Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Food Depression

Okay most of you know that I am a self proclaimed foodie. I love the Food Network and watch when I can get the TV. I research places to eat before we leave on vacation. Sometimes vacation is planned based on where I want to eat, New Orleans.

So I have been driving around different parts of Stockton this past week and became food depressed. Places that I ate at as a kid are no longer in business, in some cases the building is even gone. These are a few places and foods I miss:

1. Snow White Bakery on Waterloo Rd, they had the best brownies EVER. There was sugar on the bottom, chewy fudgy brownie, topped with thick gooey icing and they kept them chilled. Now some of you have travelled I-5 with me and know I stop EVERY TIME at Harris Ranch for half dozen to a dozen brownies, Snow White's were better than Harris Ranch.

2. Hoosier Inn, Completely Gone now a KFC. Had the best Chicken Fried Steak with Gravy and Garlic Butter. Hoosier was decorated this antiques too. Very cool.

3. Florence's out in Linden, I am sure it had another name but no one called it that. It was corner store, bar that served food. They closed when she pasted away about 20 years ago. The last time I was their we had palenta, the bowl came with a SLAB of cheese, planeta and sauce. It was sooo good. I went with my mom and dad on the way home from the dumps, we were in the Dodge so I had to be 12. I am amazed to this day that my dad didn't leave us on the side of the road. I had asked when it was going to stop raining? Mom's answer was "when there is enough blue sky to make a Dutchman a pair of pants." On went the dialog with much laughter on our part not dad about how big was a dutch man and did the pattern have to be on grain, remember I could sew even back then. The end result was WE got THE LOOK and a call to Grandma Laura to find out how big a Dutchman was and yes they need to be on grain.

4. De Vinci's. YES I know they are still in business BUT it isn't the same. De Vinci's was opened when I was a kid, with ONE location, by three partners Gary, Pete and Leon. My Mom worked for them as a banquet waitress and we ate many Ravs and Chicken. I don't remember not eating Pete's Ravs. At one point Leon moved on to another venture and Gary and Pete still made great food at De Vinci's. A few years ago Gary and Pete sold De Vinci's and since it has sorta mini local Franchised. It REALLY isn't they same as the good old days. I really wish my mom had bought GALLONS of Gary and Pete's sauce and froze it. Now I am not saying the food is bad just not what I grew up on. I ate at one of the franchised locations this week.


Gina said...

sad... now im depressed too since I frequented the same places. My Hoosier fav was the rib eye with garlic butter.. no wait! The pork chops! Ok, your eright... it was the chicken damn it. Snow white had the bestest cakes! My fav ( now gone too) Italian was always Vincenzos. My kids hated the opera, but loved the food.

Dave said...

It is sad when things change but hopefully they change for the better. I miss some California stuff now that I am in Texas and I hope to be back someday to show my kids all of the cool places I went too! I mean, where is Hof's Hut, Harbour House and Claim Jumper when you need it!