Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And The Winner Is...

That would be Sew Rosy!
You will get your gift of my favorites next Thursday night!
For those wanting to know what she won:
Pina Colada mix, Dove Dark Chocolate,
$10 Starbucks card in a mini wallet made by me,
BBW Lip Balm
Holiday CD by Straight No Chaser
I will photo it before I give it to her.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Favorite Things

Melissa over at 320 Sycamore is hosting her 2nd annual
I am joining the fun and sharing a few of my favorite things.

Diet Pepsi is my FAVORITE drink. It is rare that I go a day without one.

A little Malibu Rum, Water, Shake and Freeze. They are ready in no time.
I always have one in the freezer just in case.

I love a great pair of heels. I have this pair just for Pole Fitness classes.*As a side note I am LOVING Pole Fitness. I tell everyone to take a class!

These are the BEST jeans ever! They are the NY & Co Curvy Bootcut.

They are the perfect fit! Plus I can wear them with my heels.

One of the gifts I am giving this year is the gift of Caffeine!
I am giving a few Starbucks gift cards in my mini wallets this year. Starbucks has other things than coffee so it is a versatile gift. Heck you can even buy CD's their.

I am LOVING Straight No Chaser!

I have seen them in concert twice this year and I am hoping to go one more time for the holiday concert in a few weeks.

The holiday cd is a mix of classic and originals.
You may remember me posting some of their stuff last December.

With winter here Bath & Body Works Watch Your Mouth is my all time FAV lip balm.

I have been wearing since I worked their 10 years ago and can't live without it!

A few of my Other Fav's are:

Dove Dark Chocolate

Nike Flip Flops

MAC Lipstick

Now it has been a while since I have done a give away so here we go.

I will be sending one person a few of the items above just for leaving a comment on 3 of your favorite things.

I will draw a winner on Dec 1st.

Be sure to check out some of the other favorites over at 320 Sycamore.

Friday, November 19, 2010

E-mail Issues

For those of you getting SPAM from me I am sorry. I am one of over 100,000 accounts through Hotmail that have been hacked.

I have filed with them so they know I am one of the accounts. I have done all of the preventative measures they have suggested. At this point hotmail has said that my e-mail list is gone and I can't get it back. I will let you know that I have changed my password many times in the last few months. Today I also removed my signature line.

At this point if you receive an e-mail from me that has a blank subject line it is SPAM and not really from me. Don't open it.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Man's Trash

I am asking for some help. If you are local for me I am needing some ice cream containers with the lift off lids. Like Breyers or Schwans rectangle containers. I am also needing some Pringle chip tubes. I am needing about 20 ice cream containers and same with the chip tubes. I need them by December 20th. Please let me know if you can help me out.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time Flies

I am not sure what we have been doing. I will hit some of the highlights for you all.

I was invited to share a table with a friend at her son's school Fall Carnival, to sell some things I have made. I am also making stuff to have a spot at a Holiday boutique in Linden December 11th. I am VERY excited for that one. I have been working on stuff for that.

I also finished the SoCal HHR donation quilt for this year. It was raffled off last weekend. I got it done start to finish in 5 days! It was CRAZY! I lost the pattern and had to make it up on my own. Then the drive to deliver the quilt ended up having to back out do to a family emergency. At the last minute 7pm on Wednesday I got a new driver. It was delivered to him at noon at a freeway off ramp.

I have been going to Booty Camp. It has been a bazaar experience. The final week of camp 2 of the classes were cancelled. We extended the camp a week. Then we were to do our final weigh in and measurements last Thursday and our leader forgot everything. So now we are adding another day. It is getting harder to go. It is about 40 degrees in the morning and we are working out in the park, it is windy. I have enjoyed doing Booty Camp and I am thinking of doing it again in the spring.

Delaney has lost a tooth and another one is loose. Yes she is only 4. I did check with a friend in the dental field and she said it is normal. Her adult teeth are already coming through before the baby teeth get loose.

Daphne has had the flu twice, I think it was from her flu shots. She is too little to get it in one dose so she got 2 halves a month apart. In between the flu she had a bad head cold. She now has 2 teeth and is trying to walk. She is extremely independent and a daredevil.

Scott has been sicker than a dog this past 7 days. He worked 2 half days and was out the rest of the time. He did go to the medic a few times and at one point was hospitalized. He was given MANY bags of saline, one day he got 7 total. Yesterday he was able to work a whole day and eat a few things, toast and applesauce, without throwing up. They do have something going around on the base.

I have been sewing but I can't share what they are yet. Soon.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010


So I have been addicted to EBay this weekend. I have reach my limit with my auctions today so I guess I will sew. I did win 2 auctions over the weekend. One was for a CD with over 1000 patterns from the Kansas City Star. I think those will be fun to reproduce. The second auction I won was this:

It is a top to a Grandma's Flower Garden. The top measures 72 x 87. I paid ONLY $30.99! I should have it this week it is coming from Burbank.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Lots has been going on this week! I will try to cover it all.

