Sunday, November 16, 2008

HHR Monterey Convoy

Saturday we went on our first Nor-Cal HHR Club G2G. They met in Gilroy and cruised into Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey, that is where we met up with them, I had to work in that morning. We made car number 11 in the convoy.

After meeting everyone and checking out each others cars we headed over to Cannery Row. We parked a block west of Cannery and right outside of the Candy Baron Candy Shop. I will tell you right now we were the only ones with a kid and she didn't have the biggest bag of candy leaving the candy store. The weather was high 70's and we were dying!!! I had to buy me and Poop tacky tourist t-shirts. With a stop at the Sock Shop we left Cannery Row. The Convoy headed toward Pacific Grove and we stopped by the ocean. Again to check out each others cars and look at the ocean. Me and Poop climbed down the rocks to put our feet in. Then we headed out to pick up our lunch orders.

WOW!!! One of the guys in the group knew of the BEST deli, Compagno's at 2000 Prescott Avenue in Monterey and they take phone orders (831) 375-5987. Let me tell you I ordered us 2 whole sandwiches for the 3 of us and we only ate 1. They filled a large take out box. Worth going back for.

Then we headed out toward Asilomar Beach for a picnic lunch. While everyone else wiped out their lawn chairs I through down the quilt. People were impressed that we had a picnic quilt. Now this is the quilt my friend Dino made us for our wedding. She said she wants it used and abused, don't save this one for special. I believe we have used and abused it. A few years ago it was locked in the car door and Scott riped it from the car. It now has a 2 inch tear through it. Yesterday when I through it out on the ground I through it over dog shit and sat on it! I did wash it today.

After lunch we cruised on through Carmel. That was the end of our day with the group. Some people headed down highway 1, others went home and we went to Back Porch Press Quilt Shop.

We had a great time meeting a great group of people. I though Scott was the only one crazy over his little car. Scott looks sane. We are looking forward to the next G2G.

By the way for those who do know, this was me until yesterday, HHR stands for Heritage High Roof. This was the name for the 1949 Surburban and Surburban Panel before it went into production.

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