Monday, October 29, 2012


YEP 57! That is how many days left till Christmas! Can you believe it?!?!

So I have contacted a photographer for the photos, waiting his reply. I have pre washed all the fabric for both of the outfits I am planning on making bothe the girls. Yeah I am making them each 2 Christmas outfits. I know CRAZY!!! I have a vague idea of everything I need and want to do in my head, not really the best place for it.

So this week my plan is:
1. Daphne's Pillowcase Dress
2. Find a a shoe box for our Operation Christmas Child
3. Find 5 things in the house for the box
4. Make Pillowcase Dress for the box
5. Sew binding to front of the Chain of Hearts quilt
6. Make desserts for Friday
7. Pack my bags for the weekend
8. Make the list of What Needs Done For Chistmas.

Ok I think that is enough since I am leaving Friday afternoon for the weekend.


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