Monday, June 3, 2013

Next Project

I have always known I needed to have a 72 Hour Kit for each member of my family "JUST INCASE". I have just never got around to really needing one so I have never put them together. In light of recent events around the United States I have been giving more thought to making them. Never mind my friend Chris for lecturing me for not having them done yet.

So with Tornados sweeping the Mid West and Earthquakes just to the north of me I have set a goal. This summer I will be making 72 Hour Kits for me and my family. I am planning on using backpacks, one for each of us. You never know when you may have to walk and not drive plus we may need to carry extra water. For that reason I don't like the idea of a storage tote, 5 gallon bucket or garbage can. Also I have had friends suggest that I through them in my car when traveling you never know when disaster will strike and you aren't home to grab your kit.

I have found a Build Your Own 72 Hour Kit Check List. I will using this as a guideline for building my kits. I am planning on getting a few things each week so I can get them done this summer and not a year from now.

I would love for you to join me in this project! Plus I would love to hear what you have placed in your kit that may not be on the list. And any great deals you may have found. If you don't want to built your own kit I would suggest buying one and adding to it stuff you may need. Many companies sell them. Google 72 Hour Kits and pages of stuff will pop up.

I have found a spot in my house to store them. Now to start buying supplies.

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