I kicked off the week with the flu. As of Tuesday we are FLU FREE!!!

Last Saturday I found out that a Booty Camp would be starting in Manteca this past Monday. I was on it! So Monday morning at 6:30am I was out at Woodward park thinking "What the hell did I get myself into now!" The two women that started with me on Monday have tons of exercise experience. One did 4 years in the Marine Corp and the other trained as body builder. I could hear the song from the Electric Company "One of these things is not like the others. One of these things don't belong." On Wednesday a forth woman joined our group, she is more on my level!!!

Tuesday Daph went for her 1 year check up. She is doing well and is in the 25 percentile. She ended up get 4 shots. This year she was able to get a flu shot. And since we were their Dr. B decided that Delaney could also get a flu shot.

Wednesday my aunt and uncle came to visit from Reno. I took the girls out to my mom and dad's to preform all their tricks. Tim and Mary sent Daph a cookie bouquet for her first birthday. It is so cute. I let the girls eat half a cookie last night.

Today Scott found out that he got a Foreman position with KBR. He will start the new job on 24th. We don't know if they will be making him change camps or not. We are still hoping for something stateside but are happy he is finally getting the pay for the job he has been doing.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I know it has been awhile. I have good reason, we have been taking turns being sick.

Daphne started us off. She woke me up on the first at 1 am puking. It was her first time throwing up and she was PISSED! It was also her first birthday. We had 3 nights of puking with her. She is getting better but still running a fever.

Up next was Delaney. Tuesday night Wednesday morning I had JUST turned off the light at 1am and I heard a strange noise. Within 5 minutes Delaney was in my room because she puked EVERY WHERE! I spent the next HOUR cleaning her room while I had her in the bath. She is not full of energy yet but no fever.

Last bu not least I started feeling achy yesterday. I have had a sinus headache all week. The last 2 days I have been cold and achy. I really hope I don't do the puking part.

So if you are looking for me, we are laying low. I haven't been taking too many calls since my head feels like it is going to explode. If you need me, e-mail is the best. Hope you all stay healthy!

Monday, September 20, 2010

8 Years Ago

This is my complete wedding party. I got married 8 years ago tonight at the Grand Island Mansion in Walnut Grove. This is at the back of the pit we got married in.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can You Believe IT!!!

First 2 post in 1 day! Amazing!

Second the real reason for this post. I feel it would be a GREAT disservice to my wonderful readers if I failed to mention the significance of today. Do you already know? TODAY marks 100 day left until Christmas!

Some of you just panicked like I did. Now I need to start making a list of all the things that need to be done. I don't even know where to start!

Booty Camp!

Who is going to join me? You will be looking GREAT for all those holiday parties coming up.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I am going to BOOTY CAMP!!!

I am excited for this one. I am going to BOOTY CAMP! Venus Pole Fitness is doing an outdoor boot camp in Manteca! It is starting September 27th at Woodward Park. They are meeting Monday and Wednesday nights and again Saturday mornings for 4 weeks. I am very excited to try this out.

Want to see what I am trying now? Okay, Booty Camp on the workshop tab and the second class from the bottom. There is a pair of shorts to the right of the description.

I have taken classes with Leslie and workshops with Diane, now Booty Camp with Grace. I can't imagine it being anything but FUN! Both Diane and Leslie have been supportive and inspirational through all the classes. I am sure Grace will be the same.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where Did My Week GO!!!

I got VERY little finished on my Labor Day weekend list. On Friday of the weekend I purchased a pool table. Which means I have spent most of last week cleaning out my garage.

When I clean the garage I go through EVERYTHING. I have filled both of my garbage cans last week and on my way to filling them again this week. I have taken 2 loads in my Suburban to Goodwill and 1 load to a baby consignment sale in Roseville. I have also 6 empty 66 quart totes sitting in the garage. I still have a ways to go but I can see a HUGE improvement. I am taking the weekend off from the garage. Monday I will be back out their. I now have to find my Christmas Tree. I wanted to put my big one up this year but with Daph it looks like the Upside Down Tree will be going back up.

So this weekend will be spent finishing the top and back for "Once A Marine" for Frank, Scott's roommate and cleaning my house. I haven't touch the inside this week because of the garage!

One last thing Scott has a phone interview at 1am PST on Sunday. Please send prayers and good thoughts his way. The job is for the Carpenter Foreman in Baghdad. It is the job he has been doing without the title or the pay.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last Weekend of Summer

Do you have plans for the Last Weekend of Summer? Not much going on here. I am making a list of plans though. There is a ton of stuff I want to get done. If I start my weekend tomorrow, I can make it a 5 day weekend.

