Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Year's Goals

As we get closer to the end of the year I am starting to think of making my goals for next year. Not feeling very motivated to do much of anything.

1. Drop 20 lbs, maybe I will fit back into my skinny jeans.
2. Finish 6 UFO's, I think they are breeding.
3. Food Storage, Can and Freeze veggies this summer.

Looks like I need to think of a few more things.

Anyone have any goals/resolutions set for this coming year?


Monday, October 29, 2012


YEP 57! That is how many days left till Christmas! Can you believe it?!?!

So I have contacted a photographer for the photos, waiting his reply. I have pre washed all the fabric for both of the outfits I am planning on making bothe the girls. Yeah I am making them each 2 Christmas outfits. I know CRAZY!!! I have a vague idea of everything I need and want to do in my head, not really the best place for it.

So this week my plan is:
1. Daphne's Pillowcase Dress
2. Find a a shoe box for our Operation Christmas Child
3. Find 5 things in the house for the box
4. Make Pillowcase Dress for the box
5. Sew binding to front of the Chain of Hearts quilt
6. Make desserts for Friday
7. Pack my bags for the weekend
8. Make the list of What Needs Done For Chistmas.

Ok I think that is enough since I am leaving Friday afternoon for the weekend.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Daphne Olivia!

She is 3 years old today!!! This is her modeling her new birthday dress. She has already invited Gram to birthday lunch at McDonald's today. Tonight we will go to Gram and Papa's for dessert and presents. Saturday after football we are having her birthday party in the backyard.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Running Behind

I am not sure how it happens but dang Daphne's birthday is in a few days and I have nothing ready. Can you believe she is going to be 3 on October 1st????

I know we are having a party at home on the 6th after a day of football. Beyond that I got nothing. Which means next week I will be on a CRAZY MAD DASH to organize an amazing party for my 3 year old. We have Minnie and Mickey Mouse theme in mind. Mostly because I have a lot of red, white and black on hand.

Watch out because this weekend I will be making a FABU Birthday Outfit!

Remember when we were all waiting for this?


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy National Sewing Month!!!

Yep today kicks off the start of National Sewing Month. So of course I have a list of what I want to get done this month. Some quilting, handwork and clothes. What can I say I'm diverse.

Today I finished binding a ZigZag quilt that I will be teaching in Riverbank at the end of the month at A Quilter's Place. I did mine a little different from the pattern. Just to show some options.

I have been on the fence about joining in the Grandmother's Choice Block A Week. I think it would be tons of fun and there will be a lot of Women's History to learn along with it. BUT it is 49 blocks and then to put it together. Maybe if I start now I would have the top done in time for the Centennial in 2020.

Now I am putting boarders on Playful Posies. I took the class 2 weeks ago plus I greatly enlarged it and of course not according to the pattern. I had my own idea. I am hoping to start quilting it this month. I had a ton of fun in the class with Beth (the B in LizzieB Cre8ive) and my friend Bonnie, who got 2 baby size tops done.

And last but not least I have also been working on my first block of HocusPocusVille. Since I am at cheer practice 3 to 4 nights a week and a football game every week I needed handwork. So I keep it in my purse to work on every time I have a minute to take a stitch.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fundraiser For The 3 Day

I am having a Raffle for this flannel throw. For every $1 you donate today through May 5th at noon you will get 1 ticket entered into a drawing for a flannel throw my mom made. I will take care of the delivery of the throw.

My mom made it. One side has hot pink flannel and the other is white with pink ribbon flannel. It also has a hot pink crocheted edge. It is approx 41" x  84" in size.

All you have to do is click the link and make a donation. You will be entered into the raffle.

Thank you for your support!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cash Mob

I am a HUGE supporter of the 3/50 Project. I believe in supporting locally owned businesses. Not only do they give back to local community but they support the local economy. It has been sad to see so many businesses close in the last few years do to the economy. I hope my $50 a month makes some difference.

Yesterday I read about Cash Mobs. As I read the article I got to thinking Stockton could use this. Heck all of San Joaquin County could benefit from this. Someone needs to get this organized here.

Then 2 things popped into my head. 1) Be the change you want to see. 2) Your a stay at home mom with nothing to do. HAHAHAHA

So after sleeping on this I figured I would go to my blog readers. What do you think? Should I start a Cash Mob here? Would you participate if one was started?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 1

Today is the first day of the Beach Body Swimsuit Challenge. I am HUNGRY! It will be worth it in the end. At least that is what I am telling myself.

