Saturday, November 1, 2008

1 Down 2 To Go

We woke up this morning to a floater!!! I am happy about this, it means one less thing to feed at my house.

If you remember back a week ago, Delaney and Scott went to the Fall Festival at the girls school. Delaney came home with 3 fish, one was even gold. Delaney and Scott spent ALL of Saturday buying a ton of fish stuff, 3 trips to pet stores. We had to have the Little Mermaid fish tank with pump, light, food and net. Once Scott got it home he realized it didn't come with rocks, fish have to have rocks. So they went out to search for rocks. The fish now have multi colored rocks.

The first night we had the fish Delaney had to get up 2 times in the middle of the night to check on them. I heard her up at 3 am!!! She is in the routine of feeding her fish.

Scott got to flush the fish today. I don't think Delaney even knows one is missing. One down Two to go!

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