Here's my list:
1. Steal produce from my parents garden
2. Clean out my Freezer
3. Freeze some Corn and Squash
4. Finish the top of Frank's quilt
5. Go to the Post Office
6. Tackle the shopping, Target, JoAnn's and Grocery
7. Start working on my chair (photos to come)
8. Piece a quilt back
9. Put up a batch of salsa

I am thinking that is more than I will actually do. Check back during the weekend and see my progress.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Stitching Sunday

I did work on the basket this past week. I did part of the top edge of the basket. I am hoping this next week to have the top edge and the outline of the basket finished.

I did finish (almost) this top from an OLD, 2003, UFO. After taking the photo I realized that the left border is pieced wrong. I will be taking that off, fixing it and putting it back on this week.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pole Fitness Class

I finished my Pole Fitness class series this past Wednesday. I have been asked many questions about it. MANY QUESTIONS. I hope to share my experience and answer some questions. If you have a question PLEASE comment and I will do my best to answer it.

First, I took an introductory class at Venus Pole Fitness in Modesto for the first time last June. That first class was taught by Diane the owner. She was amazing! Her and her sister own two studios, Diane in Modesto and the sister is in Turlock. Both studios offer traditional fitness classes as well as pole classes. The was an hour and fifteen minute class and my legs were shaking when I was leaving. After leaving the class I thought "Not bad I would like to do it again." Then I woke up the next morning. I hurt (Muscle Sore) is places I didn't even know I had muscles. It lasted a few days. I wanted to go back! This was the FUNNEST workout I have ever done.

I signed up for Pole 101, a 5 week class for beginners only. Leslie was our teacher this time and was tons of fun. I learned so much from her. Again our classes were an hour and fifteen minutes every Wednesday night for the 5 weeks.

The first week you learn to walk, squats, hip stuff and how to slide down the pole. This has been the most demanding workout I have ever done, Billy Banks has nothing on these girls. By week 3 you are in 5 to 6 inch heels doing everything! Week 3 you also learn the first spin. Week 4 is more spins and sitting on the pole. Finally Week 5 a few more spins and climbing the pole!

Now it doesn't sound too bad right. Now during this EACH time we either worked on butts or abs. We did squats for 4 minutes, in 6 inch heels, to the beat of a song and if that wasn't enough a few times we would do a squat and hole for a count of 20! Abs wasn't so bad. I had to rest during that, I was having discomfort from surgery at times.

BEFORE you say I could NEVER DO THAT, a few more things. My class ranged in age from 23 with dance experience to 54 going on her third marriage. Also I was 20 days post surgery on my stomach AND 3 hours after having my stitches taken out. The first 2 weeks I was gentle about what I did laying on my stomach but that was it. Still by Week 5 I had internal discomfort but I knew to pay attention and rest when I needed to.

Some of the draw back is the bruising, pole burn and missing skin. I have VERY bad knees. This is not the best exercise for them but its wasn't bad for them. I protected them as best I could. My knees are bruised and beat up but I did not need to ice them or take pain pills. The pole burn goes away in a day or two.

These are my shoes and they are 6 inch stilettos. They do sell various shoes at the studio and even have a catalog you can look through to order out of. Their shoes are $45 to $55 a pair. I found my online for $40.

I would love to take more classes. There are only 2 things holding me up at this time. The first is the studio is about an hour from my house. The second is with Scott gone I don't always have the child care to keep taking classes.

At this time I don't have a pole in my house. I am thinking about the X Pole. It is not permanently installed and no ladder needed to put up or take down. Plus comes with a storage/travel bag.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stitching Sunday

I am going to be forced into doing more handwork. Daphne is becoming more mobile and I have to be watching her more. She likes to pick up the smallest thing she can find and eat it. Which means less machine time.

So I started "Old Glory" by Crabapple Hill Studios last spring. I don't work on it much. So I decided that if I have to sit and supervise Daphne I will work on this until it is done. I will post a picture each Sunday so you all can see if I make progress.

I have tons of handwork in progress so maybe this will help me get some of it done.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Flag Quilt

I am loving this quilt. It is Stars N' Stripes by Glory Daze Pattern Co. The pattern is for a wall hanging and uses 2 1/2" squares, this is BIG and uses 4 1/2" squares. This one is about 48" by 86" Either size is just over 300 squares. If you are local Sandra Newcomb is teaching this at Ladybug. GO sign up.
I would like to make this again. It isn't very hard. I do recommend using fat quarters, lights and darks nothing that could be a medium, and cutting extra of each color. I had 2 colors that just didn't work for me so I had to use my extras.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I have been thinking...

I have been thinking lately that I would like to make a few quilts for Quilt of Valour. I know I don't have the time though. Would anyone one be interested in helping me? My thought is making Red and Blue 9 patches out of 2 1/2" squares. I would then sash and border in white. I would need 70 6 1/2" 9 patches to make a quilt big enough.