Today we went shopping at Costco and did a little food prep to help make this easier. I will be doing more food prep tonight. I have to make it a routine to do the food prep that is my down fall. The other hard part is making time to exercise. Lucky me Daphne slept through Costco today. So no nap at home today and no time to workout during the day. I am hoping for the girls to go to bed on time tonight so I am not working out at midnight.

Here are my "Before" photos. I know real flattering right.

For some reason I can't upload photos,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In a FUNK!

The day to day stuff has been keeping way busy. I don't feel like I am getting much else done. I have been feeling kind of BLAH!
Yesterday I posted on facebook "I need some MOTIVATION." Less that 20 minutes later I get an e-mail to be part of the Warehouse Crew- Swim Suit Challenge. CRAP!!!! Yeah I replied "What do I need to do to be ready to start on March 5th?" This is a BIG FAT lesson in getting what you ask for!
So last night I placed my order for Brazil Butt Lift and my first 30 day supply of Shakeology!
Now I have to take my "Before" photo and wait for my instruction on the 25th.
Wish me LUCK!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Can You Believe IT!!!

I have started planning Delaney's 6th Birthday party! Can you believe it! When I started this blog I was planning Delaney's 1st Birthday. WOW!

This year we are hoping the weather is wonderful for a party in our backyard. Her colors are Hot Pink with Black and White Zebra print. I am making tons of stuff from my stash for her party. This weekend I am doing the invitations. I will be starting on matching outfit for the 3 of us. Already made our matching flip flops.

I have ordered cloth table cloths and chair covers. Between me and my mom we have 5 or 6 of the 6 foot folding tables. I have 8 folding chairs and will be getting 8 more. It was cheaper to buy them than rent them. Plastic was only half the price and I will re-use cloth. I bought them at Table Cloth Factory. Their prices are CRAZY cheap!

Target has been very helpful too. They just got in paper products in Zebra with Hot Pink edges. In the Dollar Section they had square plastic buckets in Hot Pink and Black. I got those for the party favors at each kids place setting. Now just to fill them. I also got some metal Easter Pails that are Zebra print and Hot Pink inside.

I have bought 2 bolts of Zebra print cotton form JoAnn's. I cut 6 table runners today and still need to cut a square topper. My mom is going to hem them all for me. I am also going to make me a top, Delaney a dress and Daphne an outfit. I am also thinking of covering buttons and making ponytail accessories for all of the girls.

I am making the kids Zebra Cake In A Jar. I did a test run this week and it was so good! I figured out that the short 8oz wide mouth jars are going to be the easiest for the kids to eat out of and me to bake in. They will be topped with Hot Pink homemade Buttercream. I am also making a Zebra Layer Cake for the adults.

Delaney has ALWAYS wanted a pinata. So a friend is working on getting me one made for her party! She has a family hook up. I am thankful for her being the youngest in the family of 13!!! With her son an only child!!! Her family knows people everywhere or one of them works somewhere you need. My luck she is calling one of her family members in Mexico and having it shipped!

For an activity, like lunch and a pinata isn't enough!, I bought Make Your Own Monster iron-on art last summer on CLEARANCE! I have 13 of them too. I even found 5 white t-shirts in the bag. So each kid will go home with a t-shirt they made. I even have a Zebra ironing board cover!

I also have a HUGE pine tree in my back yard. I am going to make the Martha Stewart Tissue Paper Pom-Poms to hand from it. I have White and Hot Pink tissue paper already. I am looking for Black now.

I have tons of serving pieces in white and clear glass. Today I spray painted some terra cotta pots I have had for YEARS Glossy Black. This is going to be so much fun! Believe it or not I have tons of the big stuff on hand already. My big expenses are lunch, party favors and some decorations.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Heidi Daus Jewelry

This last summer I fell in love with Heidi Daus Jewelry. I have bought a few sets and pieces. It is so fun and full of sparkle.
My first set was the Reel McKoi. I love it! The whole set is so fun. Not that I wear it a lot but I love it. Daphne loves the Rose Elegance I got in black. She yells WOW!!! every time I open the box. Of course she has to wear it. My other favorite is Perennial Favorite. And of course I have SEVERAL pieces on my Wish List.
Of course I am on the Heidi Daus Designs e-mail list too. On Tuesday they put a new piece on special in the Tuesday's Treasures. Today's piece is a pair of earrings that I have been wanting.

These are stunning! And they are 40% off today! Of course I order me a pair.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm Taking A Class

I have been wanting to make a French Braid quilt for years. BUT I have never just bought the book and made one.

