Monday, June 24, 2013

72 Hour Kit Update 3

Ok I was in Vegas this week and still managed to add a lot of stuff!

First while cleaning Delaney's room I found 2 LIKE NEW Jansport backpacks. She used each of them for less than 3 months. I am going to wash them and put them to use. Now just need 2 more. Also I found an out of the way place to store them. I have room in the closet with my furnace. I am going to hang a few Command Hooks and they will be out of the way.

What I added this week:
1 Collapsible Cup and Bowl, now I have 4
4 Ponchos
4 Paracord bracelets
4 Starkist Tuna Lunch kits
4 packages of candy, Red Vines, Sour Patch Kids, Reese's Pieces and Starburst

Ok now while you may say CANDY!?!?! I am now trying to survive Zombies or an Invasion of any sort. I am trying to survive 72 hours of disaster. Earthquake, Power Outage, Car broke down in the middle of now where.

Next week I will post pictures of what we got going on here.

Monday, June 17, 2013

72 Hour Kit Update 2

Ok this was a slow week. I have only been into town to shop once and that was only to Target and JoAnn's. BUT I am determined to add stuff EACH week!

So I added a few things this week:
4 pairs of scissors, yes I got a pair for the girls bags too
16 Slim Jims
4 Bumble Bee Tuna and Cracker packs

I also added $5 to each of our packs. It is recommended to have cash on hand in small bills. MY goal is to have $100 per a pack.

I am trying to make all our packs the same. That way it will not matter which bag we grab on the run. Which also means we will all carry bandages for Daphne. I would rather us each have our own stuff incase we get split up or someone we run into needs help.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Okay I decided I am going to start posting WIP Wednesday. For those who don't know WIP stands for Work In Progress. I am hoping to track my "Progress" on a cross stitch kit I purchased last Sunday, June 2nd.

So first I will give you the background on my project. My mom and I took the girls to the timeshare in Windsor for the weekend. On Saturday we were going to the Children's Museum of Sonoma County ground breaking event. So Friday night I realized I forgot a few things and ran to WalMart. Where I find a cross stitch kit on clearance for $3. So I buy it. I go back to the timeshare where it takes me more than 3 hours to sort the thread. CRAZY!!! This is it.

So then Saturday I ran to the Santo Rosa JoAnn's to buy something to store all the thread I sorted on and I see a kit for a hat cross stitch. While I didn't want to hang it anywhere I really wanted to make it. So I left and didn't buy it. Don't you like it too?

So Sunday we are getting ready to leave and I can't take it, we have to go to JoAnn's so I can buy it. With coupon in hand I pay $6 for it. The upside is for $9 I leave with 2 cross stitch kits that I want to make and not put in my house. Yeah that make since in my world.

Now to the point of all this. I am hoping to post each Wednesday how much I get done each week until I am done. So here is the first week.


Monday, June 10, 2013

72 Hour Kit Update

This past week I was super motivated to work on getting stuff for 72 Hour Kits for all of us. I started by grabbing stuff I knew we had around the house. I really like the idea of adding something each week but DANG! taking a year to do this No Thanks!

So here is what I have so far:
1 Backpack
16 12 Hour Glow Sticks
4 Emergency Blankets
4 Single Severing Size Peanuts
4 Packages of Baby Wipes
4 5-In-1 Survival Tool (Whistle, Compass, Lanyard, Fire Starter Flint, Water Resistant Match Container) I don't know how a Lanyard counts toward survival but it was included.
3 Collapsible Silicone Bowl and Mugs (they only had 3 I need 1 more)
2 12 Packs of Instant Washcloths (again that is all they had)

I also started everyone an envelope of cash. It was recommended that everyone has at least $100 in small bills. This I really will build up over time. I hope to have more in everyone's envelopes.

This week I am hoping to add 1 backpack and some food. I am getting stuff ready for the baby sale and all of us going on different vacations. So I wont have much time to work on it.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Next Project

I have always known I needed to have a 72 Hour Kit for each member of my family "JUST INCASE". I have just never got around to really needing one so I have never put them together. In light of recent events around the United States I have been giving more thought to making them. Never mind my friend Chris for lecturing me for not having them done yet.

So with Tornados sweeping the Mid West and Earthquakes just to the north of me I have set a goal. This summer I will be making 72 Hour Kits for me and my family. I am planning on using backpacks, one for each of us. You never know when you may have to walk and not drive plus we may need to carry extra water. For that reason I don't like the idea of a storage tote, 5 gallon bucket or garbage can. Also I have had friends suggest that I through them in my car when traveling you never know when disaster will strike and you aren't home to grab your kit.

I have found a Build Your Own 72 Hour Kit Check List. I will using this as a guideline for building my kits. I am planning on getting a few things each week so I can get them done this summer and not a year from now.

I would love for you to join me in this project! Plus I would love to hear what you have placed in your kit that may not be on the list. And any great deals you may have found. If you don't want to built your own kit I would suggest buying one and adding to it stuff you may need. Many companies sell them. Google 72 Hour Kits and pages of stuff will pop up.

I have found a spot in my house to store them. Now to start buying supplies.