Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Self Promotion

I am teaching another class!!! I had such a wonderful time teaching the last class that I am doing it again. This Friday night November 14th at 5:30pm I will be teaching the pattern Mod Quad at Ladybug's Quilt in Manteca. The class is $30 plus the pattern. I know you have enough in your stash to make this quilt. If you want to add to what you have you just need 1/8 of a yard cuts!

This is the one I did out of Hand Dies and Batiks. I love it! It is so different from the first one I did. Most of this one is from my stash, I think I got a few from my mom and bought only 3 pieces!!!
This Black and White one was my first! There are over 100 different fabrics in this quilt. All but 1 came from my stash, I refused to repeat 1 so I got one from my mom.

I am going to make another one for a birthday gift that will be all black and white with only hot pink color splashes. I would love to see someone make it in Red, White and Blue! LA are you up for it?

So now that you are hooked call Jennifer on Tuesday at 209-824-0485 and get on the list to take the class!


LA said...

I will have to see if I have enough stash. How many 1/8th cuts do I need? I will check my schedule.

Lindy said...

Dianah I am in Lodi, would you be interested in teaching the Mod Quad class in Lodi? I would be interested in talking with you. It wouldn't be until at least April or May. You can e mail me at:
dunniwho (at) gmail (dot) com

Linda Dunnihoo
Quilter's Friend in Lodi, CA