So are any of you game to help me out? If so leave a comment with your e-mail address and I will send you my snail mail address.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm Doing Something Right

Today we headed to Trinity Park to do some shopping. JoAnn's was our last stop. As we are at the back of the store looking for a fabric for borders on a quilt, a girl looking at fat quarters asks "Do you make Quilts?" I told her yes. She asked for some help, she was making her first quilt. He and her boyfriend we moving in together next week. I answered her questions and we both went back to our shopping.

Delaney came up to me once we were done talking and said "Mom we're not supposed to talk to strangers." WOW something is getting through that thick head of her's. Now if she would listen when I say clean up the toys.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Had A Blast

I was able to take Judy Sisneros' new class Batik Blast this past Saturday with my friend Jennifer at the Manteca Quilt. I had a really good time. I was able to put my borders on my quilt today. Now to quilt it!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sewing Again!

I am happy to be back to my sewing machine!

This week I am working on binding the last of the Cherry quilts for my client. This one is the biggest at a twin. I am hoping to have the binding finished early next week.

Earlier this summer I decided to make some clothes for me and the girls. I made me a dress already, not that I have wore it. So this week I decided to make me something else from the pile of fabric and patterns. I made a tunic top out of green printed linen. I love it! I think I am going to make another on. I am wearing the top to a birthday party tomorrow.

Yesterday I decided that I am going to start making a block a day quilt again this summer. If you remember back to last summer I joined the 9-patch a day quilt along. This year I am doing it on my own and doing a framed square block. I really need to use up my blue scraps. I will be posting more later this weekend over at Stash and Scrap Elimination Project.

I have my UFO for this month picked out too. I have a Mystery Quilt that just needs binding. So with any luck I will be able to get that done this month too.

Monday, July 12, 2010

All Over The Place

Okay this is scattered but try to say with me. Today is my first day drug free. I have to go back to work Wednesday and I can't be popping Vicodin like M&M's when I go. They have some crazy drug free policy. Go figure.

So to start today we took the girls for their check ups, they both got shots. So then we took Delaney to get Sushi and Baskin Robbins since she did a good job. I hate those screaming kids. I ordered Delaney her own roll on her own plate and the waitress looked at me like I was crazy. Then she asked "would she like a rice bowl?" I said "NO, I ordered her the sushi she wants." Really I am the mom shouldn't I know what my kid will eat more than you would?

I love this saying "You don't know how strong you are until strong is the only choice you have." Anyone know where it came from?

Tonight I could take a bath and change my bandaids. So I did. Now I am NOT a blood and guts kinda girl. Really if it were up to me I could leave the bandaids on until they deteriorate. I don't want to see under neath. Which is why I don't have a PhD in medicine, I have 2 Fashion Degrees. I changed the first 3 bandaids and was getting sick. They put some BIG ASS holes in me!!! I thought they would had a, the number one, stitch in them. HELL NO! They each have 3 stitches in them. After I did the first 3 I had to lay down before doing the last one. I finally did the one in my bellybutton. I just don't know about that one. So this comes down to I did it myself and didn't puke.

Last I found the Lone Star quilt I want to make. While recovering from the whole bandaid issue I surfed the web. I hit Minick and Simpson and found this!

This is the one I am going to make. I love it! I guess I need to finish a few projects first...

Friday, July 9, 2010


Yesterday was the BIG day. I got to have surgery! I have been looking forward to this. Now I am patiently waiting to heal and have some results. No I did not have cosmetic surgery, yet.

I had 1 surgery with 6 parts to it. Here we go:

1. Lapascopy, they filled my body with gas so they had room to work in
2. Removal of the left ovary, I have been having problems with it
3. Look for and treat endometriosis, Scott can't remember if they found any
4. DnC, to prepare me for
5. Ablation of the Uterine Lining
6. Re arranging my intestines, once inside of me they found my intestines bunched up on my left side. It is possible that this was also contributing to some of my problems

The surgery itself took just over 2 hours. It was very long. I feel really good today, all thing considering. I am taking my meds as scheduled, I don't want to feel any pain. The only bad part was the breathing tube was in for so long that my throat and mouth hurt. I also have very little voice. I am eating ice cream, cough drops and soup.

Scott came home on Monday to help take care of me and the girls.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3 Days Off!!!

I have the next 3 days off without much to do! That is very exciting. So I am making 2 list, Want to do and Have to do. Let's see what I can get done!

