Thursday, March 5, 2009

WOW! What have they been doing?

Okay I know it's been 2 weeks. No, California didn't fall off into the ocean. Life has been life, crazy! So here we go, What are the doing now!

Scott is still in Iraq. Yesterday they got news that KBR, the company he works for, will be doing layoffs. They are currently not hiring anyone else either. KBR needs to layoff 30% of it's work force in Iraq. At a meeting yesterday Scott was told that they will start with the one's that are "screw ups" that are on the verge of being sent home anyways. The second group to go is upper management that are not keeping with company policy. The third group is up in the air. Keep your fingers cross that Scott isn't in these groups.

Delaney turned 3 on Sunday. ALREADY! We had a small party at my parents house with a few friends and family members. We don't have pictures yet. None of my three photographers have sent me pictures and 2 of them haven't posted pictures on their blogs either. Just a HINT! She also had an ear infection about 10 days ago. One of her tubes has fallen out and that's the ear with an infection. Her ENT wants to wait and see if this is a one time thing or chronic again before putting the tube back in. Today was Dr. B appointment for her 3 year physical. She is in the 95% for height and weight, she is on target to be 5'8" to 5'10".

Me, I have been having a small health problem and my doctor's want me to reduce stress and do less. Yeah Right! I need to eat more protein too. I have been chowing down on Protein Bars, triple chocolate fudge truffle isn't too bad. Hopefully soon I will be mostly back to normal. Hopes this explains my absence from everywhere. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with 2 Fabulous women from my quilt guild this last week putting together raffle baskets for our quilt show this weekend. What a fun time I had. It was fun getting to do some normal stuff. I am busy working on finishing 17 quilt block kits to mail out for the Bee Inspired virtual quilting bee. I need to mail them tomorrow. I am also finishing up the basket I am donating for the quilt show, my theme is Cupcakes! I am pulling some stuff together for the boutique in our show too, fabric, glam bags and my pattern Hole In My Roll so far. I think that is about it!

Also for those of you that made Wonky Star Blocks I will be a the show Friday midday for a bit. I am also working the Membership/White Glove Table Saturday 3-5pm and Sunday 2-4pm. You can also leave your blocks at the Membership/White Glove Table and I will ask if there is anything for me.

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Gina said...

Happy Birthday Delaney!
DI, slow down girl:)
Hows Etsy doing? I need to go look...u selling well the make up bags? or the baby stuff more? When u coming to SLO?