Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hand Quilting On Bamboo Batting Evaluation

My friend Sandra tried Hand Quilting on the Bamboo Batting. She is an EXCELLENT hand quilter. I take her review as gospel. She REALLY knows what she is talking about. I copied and pasted her e-mail below.

Here's my evaluation on the Bamboo Batting Hand Quilting.

I looked forward to working with this batting. It feels so soft and breaths well. It's tightly punched.

Conditions:Using prewashed cotton fabric (top and bottom); used Aurifil thread; and Roxanne #12 between needle.

Looking for:Being able to quilt with multiple stitches (more than three) on needle and ease of travel for the needle

Results:The first single stitch traveled easily enough. I started with three stitches; there was a little resistance with pulling the needle through. I was able to put five stitches at a time on the needle; had to use the pliers to pull needle through. Too much drag; the needle would not pull through using my fingers.The stitches were 1/16" apart; stitching lines were 3/8" apart. I wanted to see how close I could stitch my lines together without running into any real problems. I split the different between the two lines which created the 3/8" space. The quilting became too difficult. Picking up stitches did not flow well and the distance between stitches almost doubled.

Bottom Line:could not pull needle through fabric with multiple stitches without using pliers for assistance. This batting has too much drag. I would not recommend this batting for hand quilting.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tree Huggers?

I will start this off by saying I believe we should try to help our planet. We should try new ecco friendly products, see if they can work with our current lifestyle or we can adapt them to our life style. We should take our own cloth bags to use at stores instead of plastic. Make a store cram more stuff into one bag instead of using four bags. I also believe we don't all need to become tree huggers.

So I will now endorse a new product I have tried.

Yesterday I started machine quilting my and Liz's Primitive Hearts Quilt. I decided to try Fairfield's Bamboo Batting. I LOVE IT!!! I wish I could buy it in yardage instead of package goods. The batting is made of 50% Bamboo and 50% Organic Cotton. I was amazed that I had NO lint to clean out of my machine after I quilt most of my little quilt, I only have the outer border left. It is so soft and nice to quilt with. Because it is needle punched and a thin scrim you can get away with quilting every 8 inches. It is so nice to work with. WOW!

I am going to buy another package this weekend at JoAnn's to quilt my President's Challenge quilt. I will tell you the price point is higher than other battings. A Generous Crib, 60" x 60", runs $13.99 at JoAnn's BUT it does go on sale 50% off a lot. It is actually on sale 50% off until Saturday.

I am a lover and user of Warm & Natural. I will continue to use Warm & Natural. BUT I will also be migrating to Bamboo Batting when I can.

***Side note for those of you who hand quilt, a friend of mine has a piece that she will be trying out. As soon as I have feed back from her I will post it.***

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The E-mail Has Come

Scott got the e-mail this afternoon with his travel information. He will be flying out of Sacramento Sunday at 12:30pm for Houston. Once he arrives in Houston he will take a shuttle to the North Houston Hilton to KBR conference center. Their he will receive his actual hotel assignment and bus schedule.

On Monday he will got back to the KBR conference center at the Hilton to start processing. He will be staying at one hotel and going to the Hilton each day for meals, processing, orientation, training and medical stuff. Once he has everything finished, usually 10 to 14 days, he will be moved from his hotel to a room at the Hilton to wait for a flight to Dubai.

We are hoping that he is on the 10 day plan in Houston and that all his medical stuff is good. We are concerned about his back but it does not prevent him from working. Wish him luck!

Free BOM's

Do any of you realize how many free BOM's there are out in blogland!!! I have found a ton of them this past week. And knowing me I want to do them ALL!

For you non quilting people a BOM is a Block Of the Month. Many shops host them with a monthly fee you get a pattern and a small kit to make the Block. They can last 3 to 12 months, most are 9 to 12 months.

I think I have downloaded patterns to at least 6 BOM's. I am working on 3 right now. So I am going to help you all out. Here is a list of the one's I have found and love:

1. Bunny Hill's A Tisket, A Tasket 12 months
2. Gail Pan's A Christmas Wish 9 months
3. Capricorn Quilts Once Upon A Time 12 months
4. Guute's Mystery BOM 2009 12 months (maybe)
5. Ellie's Quiltplace Country Calendar 12 months
6. Claudia's Quilt Shoppe Bedazzled Mystery 8 months
7. Hugs from Helen Great Summer Mystery Several steps not in months
8. Lynette Anderson Noah's Ark 12 months
9. Willowberry Designs Veranda Views 10 months

Okay that is a good start. Some of these blogs are not in English BUT they all have a translate button. I am working on a few of these now and have printed directions to maybe do in the future. The first three on the list are ones I am working on this years. I realized that with Scott leaving that I will have less time for piecing and a lot more time for hand work. So bring on the BOM's!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

6 Days And Coutning

Scott leaves on Sunday the first. That is all we know. We have been trying to get so much done in the little time left. You would not believe everything you have to get done. Beyond packing there is work that has to be done on the house and power of attorney and other legal junk.

