I walk to the other end of the house Delaney goes for the dishes. I went to to laundry she went to do the dishes. Delaney couldn't find the plastic stopper for the sink, so the water would not drain out, so she wedged a small plastic cup down into the garage disposal. Voila! Water not draining out of the sink. Brilliant! A while later I am on the phone with a friend wondering why is there water in my sink. After a little work on my part I find the cup in the garbage disposal. I could not get it out. I ended up having to push the cup fully into the garbage disposal and then breaking it out in small pieces. After 45 minutes my work was done.

On Tuesday we pulled to a stop light. There was a K-9 police car next to us. Delaney asked "Why is that puppy going to jail?" Pretty smart for a 3 year old to realize if you are in the back of a police car that you are a bad guy and going to jail. I then explained that the puppy had a job and he worked with the police man. The puppy got to ride in the back seat of the car to keep cool while they drove around. Delaney thought about this for a minute. "Jack doesn't have a job. We need to get Jack a job." For those who don't know our Jack, he is our St Bernard.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Today we are celebrating Earth Day. Here at our house we have a few projects we are working on.

We are going to:
1. Shred and Recycle old mail
2. Get one bag of old clothes ready to donate to Goodwill
3. At 9pm we will Power Down all electricity for 1 minute with millions of others

What are you going to do to help the Earth?
Donate old items to Goodwill?
Recycle your old magazines to a School for art projects?
Wash your laundry in Cold Water?
Re set your Thermostat to a higher temp for the AC?
Wear Birkenstocks and hug a tree?

Please share you Earth Smart Ideas with us, Especially today!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Do you think Scott will catch the clue? I really want this gift set from Costco. You can order one here. Plus if you order before May 3rd you save $10. The WHOLE thing only cost $29.95.

Over My Head In Projects!

So I thought OPAW was a good idea when I started it. WOW! I am making progress.

OPAW 1 is done, paid for and posted.
OPAW 2 is done but not posted.
OPAW 3 is almost done, tonight I think.
OPAW 4 is waiting to be started, this weekend for sure!
OPAW 5 was OPAW 2 but got a demotion. I got frustrated with it. It HAS to be done by Thursday night though.
OPAW 6 is something I started last January but put away. It is currently on the design wall. I am hoping to get the top done for Tuesday night so I can sandwich it. I am hoping to quilt it while I am on vacation at the beginning of May.

I also have a Barbie Cruise Ship that need stickers put on it. BUT someone colored on the instructions and lost them. I think she is planning on mailing the picture to Scott and hid it from me.

Judy over at Patchwork Times has also posted a Stash Project quilt. Guess what I am starting? I have cut out about 1/4 of the squares from my scrap bins. That always makes me feel good. I will be able to make this quilt using what I have on hand and NOT buy a thing for it. The other bonus is the pattern is free.

What are you working on?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OPAW 1 Done!!!

Yeah you read that right OPAW 1 is DONE!!! I needed to get binding on a baby quilt, bury the threads and launder the quilt. That is it. I have been putting it off for the last 2 months. Yesterday it was on the list to get OPAW'd.

I purchased a ziplock bag with fabric in it at Liz's sale back in January. I thought they were Puss In The Corner Blocks. WRONG! When I got home I pulled it all out. The pattern said Primitive Hearts. In the bag was 24 heart block, 15 setting squares, all the setting triangles and the pattern. I put the top together and added the 2 borders and binding. The first border is left overs from Scott's Log Cabin, the second border is muslin (matches what Liz used) and the binding is left over from my right and white quilt. I did the quilting. I ditched all the hearts and then quilted a heart in each of the muslin squares all in cream. The border I quilted linked hearts in red. The backing is Alexander Henry's Tattooed Hearts.

I am off to work on my next OPAW.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Okay I am changing OPAM to OPAW. OPAM stands for One Project A Month. For me it will be OPAW One Project A Week. I have about 10 weeks before Scott comes home for his first leave. Our major project while his is home is remodeling the Sewing Studio, I am having to give it up. So I will need to OPAW until he gets here.

The concept is completing One Project A Month. It could be creative to cleaning but to do something you have been putting off trying or doing. Right now I am needing to get things done and gone from the Sewing Studio, less to pack and move. My goal is to complete One Project A Week until Scott gets home. It should be about 10 projects. I will be paying myself $5 per a projects which will go toward my quilting cruise.

Anyone want to OPAW or OPAM with me?