Have to do:
1. Pay 3 Bills
2. Finish kids wash
3. Wash whatever car I am driving
4. Mini Quilt Group Dinner Thursday night with shopping at JoAnn's
5. Post Office, Sewing stuff and Scott
6. Clean oven

Want to do
1. Pillow Case
2. Cherry Quilt Top
3. Cherry Quilt Back
4. Finish my book
5. Liz's Table Topper
6. Angie's new Grandma Gift
7. Sew Bee It Blocks
8. Happy Hour on the Patio
9 Guild Block of the Month
10. Assemble stuff from Ikea
11. Make shopping list for JoAnn's

I am sure the list will grow and change over the next few days check back and see what happens.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Winters Quilt Show

Saturday a group of us went to the Winters Quilt Show. It is a free outdoor show through downtown and more in the Senior Center. One of the Guest Artist was Mac McNamara and a special exhibit from Gee's Bend. The did have a featured artist in the Senior Center, I can't remember her name but I think it was Phylis something.

This is my Ruben Sandwich, we had lunch at Putah Creek Cafe. It was very good.

This is a quilt by the Feature Artist. It was VERY cool. Some of the pieces lift up.

This is a quilt by Mac McNamara. All the bodies have a different head. One block only has half a body

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Winner Is...

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1
Max: 4
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Which means Jennifer is the winner!!!

I will be posting a photo soon. I do have to say I will be making this one again for me!

Jenn- Do you want me to bring the pillow to the library tonight or pick it up Saturday at my house?

Thank you all for sharing your holiday plans. I got everything done my my to do list but delivering the quilts, I am still waiting to hear from my client. Vicki I can't wait to see photos of your class! It sounds like so much fun.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Give Away

With this being the unofficial first weekend of summer please take a moment to remember the men and women who gave all for the freedom we have.

This weekend is always hard for me to get through. For those of you who don't know, a good friend of mine was KIA in 2002 by a suicide bomber. He was able to get his 13 men out. He died doing what he loved and what he believed in. He was in the Army's Special Forces, Green Beret, with 22 years of service.

So here is the give away part! Leave a comment here with what your Memorial Day weekend plans are, you have until 11:59pm on Monday. I will be giving away a Red, White and Blue pillow made by me. Last year was the Tattered Stars and Stripes pillow.

My plans are surviving the weekend. I need to reboil some jelly, it hasn't gelled. Bind and deliver 2 baby quilts. Whip up a batch of salsa. Oh and I have to work all weekend.

Monday, May 24, 2010

What a Day!!!

Like my life isn't crazy enough, my day has been insane!

I have lots going on. But here is just a small highlight, I have had a blinding headache all afternoon. I am not sure if it is the 5 hours of sleep, overdose or lack of caffeine or the wind killing my allergies. So I take 3 little white pills from Mexico and a Diet Pepsi. This only took off a small edge. I found some Allegra and took one of those too.

Tonight I had to go out to run a quick errand. I was talking on my phone when I pulled into the drive way, THANK GOD!!! I turned off the car, tossed my keys in my purse, grab some garbage and shut the door. In this time Delaney got out of the car too. I hear CLICK! I told my mom "I have to go now, I need to call AAA I just locked Daphne in the car." Of course I was driving the HHR that does not have OnStar!

My call was marked High Priority. They called out a Tow Truck and the Fire Department. Of course the tow truck got their first. It took him 10 seconds to get my doors opened. The Driver said "The Fire Department was called too. Where are they?" Me "Starbucks." He laughed and agreed.

For those of you who don't know, last week Stockton Police handed out 48 pink slips and some demotion notices. While the Fire Department is taking NO CUTS. And speaking of Stockton Fire Department they are currently 6 MILLION dollars over budget and are asking for more money to make it to the end of the year. Really can't they show up for a 7 month old locked in a car?

Daphne is perfectly fine and did not cry through the whole experience.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Vacation Day 2

It is a new day and time for a new list!

Friday's List of Stuff
1. Finish sewing siggy blocks for swap
2. Make Deb's block for Bee Inspired group
3. Bank
4. Grocery Store

5. Finish White Thread Quilting on Client Quilt
6. Sandwich Baby at the Bordello
7. Holy Moly Gaucamole Cupcakes
8. Start baby girl gift
9. Get together more supplies for Sunday's class
10. Clean up the patio

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vacation Day 1

Today is the first real day of my vacation. No I am not going anywhere, I am broke! So I am staying home and getting a few things done.

Today's list of stuff to do:
1. Weight Watchers
2. Post Office, pick up forms
3. Sew top of Baby at the Bordello quilt
4. Sew blocks for Sew Bee It group
5. Post Office to mail packages
6. Make Enchiladas for the freezer
7. Make something for dinner

8. Change Sheets
9. Finish white thread quilting the client quilt
10. Start getting supplies ready for Sunday's class

I think that is enough to do today. I will update my list a few times today with what is done.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring To A Finish

I am joining in on Tallgrass Prairie Studio's Srping To A Finish. You can still join! The challenge started Monday April 19 and runs through May 31st.

