Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sigh of Relief!

I forgot I had plans on Sunday. So here they are...

Thursday I stopped by my parent's house to pick up my squash, my dad was home. He asked me if I could get the horse shoes? I say sure, my parents were leaving that night for camping in Chester for the weekend. Now I am thinking aren't they in mom's trailer? Why is mom needing horse shoes for this weekend? Crap where am I going to look for them? Why can't he get them? Okay so my brain stops and realizes CRAP!!! he is really talking about getting the Horse Shoes. Not anything I can pick up at Macy's.

If you can remember back to last summer my dad got the kids a REAL eating and pooping HORSE. This horse belongs to all four girls. Nikki just spent last week at Cowgirl Camp, and loved it. Nat wants nothing to do with the horse. Ally is the one who found the horse at the yard sale. And Laney is going for 8 seconds, arm up and ready.

So after I get lengthy instructions on the horse shoeing process, I am still thinking CRAP! So Saturday night , 10:30pm, Josh calls. He needs me to pick up Nat from a party Sunday morning. No problem, I now will have help with the horse.

Sunday morning rolls around and I head out to get Nat. Nat promptly tells me NO when I tell her what WE get to do. Completely straight faced like I lost my mind. So I hit Starbucks and we go home to wait for the call.

It came 3pm-ish. WHEW! Horse shoe guy can't come today because he has to take another horse to the vet. He rescheduled for Thursday. CRAP I have Thursday off. Linda is supposed to go to Marine World. I hope Dad's not working.

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