Friday, March 6, 2009

Lost Cell Phone

Last Friday I lost my cell phone. I remember having it as I pulled out of the store parking lot, I know this because I was on the phone. This is the last time I remember having my phone.

So as Sunday rolls around I am on the mad search for the phone. Can't find it. I dumped out my purse and searched the car in the rain, still no phone. Monday rolls in still looking for the phone, I checked the cars and purse again and dumped out BOTH toy boxes. I asked Delaney if she knows where it is at. Still no phone. This continues through Wednesday evening.

I give up and head to the Nextel store. I asked them if my phone has insurance on it and if it will cover a lost phone. I do have insurance and it will cover the lost phone, for only $50. GREAT! Friday is payday I will call then.

Thursday night I am cleaning in the living room and guess what I find? Yea the cell phone. Now guess where it was? Give up? Plugged into the charger. Now for all of you thinking "You didn't check the charger?" Not one person I spoke with this past week thought to ask me that either. Everyone said the car, purse and toy box though.

There are a few pictures posted over on Sarahbear's blog from Delaney's birthday party, if you want to look.

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Kritta22 said...

LOL I love it!!

I'm glad I'm not the only one that has done this!

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