I have made my list of projects I want to finish. I will keep a copy on my side bar too.

1. Brown Dress for ME
2. Delaney's Sundress
3. Daphne's Outfit
4. 3 Crib Sheets for Kristen
5. Cherry Quilt 1
6. Cherry Quilt 2
7. Cherry Quilt 3
8. Hexi Quilt Top
9. Pinwheel Quilt Top
10. Bind Brown Quilt
11. Stripe Purse
12. Red & White Quilt Top

If it all gets done I am supposed to think of a reward for myself. If I can get 2 things a week finished, I can get all 12 done!

Join me in the challegne. Make your list and May 10th there is a half way check in.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I am almost back

It has been a crazy few weeks. Last week I was sick and I am still recovering from that.

I have finished 2 of 3 of the cherry quilts for a client. I started the last one last week. They take longer than you think. I am hoping to have the third top done by the end of the month.

Other than that not much sewing going on here.

Delaney loves riding her bike when the weather lets us go out. Daphne likes going for a walk while Delaney rides.

Last weekend I got to go to the Foothill Quilters quilt show. They have one of the BEST guild shows. I bought vintage linens to make pillows out of for the bedroom make over. The only fabric I bought at the show was 5 yards of a large print for $5, if nothing else it will be a good back.

I am sad to say the Auburn quilt shop is closing. When I was their in February they were talking to people that were interested in buying the shop. The owners are retiring and they didn't sell. Also the Quilter's Studio is closing in San Carlos. That makes 3 shops that I spend money at that have closed this year! It is only mid April.

Friday, March 19, 2010

National Quilting Day

Are you ready for it? Tomorrow is the the BIG day. Yes the third Saturday has been marked as National Quilting Day. And no I am not making this up. It has been a national holiday since 1991.

Sew what are you going to make for National Quilting Day? Organize your stash? Finish an UFO? Start a new project? Make something for yourself? Make a quilt to donate?

I am still unsure of what I am really going to make. I need to make another baby quilt for my client. I need to finish my one UFO this month. My sewing space needs cleaned up and some organizing. BUT I really want to try a new to me applique technique.

Tell me your plans. It looks like you will have to check back Sunday to see what I work on.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

In honor of my Irish heritage I am sharring my FAVORITE Irish Blessing.

"May you be in Heaven a half hour before the devil knows your dead."

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I really like this one

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudoy proclaiming "WOW! What a ride!"

Monday, March 15, 2010


I NEED a new sewing studio. I have to give up my old one so Daphne would have a place to sleep. My current sewing space is just too small for me. I am sharing the living room/home gym/sewing space. It really is too much to fit into one room.

IF I can talk my dad into it. IF I can get Scott home long enough to build it. I would like a small 1000 square feet sewing studio. It will need a full bath, kitchenette, and detached garage (not included in the 1000 square feet.) I want lots of windows, for natural light. Of course laminate flooring, easy to clean. I also need built in shelving, cupboards and counters. I will need a spot for my sewing machine and my serger. I would like 10 foot ceilings with a library ladder on my design wall.

Dad I don't want to look at the packing shed IF you could please plant a flower garden so I have something to look at out the window. And Scott IF you could please order up that computerized Gammil for me, I should have plenty of room.

IF only IF...

***Since my mom and Jennifer are concerned about space for the kids and the nanny, no worries. My darling children aren't allowed into my new studio. When we pull into the detatched garage they will promply walk across the field to visit with their Grandma and Grandpa to spend wonderful quality time.***

Friday, March 12, 2010

How I Do It ALL

Okay I get asked "how do you do it all?" I am going to share a few secrets. I am including a few bonuses too.

I am up at 4:30am, yes it is still dark out. If it is a week day my sitter is at my house by 5:10 am, if it is a weekend me and the girls are in the car by 4:50am. I have my clothes for work ready the night before and their bag packed.

I am home from work between 9 and 10 am, I have the whole day ahead of me. Today I grabbed the slow cooker and started dinner. First is the most important step line the slow cooker with a Reynolds Slow Cooker liner, this will save you scrubbing and time later. Next is the food, HIGHLY complicated recipe!!!

Southwest Pot Roast
4-6 Red Potatoes (as many as you need for the people you are feeding)
1 bag of pre peeled Carrots (I buy the 16oz bag)
1 Chuck Roast (again as much as you need for the people you are feeding)
some flour
1 16oz jar of Salsa (I use Pace medium)

Dump your potatoes and carrot in the slow cooker. Flour your pot roast and plop it on the veggies. Last dump the salsa on top of the meat. Cook on low for 8 hours.

This dinner takes me less than 5 minutes. If I feel like it I might even bust open a roll of Pillsbury biscuits. Home cooking at it's finest.

