Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MediCal Rant!

I will start this off by saying this is my own experience and opinion.

I had to go to doctor's appointment today, in Stockton, with a specialist. When I made the appointment they told me NOT to bring children, so Poop went to Linda's. I get their and I am ONE of TWO patients out of SIX that DID NOT bring children. The other FOUR patients had FOUR to SIX children each with them. It was LOUD. This is the biggest reason I see medical professionals in other towns, I am tired of dealing with the Stockton Ghetto Trash.

As I was waiting to go into my room I learned that I was the ONLY one with medical insurance. The other FIVE all had MediCal. Well job security for my mom. Now this is the part that PISSED ME OFF. We were all offered our results in 14 days but the other FIVE had the option to receive expedited results in 3 days. I asked why wasn't I offered expedited results? The office policy is not to offer expedited results to patients with insurance because most insurance companies WILL NOT pay for the service. I was told I could pay the $450 fee out of pocket and then file a claim with my own insurance company to be reimbursed. My last question was "MediCal automatically pays for this?" The answer was a quiet yes.

The State wonders why we had a budget crisis. I will do some simple math just on the cost of expedited results, I am sure my number will be low. If 10 MediCal patients a day at 1 doctors office choose this service it is $4500. Now there are 5 days in a week for a total of $22,500. Just to make the math easy I am going to say the doctor is closed 2 weeks out of the year for vacation. So working 50 weeks a year the bill would be $1,125,000. Now I know there is more than one doctor in the state doing expedited results and they may not do 50 a week but over a million dollars a year just to get results in 3 days and not 14 days? CRAP!!! And this is for people who are getting FREE medical care and most are not paying taxes to help cover this charge.

Gald I get to go to work tomorrow so I can earn my insurance benefit and NOT be able to afford the $450 for my expedited results.


Nathan said...

I pay taxes and think I should get government healthcare, too! Brian has a high-deductible plan at work since the cost of a regular HMO is too high; he ordered his asthma medicine and was told the bill for 3 inhalers was $500. Something needs to be done...

Deb said...

That's crazy! By the way I just had to stop by and tell you that Rachel fixed my picture, i have NO IDEA how to photoshop, but Rachel is obviously awesome at it!!! I'm glad you like the block.
deb xx