Saturday, January 17, 2009

The End of The Celebration

Thank you all so much for sharing the fun of my 2nd Blog-A-Versary. I am already thinking about next years celebration.

Today's prize is for the guys, a Grillin' & Chillin' apron! It is made out of Alexander Henry's Pin Up Girls fabric. Scott will be modeling later in the day. Also don't forget we have a bonus prize being drawn today for all the people that posted a comment and didn't win. Last all duplicate prizes will be posted on my Etsy site Kumquat Kewtie Sunday afternoon.

At the last minute this morning I found out that I could have the weekend off! This is very exciting. Friday night was spent at a Taco dinner raising funds for a 7 year old girl who had been in a bad car accident. We are hoping to meet up with some friends from the Nor-Cal HHR Club this weekend for food. The rest of the weekend will be spend on home beautification. Scott has already repaired the master toilette and got the figures to finish the hall bath cabinet. I am hoping he can run base board in the hall bath, finish insulating the crawl space, and finish the backyard this weekend.

As for me I need to get sewing done. I know that once Scott leaves I will not have much sewing time. I have 2 twin size quilts that have deadlines on them one is the end of February and the other is March 7th. I only have 2 weeks left to make the transition to a single mom.

*** Kymn is the winner of the Sandra Glam Bag.***


Sandra H said...

Hi Dianah
You guys are kicking bu*t with everything. Keep going , I hope I will meet Scott at the crab feed if you guys make it on the 24th.


Lue-Anne said...

Hey Guys,
A guys apron huh??? Sounds good to me. Thanks for sharing your anniversary celebration with all of us.

Sandra H said...

Grillin' & Chillin' apron sounds good to me. I'm waiting to see Scott model this. Sandra

Lue-Anne said...

Hey Girl,
Missed you last night at the Bug. I didn't see who won your gorgeous cards. Hope to see you both before Scott's next adventure. LA

Sandra H said...

Scott, you need to smile when your pic is being taken. Nice apron. Sandra

barb w said...

Scott doesn't look to excited about his modeling gig!

Rosemary said...

Wow! I feel very lucky to have won your cards!!

Why not have Scott build another story on the house while he is resting!?