Thursday, July 31, 2008

Poop Post Surgery News

Delaney is supposed to be on a soft food diet for at least 3 days and then gradually add in hard food as tolerated. So today she has been refusing Jello and Pudding, not that I blame her. If I turn my back she is getting a chair to get in the cupboards. Today for lunch she got a pink ice cream cone and filled it with tortilla chips, she did have an ice cream cone with ice cream for breakfast. She wants food!

I is starting to complain that her throat hurts but it isn't keeping her down. I have been keeping her pain meds going but her is up and playing, running and jumping. She has a few marking from surgery, bruising high on each cheek and a few patches of pink sink where they had to use tape. All in all she is doing great!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We Are Home! *EDIT Photo Added*

Delaney had her surgery this morning. All went well. She does not like coming out of the Anaesthesia. She did try to rip out her own IV and didn't want to wear the ID bracelet. She did waited to puke on our couch instead of doing it at the hospital.

She is resting on the couch now, watching her shows. She will be on a clear liquid diet for a few days and then onto soft foods. We are to keep her calm for at least 4 days, yeah right!

I will have a picture of her in her gown later.

This is of her in Pre-OP. She picked out her own dress and played with Tammy while we waited

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sigh of Relief!

I forgot I had plans on Sunday. So here they are...

Thursday I stopped by my parent's house to pick up my squash, my dad was home. He asked me if I could get the horse shoes? I say sure, my parents were leaving that night for camping in Chester for the weekend. Now I am thinking aren't they in mom's trailer? Why is mom needing horse shoes for this weekend? Crap where am I going to look for them? Why can't he get them? Okay so my brain stops and realizes CRAP!!! he is really talking about getting the Horse Shoes. Not anything I can pick up at Macy's.

If you can remember back to last summer my dad got the kids a REAL eating and pooping HORSE. This horse belongs to all four girls. Nikki just spent last week at Cowgirl Camp, and loved it. Nat wants nothing to do with the horse. Ally is the one who found the horse at the yard sale. And Laney is going for 8 seconds, arm up and ready.

So after I get lengthy instructions on the horse shoeing process, I am still thinking CRAP! So Saturday night , 10:30pm, Josh calls. He needs me to pick up Nat from a party Sunday morning. No problem, I now will have help with the horse.

Sunday morning rolls around and I head out to get Nat. Nat promptly tells me NO when I tell her what WE get to do. Completely straight faced like I lost my mind. So I hit Starbucks and we go home to wait for the call.

It came 3pm-ish. WHEW! Horse shoe guy can't come today because he has to take another horse to the vet. He rescheduled for Thursday. CRAP I have Thursday off. Linda is supposed to go to Marine World. I hope Dad's not working.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend Off

So I get the weekend off, Yeah Me! But we have no plans!?! How did that happen? It never works this way!

So last night I got to go to my friend Kymn's house and just hang out and talk. Her kids are good and go to bed early, unlike my Poop who went to bed at 11pm. Where does she get that from? This morning was spent trying to figure out something fun to do. We went to Safeway for groceries. Not really what I think of when I think fun but we needed food. Now Scott is at Home Depot buying "stuff" he "needs" to do something in the hall bath. I am getting the fun job of cleaning out the hall closet. I am mostly getting that job because I lost a birthday present.

I think I need a better plan for tomorrow or we are cleaning out the garage. At least that would accomplish a New Year's Goal. HUH, maybe that is the plan.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Birthday Wish List

So some of you have noticed that I added a birthday wish list. My birthday is about 6 weeks away. I decided to make a list for my birthday because my Christmas list work out WONDERFULLY!!! So mom check it and print a copy for Linda and Scott. Refer everyone else who asks to the list.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Never Miss An Opportunity

Never Miss AN Opportunity has been drilled into mine and my sister's heads since we were kids. My mom has said it constantly. Because of her saying this I have seen and done MUCH!

When I went away to college in 94 to study fashion design I wanted to be the next Coco Channel. When I graduated in 96 with an AA in Fashion Design I really wanted to do couture or sample making. I ended up moving back to Stockton and working retail. A few years later I was taking some classes at Delta with a friend and I realize I was 4 units away from an AA in Fashion Merchandising. In the spring of 2002 I graduated with a second AA in the fashion industry working in retail again.

Again a few years have past and I have my dream JOBS, yes 2. I have been lucky enough to be making sample quilts for the new quilt store in Manteca Ladybug's Quilts and I get to help with some of the merchandising of the store. The bonus is NO customer service. Now I am not an employee, I am a friend helping out. I truly am enjoying not missing an opportunity.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

LuAnne This One is For YOU!!!

Okay I just got home from the Manteca Library for Tuesday Night Sew. I decided that I did not want to pack down my sewing machine, which in turn means I wasn't going to work on the Alien Quilt or my Mystery Quilt. I needed to find something to work on. My Mom is saying "Just Stay Home!" "Hi Mom! Get to work. Cut somebody off!"

SO at 5:30pm I was checking my e-mail, Yes mom still over 300 in the inbox. I found an e-mail from All People Quilt. When I opened it there was a link for a Blue Jeans Quilt. So I figured I could grab the bag of jeans that have been sitting in my sewing studio and get to cutting.

I have split all my jeans so I can cut the block pieces out of them and I started cutting one pair into blocks. My problem is that most of my denim is the same color. I need to see if Scott has some dark questionable pairs that my need cut up. This most likely will become an UFO for next year.

*If you click on the words Blue Jeans Quilt above, it will take you directly to the quilt directions.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Half Way Point

Well the year is half over. Time to reflect and time to plan. Man where did the time go?

I have been trying to work on my New Year's Goals. I have actually done well on them. I have finished 5 of the 15 UFO's. We cook at home most nights. I have clean a little of the garage. I have cleaned a few cupboards and 1 closet. I even tossed in my dresser, emptied it completely! I have slacked off on pictures to my blog. I'll try harder. I have even done a little scrapbooking, not much though.

I actually have a quilt loaded on my quilting frame, I just need to hook my machine back up and sew. I have another quilt that I need to add sashing between the rows and it is ready to quilt. That will take me to the half way point on UFO's.
I am hoping to knock out a little of the garage tomorrow. Scott has the day off.
I also need to start working on Christmas gifts. My theme this year is the Kitchen. Yep the Kitchen. I got paper and fabric today to start on my ideas! I am excited about them.
I also need to update the Christmas card list. I am thinking of making my own cards again this year, 125 of them!

So have you taken the time to reflect and plan for the year. We are at the half way point.