Monday, March 30, 2009

Little Sewing Last Month

I have been able to do a little sewing in March. I figured I would share photos, Yeah PHOTOS, of what I got done.

These two blocks are for Rachel in the Bee Inspired Virtual Quilting Bee I am participating in this year.

This is an Irish Glam Bag I made for a friend. It was sent off this last week. Hope she likes it. I think I will make more for my Etsy Site for next St Paddy's Day, I'll include a little strap for a night of bar hoping.

This is a block I made as a sample for a BOM with some friends. I am waiting their feed back.

This is another of my Vacation Homes blocks. This is my quilt for the Bee Inspired group. I needed to make 3 blocks myself in order for the quilt to be big enough. I am also going to make some signs. trees and bushes for sashing in between the houses.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I just got an e-mail for my first Etsy purchase, it was for 2 items!!! I am so EXCITED! I am hoping to list some more items this next week. This sale has me motivated. So be sure to stop by Kumquat Kewtie later this week to see what is for sale.

Also I found out today that Gina Halladay is planning a Quilting Cruise! I am ready to start packing. Who is ready to go with me! Gina is a lot of fun so I know this will be a NOT TO MISS EVENT! You can read more about her plans over at Quilters Buzz.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Food Depression

Okay most of you know that I am a self proclaimed foodie. I love the Food Network and watch when I can get the TV. I research places to eat before we leave on vacation. Sometimes vacation is planned based on where I want to eat, New Orleans.

So I have been driving around different parts of Stockton this past week and became food depressed. Places that I ate at as a kid are no longer in business, in some cases the building is even gone. These are a few places and foods I miss:

1. Snow White Bakery on Waterloo Rd, they had the best brownies EVER. There was sugar on the bottom, chewy fudgy brownie, topped with thick gooey icing and they kept them chilled. Now some of you have travelled I-5 with me and know I stop EVERY TIME at Harris Ranch for half dozen to a dozen brownies, Snow White's were better than Harris Ranch.

2. Hoosier Inn, Completely Gone now a KFC. Had the best Chicken Fried Steak with Gravy and Garlic Butter. Hoosier was decorated this antiques too. Very cool.

3. Florence's out in Linden, I am sure it had another name but no one called it that. It was corner store, bar that served food. They closed when she pasted away about 20 years ago. The last time I was their we had palenta, the bowl came with a SLAB of cheese, planeta and sauce. It was sooo good. I went with my mom and dad on the way home from the dumps, we were in the Dodge so I had to be 12. I am amazed to this day that my dad didn't leave us on the side of the road. I had asked when it was going to stop raining? Mom's answer was "when there is enough blue sky to make a Dutchman a pair of pants." On went the dialog with much laughter on our part not dad about how big was a dutch man and did the pattern have to be on grain, remember I could sew even back then. The end result was WE got THE LOOK and a call to Grandma Laura to find out how big a Dutchman was and yes they need to be on grain.

4. De Vinci's. YES I know they are still in business BUT it isn't the same. De Vinci's was opened when I was a kid, with ONE location, by three partners Gary, Pete and Leon. My Mom worked for them as a banquet waitress and we ate many Ravs and Chicken. I don't remember not eating Pete's Ravs. At one point Leon moved on to another venture and Gary and Pete still made great food at De Vinci's. A few years ago Gary and Pete sold De Vinci's and since it has sorta mini local Franchised. It REALLY isn't they same as the good old days. I really wish my mom had bought GALLONS of Gary and Pete's sauce and froze it. Now I am not saying the food is bad just not what I grew up on. I ate at one of the franchised locations this week.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MediCal Rant!

I will start this off by saying this is my own experience and opinion.

I had to go to doctor's appointment today, in Stockton, with a specialist. When I made the appointment they told me NOT to bring children, so Poop went to Linda's. I get their and I am ONE of TWO patients out of SIX that DID NOT bring children. The other FOUR patients had FOUR to SIX children each with them. It was LOUD. This is the biggest reason I see medical professionals in other towns, I am tired of dealing with the Stockton Ghetto Trash.

As I was waiting to go into my room I learned that I was the ONLY one with medical insurance. The other FIVE all had MediCal. Well job security for my mom. Now this is the part that PISSED ME OFF. We were all offered our results in 14 days but the other FIVE had the option to receive expedited results in 3 days. I asked why wasn't I offered expedited results? The office policy is not to offer expedited results to patients with insurance because most insurance companies WILL NOT pay for the service. I was told I could pay the $450 fee out of pocket and then file a claim with my own insurance company to be reimbursed. My last question was "MediCal automatically pays for this?" The answer was a quiet yes.

The State wonders why we had a budget crisis. I will do some simple math just on the cost of expedited results, I am sure my number will be low. If 10 MediCal patients a day at 1 doctors office choose this service it is $4500. Now there are 5 days in a week for a total of $22,500. Just to make the math easy I am going to say the doctor is closed 2 weeks out of the year for vacation. So working 50 weeks a year the bill would be $1,125,000. Now I know there is more than one doctor in the state doing expedited results and they may not do 50 a week but over a million dollars a year just to get results in 3 days and not 14 days? CRAP!!! And this is for people who are getting FREE medical care and most are not paying taxes to help cover this charge.

