Tuesday, November 18, 2008

9 Days Away!!!

Can you believe it Thanksgiving is only 9 days away!!! Christmas is only 28 days after that!!! I am so not ready. The second tree is going up today or tomorrow. I am hoping to get the third tree in the Kitchen next week. I have so much sewing to get done on gifts right now too. Good thing for 2 free sews coming up.

As for Thanksgiving, I have the turkey. Yes me! Now don't get your hopes up, I am NOT cooking the turkey. My mom is picking up the Turkey this weekend and she will cook it. Although I have cooked a turkey before. My house in in charge of bringing the deep fried cranberry sauce. This is a Paula Deen recipe and it is sooo good. We might even wipe up a batch of Emril's Jack Daniels Chocolate Ice Cream.

And how do you resist Black Friday!!! I am sad I think I have to work that morning. I am going to see if I can go in at 4am so I have a chance at making some of the sales. I have started some of my shopping but I still have a little left. Mostly I have a ton of sewing to do.

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Dave said...

Christmas tree in the kitchen, deep fried cranberry sauce! What is next!