Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starry Night

These are the Milky Way blocks I won at Block Lotto. It was the October block. I received them in the mail in November and December. I finished getting the borders on it yesterday. I have 2 tops done so far this year. Now just to get a whole quilt done.


Bonnie said...

Very nice. I finally finished my great nephew's Christmas gift today--does that count as one or do I have to say it was last year's. Also worked on some other projects today. I have been busy helping my dad--he is so lonely now without my mother to visit. He wants to start going through her stuff--don't know if I am up to it yet. She had tons of stuff.

Day-Day said...

Dear Dianah, Thank you for the beautiful Christmas gifts that you sent me. I don't have your email address so thought this is the only way to thank you. I am sorry I have only just got in touch but I have been away on holiday and have only just returned. The wall hanging is spectacular and I will think of you every time I hang it up. I also appreciate all the other goodies that you sent. Once again Thank you and I will be posting a picture on my blog asap. Love Dale