While I do this I toast up a bagel for Delaney too. Multitasking is the key to my day! I run laundry all day one day a week. Delaney has to help sort her laundry into my laundry. Daphne's gets done separate. Delaney and I load the wash together. I only switch laundry when I get up for a Diet Pepsi or Bathroom break. I have 5 laundry baskets, one for each of us and one for the house. Clean stuff goes into them and I fold one at a time while I am on the phone. Whole basket goes to the room it needs to be put away in.

Another key to my day is I DO NOT WATCH TV! I can't believe how much time that frees up. Yes I have a tv in my sewing space. I use it for dvd's only. I will play Dallas for the noise or a workout dvd when I feel like it.

All of this leaves me tons of time to sew. I keep projects together in bags or boxes. I make sure the fabric, pattern, thread, notions, ect is all their. That way I can grab something and sew. I keep a list of project that need to be done each week. I also keep a list of what I want to get done in the month. If I start a project and have to put it away I put a note in the box with where I left off. I NEVER LEAVE OFF I THE MIDDLE OF A STEP!

I have to stay organized. I have my bag out that I take to the guild meeting. As I finish stuff that has to go to the meeting in the bag it goes. I have 2 large storage boxes in my sewing space too. One is for gifts I make, as I finish a gift it goes into the box with a paper of who it is for. I also mark on my calendar that I have made a gift for that person on the month they are to receive it. Example I have made something for my sister, her birthday is in August, in the empty space on the August page of my calendar I noted that I have made her gift already. That way I know to go look in the box. The second box is for stuff I am putting in the guild's boutique. As I come across fabric, patterns, notions, ect I no longer want I toss them into the box. Then when it is time for the show I just have to price stuff.

While I feed Daphne I will read a pattern. That way I am ahead of the game when I go to sew. I also can pre plan any changes I want to make.

The biggest things for me is having a plan, being organized, and using every minute of my time to the most.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I am still around...

This past month has been full. We have been getting ready for Delaney's 4th birthday! And Scott coming home for a visit. Can we go back to January, I need more time. Let's see if I can hit some highlights of the last 4 weeks.

Made Delaney's birthday dress and currently working on sewing up the last 3 party favor bags. Yeah I know. If I have time tonight Daphne will also get a matching outfit for tomorrow's party.

I did finish 3 quilts this month and 2 of them were UFO's! I am hoping to get one more done by Sunday but I am not holding my breath.

Daphne had her 4 month check up and all is good. She is in the 50% range which is a big change from Delaney who was always 95%. Daphne is a good baby.

Scott got home last Friday. Saturday we did a quick sprint through the de Young to see the Amish quilts. The exhibit was great, the staff was so rude it blew my mind. That night we went to a crab feed for my niece's school. Sunday morning I was up early finishing a donation for a bowling fundraiser and then we were off to Reno for a few days.

A friend joined us in Reno. The guys got to snowboard one day and I got binding on 2 quilts. I also made a pair of Corvette pillowcases for me. I did get to shop at both of the quilt shops in Reno and want to go back in March for a class. Still trying to figure that one out.

Thursday was our first real day at home. I sewed for Delaney's birthday and Scott hung out with the kids. We also got to attend our niece's play The Wizard of Oz, all three were in the play. Last night was also the quilt guild meeting. This was the first month to turn in blocks for the Christmas Quilt Committee, which I am the Chairman of. So far I have 25 blocks, enough for one quilt and a block for the second.

Today is being spent finishing stuff for tomorrow's party. Scott and Delaney are out ordering the pizza and I am home sewing stuff and baking cupcakes. I will try to post pictures Sunday.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pillow Cases

I just figured out that I took pictures of the dozen pillow cases I made. The first five are from my stash and going to the Eagle Scout project. The second five are kits that were donated by Ladybug Quilts. And the last two are gifts, one for Ang and the other for Nat.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So Much Has Happened *With Photos*

I don't know where to start. The last 2 weeks are a blure. See if I can remember parts of it. I do have photos.

First my friend Kim's son is at Stanford. Josh has Cystic Fibrosis and his lungs were down to 12% and with that his Oxygen and CO2 levels were completely crazy. A week ago Josh was put on the double lung transplant list. He is number one. Last Friday was his birthday and he turn 26. If you live in the Stockton area Chili's in Stockton is helping with a fundraiser for Josh. All you have to do is print the flyer and go eat at Chili's on Feb 1st. Everyone that eats their and turns in a flyer 10% will go to helping Josh and his wife. Go visit I Support Joshua Mompean on facebook. You can print the flyer here.

I had a fun photo session with Heather of Moomp Photography. I am waiting for her to give me the okay to promote her latest thing. Just wait you'll love it! Speaking of Moomp spring is coming have you have a family photo done recently, like in the last decade? Call Heather make an appointment. Grab you spouse, kids and grandkids (she'll do your pets too) and head out to meet Heather. You will have the best time with your family and be a head of the game for Christmas photos! Yes I know it is January and I am talking Christmas photos but really come fall you'll be lucky to get a session with her.