Gald I get to go to work tomorrow so I can earn my insurance benefit and NOT be able to afford the $450 for my expedited results.

Monday, March 9, 2009

How Are You Doing? Again

Daily I am asked "How are you doing?" If you have been reading my blog you know Scott is in Iraq and I am here dealing with some health issues.

I will start with Scott. He is ready to come home. The work isn't bad but all there is to do is eat, sleep and go to work. He is missing his family and friends. We are looking forward to seeing him at the end of June.

As for me, I am dealing with some health issues. They are not life threatening and they are not going to be long term (by my definition). They will continue for several months. I know many of you have not seen me out and about or blogging. I am sorry too. I do miss seeing and talking to you all.

I have good days, bad days and okay days. On a good day I feel like I can take on the world and I try. Which then leads to a bad day, where I literally have to crawl to the bathroom and call my mom to bring Poop dinner. On an okay day I can do one load of laundry and heat something up for dinner. I have to save most of my energy to go to work. I can not afford to go off since my job provides all of our medical insurance and I need it now more than ever.

I saw the Spoon Theory story on my friend Gina's blog last year. The Spoon Theory truly describes how I live day to day right now. Please take a minute to read the story, it is really worth your time.

I realize I have fallen behind on a few commitments. Please know this is not my normal way of functioning. I am trying to get caught up on a few projects this week. So check back for some photos of completed projects that are in the mail.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lost Cell Phone

Last Friday I lost my cell phone. I remember having it as I pulled out of the store parking lot, I know this because I was on the phone. This is the last time I remember having my phone.

So as Sunday rolls around I am on the mad search for the phone. Can't find it. I dumped out my purse and searched the car in the rain, still no phone. Monday rolls in still looking for the phone, I checked the cars and purse again and dumped out BOTH toy boxes. I asked Delaney if she knows where it is at. Still no phone. This continues through Wednesday evening.

I give up and head to the Nextel store. I asked them if my phone has insurance on it and if it will cover a lost phone. I do have insurance and it will cover the lost phone, for only $50. GREAT! Friday is payday I will call then.

Thursday night I am cleaning in the living room and guess what I find? Yea the cell phone. Now guess where it was? Give up? Plugged into the charger. Now for all of you thinking "You didn't check the charger?" Not one person I spoke with this past week thought to ask me that either. Everyone said the car, purse and toy box though.

There are a few pictures posted over on Sarahbear's blog from Delaney's birthday party, if you want to look.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

WOW! What have they been doing?

Okay I know it's been 2 weeks. No, California didn't fall off into the ocean. Life has been life, crazy! So here we go, What are the doing now!

Scott is still in Iraq. Yesterday they got news that KBR, the company he works for, will be doing layoffs. They are currently not hiring anyone else either. KBR needs to layoff 30% of it's work force in Iraq. At a meeting yesterday Scott was told that they will start with the one's that are "screw ups" that are on the verge of being sent home anyways. The second group to go is upper management that are not keeping with company policy. The third group is up in the air. Keep your fingers cross that Scott isn't in these groups.

Delaney turned 3 on Sunday. ALREADY! We had a small party at my parents house with a few friends and family members. We don't have pictures yet. None of my three photographers have sent me pictures and 2 of them haven't posted pictures on their blogs either. Just a HINT! She also had an ear infection about 10 days ago. One of her tubes has fallen out and that's the ear with an infection. Her ENT wants to wait and see if this is a one time thing or chronic again before putting the tube back in. Today was Dr. B appointment for her 3 year physical. She is in the 95% for height and weight, she is on target to be 5'8" to 5'10".

Me, I have been having a small health problem and my doctor's want me to reduce stress and do less. Yeah Right! I need to eat more protein too. I have been chowing down on Protein Bars, triple chocolate fudge truffle isn't too bad. Hopefully soon I will be mostly back to normal. Hopes this explains my absence from everywhere. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with 2 Fabulous women from my quilt guild this last week putting together raffle baskets for our quilt show this weekend. What a fun time I had. It was fun getting to do some normal stuff. I am busy working on finishing 17 quilt block kits to mail out for the Bee Inspired virtual quilting bee. I need to mail them tomorrow. I am also finishing up the basket I am donating for the quilt show, my theme is Cupcakes! I am pulling some stuff together for the boutique in our show too, fabric, glam bags and my pattern Hole In My Roll so far. I think that is about it!

Also for those of you that made Wonky Star Blocks I will be a the show Friday midday for a bit. I am also working the Membership/White Glove Table Saturday 3-5pm and Sunday 2-4pm. You can also leave your blocks at the Membership/White Glove Table and I will ask if there is anything for me.