Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Out with the old and in with the new! With that said I have been deep cleaning my bedroom. Now doesn't that sound fun!!!

I am off this weekend and have exciting things planned. 1. Clean. Finish the bedroom, you know the closets, flip the mattress, under the bed and wipe down the baseboard. WOW who wants to come help? My next exciting thing to do this weekend is sew. 2. Sew. I am working on my Guild President's Challenge which is top secret. So unfortunately I can't post pictures. Big shock since I rarely post photos anyway. I am also going to make a few Glam Bags since I have to do a stash report on Sunday and I am in need of some out yardage.

This year I have joined a few other Blog Challenges. First is Judy's Stash Busters, my goal is to use 104 yards more fabric than I purchase this next year. I will keep a tally to the left but my reports will be posted every Sunday on my Stash and Scrap blog. The second challenge is The Black and White Quilt Challenge Project. You basically have to finish one quilt this year that uses Black, White and one other color. There is tons of inspiration over on that blog and I am currently working on 2 quilts all from my stash! And the last quilt blog challenge I joined is the Calendar Quilt Challenge 2009. So quilters check out some of the challenges and join me.

I guess it is back to the cleaning and sewing.


rachel griffith said...

thanks for joining!!!
{add for the shout out for the calendar quilt challenge.}
we only need a few more for me to make a special blog!!!

good luck to all that stash busting!!!

Dave said...

When do you sleep?