Friday, January 16, 2009

The Count Down Is ON! EDIT

With only 15 days to go we have much to do. Forget the normal life stuff work, eat, shower, sleep. We have moved on to bigger and better things, life insurance, medical insurance, proper id.

Our life right now consist of tons of paper. Scott is printing our reams of stuff from KBR, the new employer. I am editing my pattern. We are both never without a list of things that need to be done, bought or taken care of.

This weekend will include tons of running around town, cleaning and fixing things, and dealing with paperwork. He is needing to buy clothing and shoes for the new job. A few things need fixed around the house that he has been putting off. And we are making changes to cell plans, car insurance, power of attorney.

It seems like every minute spent doing "normal" daily stuff is a minute wasted on things that can't wait. Also I only have 3 days off before he leaves. So we are cramming as much as we can into each minute.

Today's prize is the Sandra Glam Bag! I have decided that my bags need names. Meet Sandra.

***The winner of the 12 handmade cards by me is Rosemary.***


Lue-Anne said...

I just don't know how you do it all. I hope you will get a moment to breath and enjoy your family before Scott start his new adventure.
I am swamped until after the crab feed next saturday. But come Sunday 25th, you name it I can do it. Grocery Shopping, Dinner, play date with the girls so you can get stuff done or quiet time or private time. Just let me know.
Oh ya, a glam bag would be fabulous. Maybe I can learn how to do it. Zippers are not my friend. My thoughts are with you and your family. LA

DearGina said...

How very exciting for all of u!!Walt says to tell Scott......HOOAH???

Waddle Whimsy said...

D, listen anything you and Scottman need we are there. What a whirlwind, your family is a strong unit and you and Scott should be proud. Love you to pieces

Lisa said...

This has got to be hard, but being busy will help with that.
And Callie would love a Glam Bag.

Nathan said...

Are you going to see Scott off in Houston? If so, let me know and we'll come down. There's nothing like a hunk of Texas steak to help dry up those tears. Hang in there!