Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hurry Up And Wait! EDIT

I truely believe this describes our life right now. We have 16 days before with THINK Scott is leaving. We don't have the official flight info. We have been told they want hime in Houston on the second for processing.

Since we got the call on Friday, that offered Scott the job, it has been hurry to get all this stuff done. The yesterday was you can't do anything else until you take the WABI test on Wednesday afternoon. Now we are hurry and get more stuff done so you can fly to Houston. Where there will be more test. He will have blood test and a physical. If those go well it will be off to Dubai for a few days then to Iraq.

Right now we are hurrying up and get stuff done around the house and life stuff. We are waiting to find out when he is really leaving.

Today's prize is a dozen greeting cards made by me. There are a range of 12 cards, something for everyone. You will actually be getting 12 cards, 2 of each of 6 designs. Saturday's prize will be for the men in my life. So guys come back and comment then!

***Barb W. You are the winner of the purse!***


barb w said...

When will you have the time to make the greeting cards? I haven't figured out how you managed it but I think there are more than 24 hours in your day.

Lue-Anne said...

Hey Girl,
I can't beleive I won. YYaaaayyy. I checked your shop to see if I could purchase two more for my family of four. Let me know when it is posted.
I loved your christmas cards so I am sure this assortment of cards is going to be lovely. Thanks Again and Talk to you tomorrow, LA

Lisa said...

I am happy Scott made it through the first test. Hang in there. And yes, I would love to win your greeting cards.

DearGina said...

WTG Scott! I bet he is beaming:) Now nerve racking? Did you find paint brushes and stuff for him to get done before he leaves????

DearGina said...

HEY!!! I WON SOMETHING????? Holy make up bags! How u know I needed this?
Thanks pal, bring it over personally:)

Sandra H said...

Congrats Scott! Now you too can become a world traveler. Not that you weren't already. I hope skype works for you and Dianah. Dianah, I hope to see those greeting cards.

barb w said...

I am sooooo excited to win the purse made from Liz's fabric. Liz loved to make purses for her friends and family so this is very special to me. Thank you for doing this.

Rosemary said...


I wish you and your family well in this new chapter of your life. Wonder what the fabric shops are like in the Middle East?? Maybe Scott will be able to bring you something really nice when he returns.