Sunday, November 2, 2008

End of 8 Days

Last Sunday I set a goal of 1 hour a day to work on 3 projects. I was to spend 15 minutes each on cleaning my sewing room and UFO's/Mending and the last half hour was spent on starting my Christmas Cards. I have made progress.

My sewing room has a floor! My sewing machine can now fit on the table. I can walk all the way over to my book cases. I can even walk to the window now! I have cleaned under my scrapbooking table and started on the top. I notice a huge difference today. And I only spent 15 minutes a day on it.

As for the UFO's/ Mending, progress was made but not as noticeable. I did get a pair of pants for Scott fixed, 3 of Delaney's thing fixed to be packed away, Allie's Yankee's jacket is done and I ripped out 75% of the quilting I had done in a baby quilt. I hated the quilting I had done and never finished the other 25% of the quilting. I am going to mark it and hopefully get it done at the free sew this month.

Lastly my Christmas Cards, I am MUCH further than I thought I would be. A week ago paper and all the supplies were sitting in a bag in the corner. Just waiting for me to do something. Well last Sunday I did something with my half hour. I cut 120 sheets of paper in half that would become my card holder. I then preceded to make the first 36 cards holders. As of tonight those 36 are in various stages of done, 12 need stamped "Happy Holidays" on the band, 12 need bands assembled, snow flaked and stamped and the last 12 need bands cut, snowflakes glittered so they can get caught up. Now some of you might of caught that it says "card holder" yes I am making card holders to slide our cards into before going into the envelope. Call me crazy! We did take our Christmas Photo today that will grace the fronts of our cards, add a few photo corners (I need to make those too), attach the tab, type up a meaningful letter about our year and cards will be done. My goal is to drop them in the mail Thanksgiving morning on my way home from work.

I got to tell you we had the most wonderful photo session today at Lodi Lake! Kim and Heather of Moomph Photography took on ALL of us. When I say all I mean all. My sister and her family were up first. Then my parents and the grandkids. Then Linda's group, my parents, and my group including the dog. Then my parents on their own. Lastly my group again. I got to tell you if you missed out on this year's mini sessions they offered you missed a lot! I would highly recommend that you e-mail them now to get on the list for next year. H you got me down right? I would like a Saturday in October please. I will tell you there is a down side to this. It is going home and having to wait to see what wonderful work they did. H how long do I have to wait??? I know she is playing with them tonight on her computer and not sharing.

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