Monday, November 24, 2008

What You All Have Been Waiting For...

First all I can say is WOW!!!! I had no idea how many people actually stop by and read my blog. I was shocked by the number of people wanting to know what I was going to be doing at the free sew Saturday with my quilt guild.

My new adventure is I have opened an Etsy shop. My shop is called Kumquat Kewtie. I can also be found by typing in Please stop by and seeing what's going on. So far I have only one listing BUT I am hoping to be up to five by Wednesday. Right now it will be mostly baby stuff and I am hoping to grow my shop over the next year.

For those of you who don't know what Etsy is, here you go! Etsy is a site, similar to E-bay. Etsy host a site that people can list things they have made, supplies to make stuff, or vintage items. The artist then has their own store front on the Etsy site, sets their own store policies and Etsy charges a small fee per an item to do all of this. You as the buyer can browse through tons of stores all on one site for that special item you are looking for. You purchase it at the asking price no bidding and waitng.

Lastly THANK YOU to all of the support and help I have received from my friends this past week. Without each of you there is no way I would even think about doing this, let alone be doing it. Thanks for the Shop Banner, Business Cards, pricing input, and most importantly listening and encouragement.

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Adventures Started and Coming Soon!

Scott started his new adventure this week. He went to work for a new framing company. He is now doing commercial framing instead of residential. So far he has liked it and they have liked his work. Right now he is moving around from job to job, waiting for everything to be ready on his "new job."

For me I have been getting my ducks in a row to start a new adventure. I still have a few stray ducks that should fall in line over the weekend. I am planning the unveiling of my adventure for Monday. A sneak peak may happen on Sunday night. One duck is wanting to do his own thing. The good part of this adventure is my Dad's student loan money and my time in college will finally be put to use.

Delaney's next new adventure comes on Black Friday. She is going camping with Gamma and Papa for the first time for the whole weekend. I think my phones are dead so I wont have to go pick her up early!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

9 Days Away!!!

Can you believe it Thanksgiving is only 9 days away!!! Christmas is only 28 days after that!!! I am so not ready. The second tree is going up today or tomorrow. I am hoping to get the third tree in the Kitchen next week. I have so much sewing to get done on gifts right now too. Good thing for 2 free sews coming up.

As for Thanksgiving, I have the turkey. Yes me! Now don't get your hopes up, I am NOT cooking the turkey. My mom is picking up the Turkey this weekend and she will cook it. Although I have cooked a turkey before. My house in in charge of bringing the deep fried cranberry sauce. This is a Paula Deen recipe and it is sooo good. We might even wipe up a batch of Emril's Jack Daniels Chocolate Ice Cream.

And how do you resist Black Friday!!! I am sad I think I have to work that morning. I am going to see if I can go in at 4am so I have a chance at making some of the sales. I have started some of my shopping but I still have a little left. Mostly I have a ton of sewing to do.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

HHR Monterey Convoy

Saturday we went on our first Nor-Cal HHR Club G2G. They met in Gilroy and cruised into Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey, that is where we met up with them, I had to work in that morning. We made car number 11 in the convoy.

After meeting everyone and checking out each others cars we headed over to Cannery Row. We parked a block west of Cannery and right outside of the Candy Baron Candy Shop. I will tell you right now we were the only ones with a kid and she didn't have the biggest bag of candy leaving the candy store. The weather was high 70's and we were dying!!! I had to buy me and Poop tacky tourist t-shirts. With a stop at the Sock Shop we left Cannery Row. The Convoy headed toward Pacific Grove and we stopped by the ocean. Again to check out each others cars and look at the ocean. Me and Poop climbed down the rocks to put our feet in. Then we headed out to pick up our lunch orders.

WOW!!! One of the guys in the group knew of the BEST deli, Compagno's at 2000 Prescott Avenue in Monterey and they take phone orders (831) 375-5987. Let me tell you I ordered us 2 whole sandwiches for the 3 of us and we only ate 1. They filled a large take out box. Worth going back for.

Then we headed out toward Asilomar Beach for a picnic lunch. While everyone else wiped out their lawn chairs I through down the quilt. People were impressed that we had a picnic quilt. Now this is the quilt my friend Dino made us for our wedding. She said she wants it used and abused, don't save this one for special. I believe we have used and abused it. A few years ago it was locked in the car door and Scott riped it from the car. It now has a 2 inch tear through it. Yesterday when I through it out on the ground I through it over dog shit and sat on it! I did wash it today.

