Sunday, June 1, 2014

Triangle Potholder Tutorial

My wonderful friend Bonnie made a year of potholders as her gift in our mini quilt group exchange. We ALL wanted them. My other wonderful friend Lue Anne wanted to figure them out to make for Christmas gifts but we aren't getting together again until after the holidays. SO I figured it out this morning. Lue Anne this one is for you.

8 inch square of Insul Bright
1/4 yard of fabric, Real 1/4 yard NOT fat quarter
Cutting mat
Rotary cutter
Sewing machine
Iron and ironing board

1. Cut 8 inch square of Insul Bright

2. Trim 1/4 yard of fabric to 8 inch width.

3. Cut the fabric into five 8 inch squares, set one aside.

4. Press four of the squares in half to form right angle triangles.

5. Start to layer triangles, you will need to overlap the top corner of each triangle.

6. Pin edges of triangles together and baste edges, this is to prevent shifting when sewing all layers together.

7. Bottom layer will be Insul Bright, middle layer is backing square (the one you set aside) and top layer is the triangles you basted together. Pin well and sew at a 1/4 inch around all 4 sides.

8. Flip through the center of the triangles. Poke out corners and press.

You are now ready to make me cookies and use your new potholder.