Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend Off

So I get the weekend off, Yeah Me! But we have no plans!?! How did that happen? It never works this way!

So last night I got to go to my friend Kymn's house and just hang out and talk. Her kids are good and go to bed early, unlike my Poop who went to bed at 11pm. Where does she get that from? This morning was spent trying to figure out something fun to do. We went to Safeway for groceries. Not really what I think of when I think fun but we needed food. Now Scott is at Home Depot buying "stuff" he "needs" to do something in the hall bath. I am getting the fun job of cleaning out the hall closet. I am mostly getting that job because I lost a birthday present.

I think I need a better plan for tomorrow or we are cleaning out the garage. At least that would accomplish a New Year's Goal. HUH, maybe that is the plan.

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