After lunch we cruised on through Carmel. That was the end of our day with the group. Some people headed down highway 1, others went home and we went to Back Porch Press Quilt Shop.

We had a great time meeting a great group of people. I though Scott was the only one crazy over his little car. Scott looks sane. We are looking forward to the next G2G.

By the way for those who do know, this was me until yesterday, HHR stands for Heritage High Roof. This was the name for the 1949 Surburban and Surburban Panel before it went into production.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Linclon Ceter Holiday Open House

This Sunday November 16th will be the annual Lincoln Center Holiday Open House. It kicks off at noon and runs until 4 pm (I think).

Santa will be arriving. He will be in the Santa House for kids to visit and take pictures with. This is the best because you get to take your own pictures and it is FREE!!!

There will be cookies and hot chocolate. Some of the stores will even have cookie decorating for the kids. Also there will be live reindeer for the kids to pet and see. All the stores will be open and some are even having special promotions.

If you haven't been to Lincoln Center lately there have been MANY changes. Ocean Bath has moved over by Bud's Sea Food. In the Ocean Bath space is rumor to be some sort of food. La De Da is no longer in business and that space is being changed for FINA to move in. Bookland book store is also no longer. Lino Bella has moved from the Mile into the old Bookland space, they have bedroom and home dec stuff. The art store next to Birkenstock is also no longer their and that space is now the CR Porter Annex. In the old Sugar 'n Spice space is Along The Way. They are a parent teacher supply store, which happens to be owned by my cousins Steve and Erica. Now I didn't have time to look on the north side of the center, Hallmark's side but I am they have changes their too.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Roller Coaster Ride

Life for the past few weeks has been a one vicious roller coaster ride. I'm telling you the Aerosmith Roller Coaster at Disney World looks like child's play. I am going to give you some high and low lights.

Scott got laid off a week ago. He has been with the same company for over 15 years. He has worked his way up from a laborer to a foreman in that time, been through a change in ownership and a few name changes. The construction industry is so bad right now that will don't know if he will be able to go back to JVC. The good of this is due to our many WONDERFUL friends he was recommended to another company as a foreman doing commercial framing. He did a phone interview on Tuesday and received a job offer. We are so lucky!!! We are waiting to hear when he will start the new job.

I have been not feeling well for a few days. I am taking a nasty prescription that has horrid side effects. I have had hangovers feel better than this, good thing I only twice a day. I have been working on the swaps I signed up for, I have 4 partners to make stuff for in the next 12 days. I have been working on a scrap swap, we send eachother some scraps, make something with them and send the finished item back. I have 3 partners in this swap. It has been great fun to work with other people's fabric. The hard part is I made a GREAT purse and I don't want to send it back. I e-mailed my partner and she has more scraps!!! She is going to send me some so I can make me a purse too. I am also working on a flirty holiday hostess apron, so cute!

Scott has the Northern California HHR Club's Monterey Run this Saturday and is trying to figure out if he can go or not. There will be close to 50 HHR's cruising from Gilroy to Monterey Saturday morning.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank You

Happy Veteran's Day

Many of you are enjoying a day off work or sales at your favorite retailer PLEASE remember what this day is really about. Please take a moment and Thank a veteran.

Remember to say "Thank you" to the men and women who have put their lives on the line for us to enjoy many luxuries that we take for granted. Last week we had the opportunity to vote for new leaders of our country, if not for our service people we may not have been able to have so many of the freedoms we take for granted.

My life has always been surrounded by Veteran's, from Great Grandfather to Grandfather to Dad to cousins and friends. Thank You all!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Self Promotion

I am teaching another class!!! I had such a wonderful time teaching the last class that I am doing it again. This Friday night November 14th at 5:30pm I will be teaching the pattern Mod Quad at Ladybug's Quilt in Manteca. The class is $30 plus the pattern. I know you have enough in your stash to make this quilt. If you want to add to what you have you just need 1/8 of a yard cuts!

This is the one I did out of Hand Dies and Batiks. I love it! It is so different from the first one I did. Most of this one is from my stash, I think I got a few from my mom and bought only 3 pieces!!!
This Black and White one was my first! There are over 100 different fabrics in this quilt. All but 1 came from my stash, I refused to repeat 1 so I got one from my mom.

I am going to make another one for a birthday gift that will be all black and white with only hot pink color splashes. I would love to see someone make it in Red, White and Blue! LA are you up for it?