I was in Ladybug's Friday and saw the French Braid quilt on the wall. It is a CLASS! So I came home and asked my mom if she will watch the girls the next 2 Saturdays so I can take it. She said yes. So Saturday, in between the funeral and reception I ran back to Manteca to sign up. And guess what? I have a friend in the class!

I am excited to take this class. Now to started getting the ton and a half of fabric picked out to make the top.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Ok so I wasn't going to blog today BUT I found a Killer Deal on Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals. You can get 1440 of the same crystal for $37.50! It is a store in LA call the Bead Factory. You can go to the store or order online. I am going to try it soon. BUT I wanted to share with you all.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Goals

As you know I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I make New Year's GOALS. I have made a few this year. Hopefully I haven't over done it this year.


1. To loose another 15.9 lbs. Yes I know it is a crazy amount BUT it gives me the next number I want on the scale.

2. Each month I would like to complete an OLD UFO or WISH project. I have a ton of things I still love in boxes that I need to make time to finish. Trust me moving them is just as bad as someone else having to go through them when you die.

3. Potty train Daphne by summer time. That way she can go on the Grandma Grandpa trip.

4. Train and Fund raise to walk in the 3 Day. I know I did it last year. I am hoping that I have as much support again this year. You have to raise $2300 and that always makes me nervous. I personally would like to have it done by July 1st so I don't have to worry about it the last 2 months before the walk.

5. I have 5 pieces of furniture that I want refinished. This will be the year they get done and in the house!

6. Use 100 yards from my stash. I know I have tried this before. BUT this time I am not limiting what I buy. Just 100 yards of the old stuff.

So if anyone is reading this what are your goals?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What I Am Working On This Year

I have always wanted to do a block of the month thing. BUT they are SO expensive. You pay $20 plus for the block and $4 a month for shipping and then the backing and you end up with a quilt that still needs quilted and you have spent between $400 and $500. I just haven't found one that I love $500 worth.
SOOOO. This is what I decided to do.
I joined The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Dessert of the Month Club. It is $16.95 for the year. Yes you have to buy floss and the canvas to do it on. I think I MIGHT be in it for $50 for the year.
I am going to do mine on flour sack towels for the kitchen and on canvas. The ones on canvas I am going to put into quilt blocks.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bet you thought you never hear from me again!

I am really back this time!!!

Last week I got a FABULOUS new Acer laptop from HSN. Today the very nice Michael from Hughes Net got met Internet.

So I will do a little catch up.

I some what moved out of my house September 1st. I lived in a tiny house around the corner from my sister. The house was broken into 3 weeks after we moved in. I lost $2 and some change. We weren't home. I started looking for a new place. On October 29th we moved in to a GREAT new house RIGHT behind the Waterloo Club. My landlord is great and we love it here.

Delaney started Kindergarten in August. She loves it! Her teacher is wonderful. She has been doing wonderful in school. Delaney asked to be in the after school program and hates being picked up earlier than 5:30pm. At school she is in the dance club. This last November she started cheer classes at Gymstars. Her teacher Miss Melissa is moving her into a new class next week because she needs a bigger challenge.

Daphne is 2! She thinks she is 22. She is sassy. She does something everyday to make us laugh. She is smart! Just Saturday I locked me and her out of the house. Finally I was able to climb through the window to get in. I searched for my keys couldn't find them. I grabbed my spare truck keys and left. All afternoon I searched for my keys. Around 4pm she comes out with them. I asked her to show me where they were. She took me to Delaney's room and put them back in the Fisher Price Airport and told me "their!" Don't know why I didn't think to check their sooner.

A few general things that happened. We got side swiped the first day of school. We are fine. Then in October we got rear ended. The HHR was totalled. The girls are fine. My niece Natalie and I had some headaches and back pain. We are doing better now.

In September I got to was in the Komen 3 Days for a Cure. It was AMAZING. I got to see areas of the bay I had never been to. I met great friends. I also signed up to walk again this year. So back to fundraising! In October I got to go to Chicago with my friend Kymn. I also took a quick side trip to Detroit. I didn't get to do much their. I did see the Ford Museum and I got to have breakfast with Matthew, a friend on the 3 Day. November brought moving and getting everything hooked up to the house. December WOW! Are you ready for this? I had cosmetic surgery. It is something I have wanted for 14 years. I have looked into it many times. My ONLY regret is I waited 14 years. I should have done it sooner.

I will post soon on my goals for 2012.