Also I just figured out that Delaney's birthday is 4 1/2 weeks away. GREAT! So now I am planning a birthday party. I am thinking up invitations as I type. Mom is checking Farmer's Almanac for weather, which will decide inside or outside party. Aunt Linda is in Mexico so if I hurry, I can send out invitations saying it is at her house before she gets home to say no. And since she is in Mexico I am volunteering her to make the cupcakes, again she's not her to say no.

I still need to quilt my President's Challenge quilt and it only needs to be 100% finished in 3 1/2 weeks. I need to put borders on before I can make a back so I can sandwich it to quilt so I can get binding and a sleeve on for the meeting. Piece O'Cake!

Oh! Just so you all know, you can purchase my pattern Hole In My Role at Ladybug's Quilts in Manteca. For those of you who aren't local the pattern will also be available on Kumquat Kewtie in the next week.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What Did I Do?

Today I don't feel like I have done much of anything, I haven't even brushed my hair. I am trying to figure out how I spent 12 hours...

What did I do?
1. I made a dozen fabric cards
2. Started a Welcome wall hanging for a swap
3. Folded 50 patterns
4. Finished putting away all the Christmas stuff
5. Cleaned part of my living room (the other part is still being used for storage)
6. I did 3 loads of laundry
7. Laid out a crib quilt top, started setting the rows too

I still don't feel like I DID anything.

Delaney did hook up my tv and dvd player. Scott took her shopping too, web cameras.

*** Dean is the winner of the Apron.***
The winner of the last prize will be posted Tuesday.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The End of The Celebration

Thank you all so much for sharing the fun of my 2nd Blog-A-Versary. I am already thinking about next years celebration.

Today's prize is for the guys, a Grillin' & Chillin' apron! It is made out of Alexander Henry's Pin Up Girls fabric. Scott will be modeling later in the day. Also don't forget we have a bonus prize being drawn today for all the people that posted a comment and didn't win. Last all duplicate prizes will be posted on my Etsy site Kumquat Kewtie Sunday afternoon.

At the last minute this morning I found out that I could have the weekend off! This is very exciting. Friday night was spent at a Taco dinner raising funds for a 7 year old girl who had been in a bad car accident. We are hoping to meet up with some friends from the Nor-Cal HHR Club this weekend for food. The rest of the weekend will be spend on home beautification. Scott has already repaired the master toilette and got the figures to finish the hall bath cabinet. I am hoping he can run base board in the hall bath, finish insulating the crawl space, and finish the backyard this weekend.

As for me I need to get sewing done. I know that once Scott leaves I will not have much sewing time. I have 2 twin size quilts that have deadlines on them one is the end of February and the other is March 7th. I only have 2 weeks left to make the transition to a single mom.

*** Kymn is the winner of the Sandra Glam Bag.***

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Count Down Is ON! EDIT

With only 15 days to go we have much to do. Forget the normal life stuff work, eat, shower, sleep. We have moved on to bigger and better things, life insurance, medical insurance, proper id.

Our life right now consist of tons of paper. Scott is printing our reams of stuff from KBR, the new employer. I am editing my pattern. We are both never without a list of things that need to be done, bought or taken care of.

This weekend will include tons of running around town, cleaning and fixing things, and dealing with paperwork. He is needing to buy clothing and shoes for the new job. A few things need fixed around the house that he has been putting off. And we are making changes to cell plans, car insurance, power of attorney.

It seems like every minute spent doing "normal" daily stuff is a minute wasted on things that can't wait. Also I only have 3 days off before he leaves. So we are cramming as much as we can into each minute.

Today's prize is the Sandra Glam Bag! I have decided that my bags need names. Meet Sandra.

***The winner of the 12 handmade cards by me is Rosemary.***

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hurry Up And Wait! EDIT

I truely believe this describes our life right now. We have 16 days before with THINK Scott is leaving. We don't have the official flight info. We have been told they want hime in Houston on the second for processing.