So now that you are hooked call Jennifer on Tuesday at 209-824-0485 and get on the list to take the class!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Winter Cleaning

I have started the Winter Cleaning this week. Yes the Winter Cleaning. It is similar to Spring Cleaning but done in November. In the time between Halloween and Veteran's Day I empty out the rooms in my house to do serious cleaning, in preparation of the holidays.

Today was my living room. I empty all the furniture but the couch and went to work. This includes wiping down the base board, chair rail, wainscoting, ect. Next I need to do some touch up painting. I just had Scott bring in the tree for that living room so it will go up tonight. I will decorate it next week though.

I am hoping to take on Scott's living room over the weekend. He will be working at Big Joe's so I have to hold off on moving the furniture and doing the floors until next week. I hope to put up the village on Black Friday. The outside lights get turned on that day too.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

She WON!!!

As of this morning Linda, my sister, has won the Linden School District 5 seat on the School Board. The results are still Unofficial but Linda is ahead by about 400 votes.

We are hoping that the District 6 seat still has votes coming in. Her friend Marty is running for that seat and is down by about 80 votes.

***Side note another fish bit the dust last night, then there was one! Wish me luck!***

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Today is the day, it will all be over soon! I urge everyone to get out and VOTE! Your one vote makes a difference. Did you know that a President was put into office by one vote, Jefferson. Plus if you vote Starbuck's will give you free coffee.

Thanks Heather for the pictures! Wanna see?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

End of 8 Days

Last Sunday I set a goal of 1 hour a day to work on 3 projects. I was to spend 15 minutes each on cleaning my sewing room and UFO's/Mending and the last half hour was spent on starting my Christmas Cards. I have made progress.

My sewing room has a floor! My sewing machine can now fit on the table. I can walk all the way over to my book cases. I can even walk to the window now! I have cleaned under my scrapbooking table and started on the top. I notice a huge difference today. And I only spent 15 minutes a day on it.

As for the UFO's/ Mending, progress was made but not as noticeable. I did get a pair of pants for Scott fixed, 3 of Delaney's thing fixed to be packed away, Allie's Yankee's jacket is done and I ripped out 75% of the quilting I had done in a baby quilt. I hated the quilting I had done and never finished the other 25% of the quilting. I am going to mark it and hopefully get it done at the free sew this month.

Lastly my Christmas Cards, I am MUCH further than I thought I would be. A week ago paper and all the supplies were sitting in a bag in the corner. Just waiting for me to do something. Well last Sunday I did something with my half hour. I cut 120 sheets of paper in half that would become my card holder. I then preceded to make the first 36 cards holders. As of tonight those 36 are in various stages of done, 12 need stamped "Happy Holidays" on the band, 12 need bands assembled, snow flaked and stamped and the last 12 need bands cut, snowflakes glittered so they can get caught up. Now some of you might of caught that it says "card holder" yes I am making card holders to slide our cards into before going into the envelope. Call me crazy! We did take our Christmas Photo today that will grace the fronts of our cards, add a few photo corners (I need to make those too), attach the tab, type up a meaningful letter about our year and cards will be done. My goal is to drop them in the mail Thanksgiving morning on my way home from work.

I got to tell you we had the most wonderful photo session today at Lodi Lake! Kim and Heather of Moomph Photography took on ALL of us. When I say all I mean all. My sister and her family were up first. Then my parents and the grandkids. Then Linda's group, my parents, and my group including the dog. Then my parents on their own. Lastly my group again. I got to tell you if you missed out on this year's mini sessions they offered you missed a lot! I would highly recommend that you e-mail them now to get on the list for next year. H you got me down right? I would like a Saturday in October please. I will tell you there is a down side to this. It is going home and having to wait to see what wonderful work they did. H how long do I have to wait??? I know she is playing with them tonight on her computer and not sharing.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

1 Down 2 To Go

We woke up this morning to a floater!!! I am happy about this, it means one less thing to feed at my house.

If you remember back a week ago, Delaney and Scott went to the Fall Festival at the girls school. Delaney came home with 3 fish, one was even gold. Delaney and Scott spent ALL of Saturday buying a ton of fish stuff, 3 trips to pet stores. We had to have the Little Mermaid fish tank with pump, light, food and net. Once Scott got it home he realized it didn't come with rocks, fish have to have rocks. So they went out to search for rocks. The fish now have multi colored rocks.

The first night we had the fish Delaney had to get up 2 times in the middle of the night to check on them. I heard her up at 3 am!!! She is in the routine of feeding her fish.

Scott got to flush the fish today. I don't think Delaney even knows one is missing. One down Two to go!