Friday, November 21, 2008

New Adventures Started and Coming Soon!

Scott started his new adventure this week. He went to work for a new framing company. He is now doing commercial framing instead of residential. So far he has liked it and they have liked his work. Right now he is moving around from job to job, waiting for everything to be ready on his "new job."

For me I have been getting my ducks in a row to start a new adventure. I still have a few stray ducks that should fall in line over the weekend. I am planning the unveiling of my adventure for Monday. A sneak peak may happen on Sunday night. One duck is wanting to do his own thing. The good part of this adventure is my Dad's student loan money and my time in college will finally be put to use.

Delaney's next new adventure comes on Black Friday. She is going camping with Gamma and Papa for the first time for the whole weekend. I think my phones are dead so I wont have to go pick her up early!

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