Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In a FUNK!

The day to day stuff has been keeping way busy. I don't feel like I am getting much else done. I have been feeling kind of BLAH!
Yesterday I posted on facebook "I need some MOTIVATION." Less that 20 minutes later I get an e-mail to be part of the Warehouse Crew- Swim Suit Challenge. CRAP!!!! Yeah I replied "What do I need to do to be ready to start on March 5th?" This is a BIG FAT lesson in getting what you ask for!
So last night I placed my order for Brazil Butt Lift and my first 30 day supply of Shakeology!
Now I have to take my "Before" photo and wait for my instruction on the 25th.
Wish me LUCK!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Can You Believe IT!!!

I have started planning Delaney's 6th Birthday party! Can you believe it! When I started this blog I was planning Delaney's 1st Birthday. WOW!

This year we are hoping the weather is wonderful for a party in our backyard. Her colors are Hot Pink with Black and White Zebra print. I am making tons of stuff from my stash for her party. This weekend I am doing the invitations. I will be starting on matching outfit for the 3 of us. Already made our matching flip flops.

I have ordered cloth table cloths and chair covers. Between me and my mom we have 5 or 6 of the 6 foot folding tables. I have 8 folding chairs and will be getting 8 more. It was cheaper to buy them than rent them. Plastic was only half the price and I will re-use cloth. I bought them at Table Cloth Factory. Their prices are CRAZY cheap!

Target has been very helpful too. They just got in paper products in Zebra with Hot Pink edges. In the Dollar Section they had square plastic buckets in Hot Pink and Black. I got those for the party favors at each kids place setting. Now just to fill them. I also got some metal Easter Pails that are Zebra print and Hot Pink inside.

I have bought 2 bolts of Zebra print cotton form JoAnn's. I cut 6 table runners today and still need to cut a square topper. My mom is going to hem them all for me. I am also going to make me a top, Delaney a dress and Daphne an outfit. I am also thinking of covering buttons and making ponytail accessories for all of the girls.

I am making the kids Zebra Cake In A Jar. I did a test run this week and it was so good! I figured out that the short 8oz wide mouth jars are going to be the easiest for the kids to eat out of and me to bake in. They will be topped with Hot Pink homemade Buttercream. I am also making a Zebra Layer Cake for the adults.

Delaney has ALWAYS wanted a pinata. So a friend is working on getting me one made for her party! She has a family hook up. I am thankful for her being the youngest in the family of 13!!! With her son an only child!!! Her family knows people everywhere or one of them works somewhere you need. My luck she is calling one of her family members in Mexico and having it shipped!

For an activity, like lunch and a pinata isn't enough!, I bought Make Your Own Monster iron-on art last summer on CLEARANCE! I have 13 of them too. I even found 5 white t-shirts in the bag. So each kid will go home with a t-shirt they made. I even have a Zebra ironing board cover!

I also have a HUGE pine tree in my back yard. I am going to make the Martha Stewart Tissue Paper Pom-Poms to hand from it. I have White and Hot Pink tissue paper already. I am looking for Black now.

I have tons of serving pieces in white and clear glass. Today I spray painted some terra cotta pots I have had for YEARS Glossy Black. This is going to be so much fun! Believe it or not I have tons of the big stuff on hand already. My big expenses are lunch, party favors and some decorations.