Thursday, July 31, 2008

Poop Post Surgery News

Delaney is supposed to be on a soft food diet for at least 3 days and then gradually add in hard food as tolerated. So today she has been refusing Jello and Pudding, not that I blame her. If I turn my back she is getting a chair to get in the cupboards. Today for lunch she got a pink ice cream cone and filled it with tortilla chips, she did have an ice cream cone with ice cream for breakfast. She wants food!

I is starting to complain that her throat hurts but it isn't keeping her down. I have been keeping her pain meds going but her is up and playing, running and jumping. She has a few marking from surgery, bruising high on each cheek and a few patches of pink sink where they had to use tape. All in all she is doing great!

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Liz said...

what about mac and cheese? Its on the soft side and will stick to her little ribs. Good to hear that she's doing so well.