Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tree Huggers?

I will start this off by saying I believe we should try to help our planet. We should try new ecco friendly products, see if they can work with our current lifestyle or we can adapt them to our life style. We should take our own cloth bags to use at stores instead of plastic. Make a store cram more stuff into one bag instead of using four bags. I also believe we don't all need to become tree huggers.

So I will now endorse a new product I have tried.

Yesterday I started machine quilting my and Liz's Primitive Hearts Quilt. I decided to try Fairfield's Bamboo Batting. I LOVE IT!!! I wish I could buy it in yardage instead of package goods. The batting is made of 50% Bamboo and 50% Organic Cotton. I was amazed that I had NO lint to clean out of my machine after I quilt most of my little quilt, I only have the outer border left. It is so soft and nice to quilt with. Because it is needle punched and a thin scrim you can get away with quilting every 8 inches. It is so nice to work with. WOW!

I am going to buy another package this weekend at JoAnn's to quilt my President's Challenge quilt. I will tell you the price point is higher than other battings. A Generous Crib, 60" x 60", runs $13.99 at JoAnn's BUT it does go on sale 50% off a lot. It is actually on sale 50% off until Saturday.

I am a lover and user of Warm & Natural. I will continue to use Warm & Natural. BUT I will also be migrating to Bamboo Batting when I can.

***Side note for those of you who hand quilt, a friend of mine has a piece that she will be trying out. As soon as I have feed back from her I will post it.***


jennifer said...

do you know how to make altered fabric clip board? jennifer

Lisa said...

Please tell me how it hand quilts. Because I have been thinking about using it.