Monday, June 17, 2013

72 Hour Kit Update 2

Ok this was a slow week. I have only been into town to shop once and that was only to Target and JoAnn's. BUT I am determined to add stuff EACH week!

So I added a few things this week:
4 pairs of scissors, yes I got a pair for the girls bags too
16 Slim Jims
4 Bumble Bee Tuna and Cracker packs

I also added $5 to each of our packs. It is recommended to have cash on hand in small bills. MY goal is to have $100 per a pack.

I am trying to make all our packs the same. That way it will not matter which bag we grab on the run. Which also means we will all carry bandages for Daphne. I would rather us each have our own stuff incase we get split up or someone we run into needs help.

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