Since we got the call on Friday, that offered Scott the job, it has been hurry to get all this stuff done. The yesterday was you can't do anything else until you take the WABI test on Wednesday afternoon. Now we are hurry and get more stuff done so you can fly to Houston. Where there will be more test. He will have blood test and a physical. If those go well it will be off to Dubai for a few days then to Iraq.

Right now we are hurrying up and get stuff done around the house and life stuff. We are waiting to find out when he is really leaving.

Today's prize is a dozen greeting cards made by me. There are a range of 12 cards, something for everyone. You will actually be getting 12 cards, 2 of each of 6 designs. Saturday's prize will be for the men in my life. So guys come back and comment then!

***Barb W. You are the winner of the purse!***

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Over!

Scott called about 10 minutes ago, HE PAST!!! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. We will know more tomorrow. He should leave for Houston on the first or second.

It's Time!

Scott is at the testing center. He will take the test at 3pm. I am sitting at home watching Sponge Bob waiting for the call on how he did. I should know how he did by 4pm. We are praying he passes and will be leaving on the first. Send good thought his way PLEASE!

Happy 2nd Blog-A-Versary!!! EDIT

On this day 2 years ago I entered the world of blogging!!! Who'd of thought I had that much to say! OR that you all would read it!

We have share our ups and downs, our twists and turns. Thank you all for taking the journey with us. We look forward to the next year of sharing. This next year should hold even more twist and turns. I am hoping to post a few more pictures this next year than last. Which means I have to know where the camera is and download more often!

Today's prize is kinda special and will not be on my Etsy site at this time. I have some fabric from my friend Liz who past away in December. I have made a quilted purse out of it with green handles. Both the floral main fabric and the green accent fabric are from Liz. IF you scroll down in this post you will see a small portion of the floral fabric.

Please remember Scott today. He is taking his test in Oakland at 3pm. Wish him luck!

*** The winner of the Love Place Mats is Lue Anne!!!***

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Love Is In The Air EDIT

Thank you all for the out pouring of love and support. I cannot tell you the number of calls and e-mails we have received this weekend. THANK YOU!!!

Scott spent most of the day starting to get things in place. We found out this weekend part of the process is taking a test called WABI. He will be taking it on Wednesday. Please offer up a prayer that he does well. As long as he passes that he is headed to Houston on February 1st. Their he has to take a physical and do some training then off to Dubai.

With all the love we have been feeling that is the theme for today's prize. It is two quilted place mats and napkin rings (not shown) with red and pink hearts. I love this heart fabric I have sheets and pillow cases trimmed with it.

Just a hint Wednesday's prize is special and WILL NOT be offered on my Etsy site.

*Gina is our winner of the Iron Maiden Glam Bag!*

***I need some help, anyone heading to Road To California Quilt Show I am NEEDING a box of Little House straight pins. They have a glass head and come in either a cardboard box or a metal tin. The box is about 1" x 1.5". PLEASE if you can pick me up a box of them. I promise they don't take up much room. I will pay you for them and the shipping.***

Monday, January 12, 2009

Do you know... EDIT

That it is really hard to chain piece a quilt without using pins when you have sliced open your index finger. You guessed it I cut open the side of my left index finger with a brand new box cutter last week. I have been living with a band aid covering the whole top of my finger for 4 days. I am sooo tired of not being able to feel stuff.

I have spent most of my weekend working on my president's challenge project. I am so excited by the progress I am making on it. I wish I could share it with you all. We have also spent our weekend getting ready for Scott to leave, the house, his clothes and paper work. I am going to sew on 2 stripes to my Calendar Quilt project before getting ready for bed.

Today's prize is my Iron Maiden Glam Bag. Let me tell you I only made two and I don't want to post the extra one on Kumquat Kewtie for sale. I want it for me!!! I will be posting a picture of it when I get home from work today. I will also be drawing the Amy Buttler Apron winner then too.

Remember a comment today gets you entered for the daily prize. If you are not picked that day I will be holding an extra drawing at the end of the week.

*** Sunday's winner is Midge!!! You have won the Amy Buttler Cafe Apron.***

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Greetings from Scott-EDIT

First, I am going to high jack Scott's post just to say that today's prize is a Reversible Cafe Apron made out of Amy Butler's Temple Garden Fabric. Photo to be posted later today. All you have to do is leave a comment on today's post before midnight to win. Now on to Scott.

Well what the hell? First of all I found out yesterday that I may have a new JOB yeahhhh! The good news is it may help us out in a very good way. It includes a lot more hours per week meaning bigger checks. I also get to travel for my new job.

