Saturday, April 25, 2009

Child Prodigy

I know she is my kid BUT Delaney is brilliant. My very own Child Prodigy. I have two stories from this past week that she is wiser than her years.

First a while back Gram taught her to do the dishes, Gram forgot to mentions in the lesson ONLY do the dishes with a big person. So anytime I walk to the other end of the house Delaney goes for the dishes. I went to to laundry she went to do the dishes. Delaney couldn't find the plastic stopper for the sink, so the water would not drain out, so she wedged a small plastic cup down into the garage disposal. Voila! Water not draining out of the sink. Brilliant! A while later I am on the phone with a friend wondering why is there water in my sink. After a little work on my part I find the cup in the garbage disposal. I could not get it out. I ended up having to push the cup fully into the garbage disposal and then breaking it out in small pieces. After 45 minutes my work was done.

On Tuesday we pulled to a stop light. There was a K-9 police car next to us. Delaney asked "Why is that puppy going to jail?" Pretty smart for a 3 year old to realize if you are in the back of a police car that you are a bad guy and going to jail. I then explained that the puppy had a job and he worked with the police man. The puppy got to ride in the back seat of the car to keep cool while they drove around. Delaney thought about this for a minute. "Jack doesn't have a job. We need to get Jack a job." For those who don't know our Jack, he is our St Bernard.

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