I got Delaney's Garden Party Dress done. Delaney has a mini session with Heather tomorrow, I am doing photo invitations for her birthday. Now to start the party favor bags. I have also eliminated a UFO. I decided that I was never going to make the quilt. It was a sample for a class I was going to teach that didn't come about. I had 5 1/2 blocks made. I finished the last block and disbursed the remaining fabric into my stash. I put 2 blocks into my new endeavor for the quilt guild and with the other 4 I made placemats. I found Vicki's wonderful Orphan Block Placemat Tutorial over at 3 Creative Studios. I have also made a Halloween quilt top out of the 9 patches from the swap I did last fall. I cut them in half and made a Disappearing 9 Patch. I love it. The bonus is JoAnn's had Halloween fabric on sale 60% off. I was able to get the borders and backing for $2.79 a yard!!!

These are the four placemats I made.

Right now I am still finishing my Calendar Men quilt. I am hoping to have that done this week. I am working on finishing up my January row for my row quilt. Also I got the sneak peak for Febuary's Block Lotto. I love it so much! I already have one done. I am hoping to be able to get a few more before the first too.

And last for all of you who say you want to see my girls.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

DANG!!! I missed it!

Yesterday was my Blog-A-Versary. I missed it. Now how funny is that? So three years ago I started What Are They Doing Now. It is hard to believe how time flies.

This year I am not going to do a reader give away. But I am going to give a quilt away to a local group. Not to sure yet who. I am going to see what strikes me to make this weekend and then decide where it is going. I am also going to give away 6 pillow cases for ConKerr Cancer for the Eagle Scout project.

This next year I challenge all my readers to DO something to make a difference. Donate a quilt or pillow cases to a group that can use them. DO something more than say you support a group give your time or talents to show your support. If your not sure who you want to support here are some that I help:
Adopt A Hero
Packed With Pride
Quilts of Valor
Homeless Shelters
Women's Shelter
Veteran's Hospitals

There are also emergency relief groups that need help. Right now you can help flood victims in Ireland and the people in Haiti.

If you THINK your talents can't benefit a group you are wrong. Raise money by walking or running to find a cure, let me know I'll sponsor you. Heck Disneyland is doing a campaign Give A Day Get A Day. Donate one of your days to a charity and they will give you a ticket for a day at a park. There is so much WE all can do without spending a ton of money. Make this the year you make a difference.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Help An Eagle Scout!

If you can sew a straight line you can do this! Lizzie B's son is working on his Eagle Scout project and needs our help. He is trying to make and receive a total of 100 pillow cases for ConKerr Cancer. They are needing to receive the pillow case by the end of the month. You can ship them to the following address:

Trevor Hawkins
978 Heatherstone Dr
Berwyn, PA 19312

So here is my challenge if you ARE an Eagle Scout make a pillow case. For each son you have that is an Eagle Scout make a pillow case. If you are married to an Eagle Scout make a pillow case. For each of your brothers that are Eagle Scouts make a pillow case. If your father is an Eagle Scout make 2 pillow cases. If you don't fall into any of these categories make one anyways.

If you are local and would like me to ship your pillow cases with mine I will be mailing on Friday the 29th. The day after the Manteca Guild meeting.

Goals For 2010

I have made a few goal for this year. Heck I do it every year. Sometimes I even work towards achieving them. So I thought I would share some of my goals for the year.

1. Work on decluttering the house. One trip (big or small) a month to donate to Goodwill.

2. Push myself Creatively. I want to work with new colors, textures and designs.

3. I belong to a group that NEEDS change, I would like to be part of the solution to the change not sit back and complain that we need change.

4. Finish 1 UFO a month.

5. I would like to PIF (Pay It Forward) 6 sewn items this year. Watch your mail boxes!

6. Meet whatever Health Goal my work sets for me. I wont know what it is until late Feb early March.

7. Complete 2 handwork projects this year.

So what are your goals? Are you working towards them?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starry Night

These are the Milky Way blocks I won at Block Lotto. It was the October block. I received them in the mail in November and December. I finished getting the borders on it yesterday. I have 2 tops done so far this year. Now just to get a whole quilt done.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

X's Or O's?

Every year on New Year's Day I make a quilt top. Even with Scott gone I was going to give my best at getting a top done. I made the blocks, laid them on my wall and started the graph on the 31st. I came home from work New Year's Day finished the graph and started sewing. Even with all the interruptions I was done by 7pm.

The Tic Tac Toe block is this months block over at Block Lotto. I fell in love with the block and knew I wanted to make this quilt. I love the liberated setting with the liberated block. This is out of the box for me. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun.

I have another idea for a quilt using this block and a variation of the block. Soon.