Monday, March 30, 2009

Little Sewing Last Month

I have been able to do a little sewing in March. I figured I would share photos, Yeah PHOTOS, of what I got done.

These two blocks are for Rachel in the Bee Inspired Virtual Quilting Bee I am participating in this year.

This is an Irish Glam Bag I made for a friend. It was sent off this last week. Hope she likes it. I think I will make more for my Etsy Site for next St Paddy's Day, I'll include a little strap for a night of bar hoping.

This is a block I made as a sample for a BOM with some friends. I am waiting their feed back.

This is another of my Vacation Homes blocks. This is my quilt for the Bee Inspired group. I needed to make 3 blocks myself in order for the quilt to be big enough. I am also going to make some signs. trees and bushes for sashing in between the houses.


Sandra H said...

I'm going to make the BOMs today. I love the block. Hope I win!! I love your Vacation Home. Very pink.


Gina said...

Love my glam bag!Thank you! What a lil pick me up in an otherwise FREAKED OUT TIME I;m having trying to move.
When u coming to visit?