First of all, if I get past all the red tape crap and background stuff, it's on to Houston for 3 weeks of training and more test. Then its on to Dubai. That"s the cool country that made its own islands "The Palms, and The World" Google the image or that Google earth thingy its cool looking. Then I end up in Baghdad for the remainder of the year. Yes I know what a dumb ass. There's a war going on over there. Well I will be stationed in the Green Zone, this is basically an international safe zone and very well protected. I will be doing all sorts of construction tasks, basically providing more habitat for our men and women over there kicking ass and taking names. This might include housing, warehouse space and so forth. I will be working 7 days a week 12 hour days minimum for 120 days then I get 10 days off. Hopefully I can meet the family somewhere for some R&R. The bad news is that Iraq is a dry country the whole damn place I cant get a cold beer any where!!!!

I know a lot of you are think how can you do this to you family, just leave them and go someplace that you may get killed or injured. And I ask you how can I not do this for my family that I love more then anything in the world. See if I don't do this we are going to risk loosing everything that we have worked so hard for. I have taken such a large pay loss in my industry just to stay working that we are no longer making ends meet. In fact the ends are getting farther away. The way I see it is it's a my way of providing a future for my loved ones.

Now the bad news, I also found out Friday that my Aunt Dorthy passed away in the morning. She was my moms sister, they were very close as only sisters could be. I know she knows that we all loved her deeply. Please keep her family and my mom in your prayers this is a very difficult time for them all and they need your strength to carry on.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Post 200

That's right this is post number 200!!! And just days before my 2nd Blog-A-Versary. Sorry to say this was not be an amazing blog entry.

I am here today to give you some highlights of what's to come in next weeks Blog-A-Versary Celebration. First Scott will be kicking off the week with the first post tomorrow. There will be daily give aways. If you love the daily give away and don't win it you will be able to purchase a copy of the prize of at Kumquat Kewtie, my Etsy shop. Each post will be timed to publish at 12:01am Pacific Standard Time. To be eligible for the daily prize you will have to publish a comment on that day before midnight. I will draw a name the following day. There will also be a second chance drawing of all the non prize winners at the end of the week.

Last night we had a wonderful time at dinner with Kymn and Brian. Thank you both so much!!! We had a great time. Today I finished piecing my president's challenge blocks as part of the Quiltathon with Judy. I can't post a photo because my fellow guild members read my blog and is has to remain a mystery or I get the boot from the contest for favoritism. Sorry guys. The photos will be published on the 4th Thursday in February at 7pm PST. Tonight we are headed to my parents for a BBQ with the family. Aunt Steph and Uncle Victor are here from Reno.

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Just A Friday

Our day has been filled with twists, turns, news and excitment. I don't have the time right now to reveal all. Just know some of our news was good and some bad. A door was opened and another was closed.

We have turned a corner and have a crazy journey ahead of us. We will need tons of support from friends and family for the next 14 months. Yea more than normal.

On to the highlight of Just A Friday...WE, Scott and I, get to go have big people dinner tonight with our friends Kymn and Brian. By some amazing luck they were able to farm out their 3 small children all in the same night and we were able to farm out our 1 small child. We are headed to the Waterloo baby!!! Good food with Good friends. And NO chicken nuggets.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


A few things have been going on the last few days and our lives are a little more hectic than normal. With that said on to the good stuff!

Last night I had the opportunity to go with friends to Liz's Quilting Estate Sale. It was a wonderful night getting to share memories of Liz and her projects with friends. Natalie, Thank You. Thank you for allowing us to have part of your mom too. She is missed by all of us. Liz was Queen of the UFO's. So of course I bought a few. Because I am only a UFO Princess.

My truck is in the shop for a few days. My 4-wheel drive is jacked. Debbie at Chase is taking good care of me. We are hopeful to get my truck back tomorrow. In the mean time I am back in my dad's truck.

And last but not least my Blog-a-versary is next Wednesday. My blog turns 2 on the 14th. Starting Sunday we will be posting daily, having daily prizes, one day I will have a guest poster Scott, and more. A big THANK YOU to Kymn for my blog-a-versary button. A little something headed your way too.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Day Off, I Need Two

Today I fighting off the crud that many people have had and shared. I really hope it doesn't last the two weeks like some people have had it. I am laying low and living on OJ and Mucinex. Wish me luck!

