Monday, March 9, 2009

How Are You Doing? Again

Daily I am asked "How are you doing?" If you have been reading my blog you know Scott is in Iraq and I am here dealing with some health issues.

I will start with Scott. He is ready to come home. The work isn't bad but all there is to do is eat, sleep and go to work. He is missing his family and friends. We are looking forward to seeing him at the end of June.

As for me, I am dealing with some health issues. They are not life threatening and they are not going to be long term (by my definition). They will continue for several months. I know many of you have not seen me out and about or blogging. I am sorry too. I do miss seeing and talking to you all.

I have good days, bad days and okay days. On a good day I feel like I can take on the world and I try. Which then leads to a bad day, where I literally have to crawl to the bathroom and call my mom to bring Poop dinner. On an okay day I can do one load of laundry and heat something up for dinner. I have to save most of my energy to go to work. I can not afford to go off since my job provides all of our medical insurance and I need it now more than ever.

I saw the Spoon Theory story on my friend Gina's blog last year. The Spoon Theory truly describes how I live day to day right now. Please take a minute to read the story, it is really worth your time.

I realize I have fallen behind on a few commitments. Please know this is not my normal way of functioning. I am trying to get caught up on a few projects this week. So check back for some photos of completed projects that are in the mail.


sew rosey said...


Sorry you are going through a rough patch. I promise not to tease you about being superwoman.

Gina said...

Praying for many spoons for you today:)