Thursday, July 3, 2008

Half Way Point

Well the year is half over. Time to reflect and time to plan. Man where did the time go?

I have been trying to work on my New Year's Goals. I have actually done well on them. I have finished 5 of the 15 UFO's. We cook at home most nights. I have clean a little of the garage. I have cleaned a few cupboards and 1 closet. I even tossed in my dresser, emptied it completely! I have slacked off on pictures to my blog. I'll try harder. I have even done a little scrapbooking, not much though.

I actually have a quilt loaded on my quilting frame, I just need to hook my machine back up and sew. I have another quilt that I need to add sashing between the rows and it is ready to quilt. That will take me to the half way point on UFO's.
I am hoping to knock out a little of the garage tomorrow. Scott has the day off.
I also need to start working on Christmas gifts. My theme this year is the Kitchen. Yep the Kitchen. I got paper and fabric today to start on my ideas! I am excited about them.
I also need to update the Christmas card list. I am thinking of making my own cards again this year, 125 of them!

So have you taken the time to reflect and plan for the year. We are at the half way point.


MsLizzF said...

Plan....what's that!!! I have no idea how many UFO's I have....the number would scare me. I am sitting in bed with my lap top and planning on getting up and taking a shower and then sewing. My mystery quilt calls to me. In case you want it my email at home is Have a good 4th of July!

Liz said...

I am so sick of sewing and ironing flying geese !!!!! Almost done....I did a few un sewing on the geese and hatchet blocks......can't wait to start June's instructions. I am getting better at sewing the magic squares or what ever you call sewing very stright now.