Last night was Tuesday Night Sewing. I got my Ribbon Quilt cut out. I started cutting the stripes at the angle. I am hoping to get it done soon. Mine is going to be Black, White, and Blue! Yep Blue! I can't wait. I am making it in the throw size 49 x 59". I have some great Black with White polka dot flannel that is waiting to be the back. I was also able to cut some Kona Cotton Snow for "Over the Hills..." blackwork. I am hoping to trace one of the sections this week so I can have a hand project.

Today I found out from Rachel's blog that Bunny Hill Designs is doing a free block of the month. It is called A Tisket, A Tasket. I have downloaded the first block. I don't know if I will be able to do this one this year too but I am going to down load the patterns each month for when I need another hand project.

Many of you ask "Do you ever Sleep?" Yes "How do you get so much done?" I just do. I read today on Judy's blog her answers to these very same questions. I realized my answers are similar. A big part of the way I get stuff done is:
1. Don't sweat the small stuff.
2. Shop once ever 10 days and do it all at once.
3. 1 hour every night locked in my sewing studio alone!
4. When I get up in the morning FUNCTION! No sipping coffee, browsing the news, ect. Pound a Diet Pepsi and go.
5. Use the Crock Pot many times a week, not a lot of time cooking dinner.
6. I am not the only one living here, delegate.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Busy New Year!

We have started off the year being very productive! We most likely wont end that way! Really.

So hear we go. I gave up deep cleaning my room in order to get Poop's room done. Sears after 3 days was finally able to locate her mattress and box springs. We picked up my dad's truck and headed back to Sacramento. First stop quilt shop, more in a minute, second stop Sears Warehouse. We got the mattress and head home to clean out Poop's room. I still need to get the closet and Armoir done but we got a good start on it. By 8:45pm last night we had the princess bed put together. Here it is...

After we got the bed made I asked Poop "how do you like your princess and the pea bed?" Poop asked "who pee in my bed?" We were laughing to hard to tell her the story of the Princess and the Pea and she was PISSED that someone already peed in her new bed.

Papa came over today to swap out trucks again and got to be the first to see her bed. I watched my dad's blood pressure rise. The bed is about three feet of the ground, Poop tells you "do it myself." Dad just knew she was going to fall off. She showed him a few times how she does it.

Before we picked up the mattress we stopped at Quilter's Corner in Rancho Cordova. I was in need of thread to quilt my Presidents Challenge project. Sorry my project has to remain Top Secret until the voting in February. Can you believe this I bought NO Fabric!!!! I am doing Judy's Stash Busting Challenge this year so I have decided if I don't need it for a project or I am not totally in love with it I don't need it! So I bought 3 patterns along with my Thread.

First is Crabapple Hill's Over the River and Through the Woods. The top, middle and bottom stripes are done in Black work and are gorgeous! I saw a customers finished quilt and had to have the pattern.

Second pattern is again from Crabapple Hill. It is Hocuspocusville! Their are a dozen witches shops. Everything from a quilt shop, laundry, cafe, broom sales and more! I can't wait to start this one!

The last pattern I got was Ribbons Quilt by The Pine Needle. Quilter's Corner had darling kits in a floral pastel for this quilt and I was tempted to get one. I am thinking about making this out of Black White and Turquoise for my other Challenge Blog.
This weekend I have also been productive quilting. I have made more than half of my blocks for my Guild"s President's Challenge, American Patchwork & Quilting Journal Cover for my Stash Buster log, started my Calendar Quilt Challenge, and I am finishing up a Glam Bag! I am off do more laundry.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Out with the old and in with the new! With that said I have been deep cleaning my bedroom. Now doesn't that sound fun!!!

I am off this weekend and have exciting things planned. 1. Clean. Finish the bedroom, you know the closets, flip the mattress, under the bed and wipe down the baseboard. WOW who wants to come help? My next exciting thing to do this weekend is sew. 2. Sew. I am working on my Guild President's Challenge which is top secret. So unfortunately I can't post pictures. Big shock since I rarely post photos anyway. I am also going to make a few Glam Bags since I have to do a stash report on Sunday and I am in need of some out yardage.

This year I have joined a few other Blog Challenges. First is Judy's Stash Busters, my goal is to use 104 yards more fabric than I purchase this next year. I will keep a tally to the left but my reports will be posted every Sunday on my Stash and Scrap blog. The second challenge is The Black and White Quilt Challenge Project. You basically have to finish one quilt this year that uses Black, White and one other color. There is tons of inspiration over on that blog and I am currently working on 2 quilts all from my stash! And the last quilt blog challenge I joined is the Calendar Quilt Challenge 2009. So quilters check out some of the challenges and join me.

I guess it is back to the cleaning and sewing.