Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Okay I decided I am going to start posting WIP Wednesday. For those who don't know WIP stands for Work In Progress. I am hoping to track my "Progress" on a cross stitch kit I purchased last Sunday, June 2nd.

So first I will give you the background on my project. My mom and I took the girls to the timeshare in Windsor for the weekend. On Saturday we were going to the Children's Museum of Sonoma County ground breaking event. So Friday night I realized I forgot a few things and ran to WalMart. Where I find a cross stitch kit on clearance for $3. So I buy it. I go back to the timeshare where it takes me more than 3 hours to sort the thread. CRAZY!!! This is it.

So then Saturday I ran to the Santo Rosa JoAnn's to buy something to store all the thread I sorted on and I see a kit for a hat cross stitch. While I didn't want to hang it anywhere I really wanted to make it. So I left and didn't buy it. Don't you like it too?

So Sunday we are getting ready to leave and I can't take it, we have to go to JoAnn's so I can buy it. With coupon in hand I pay $6 for it. The upside is for $9 I leave with 2 cross stitch kits that I want to make and not put in my house. Yeah that make since in my world.

Now to the point of all this. I am hoping to post each Wednesday how much I get done each week until I am done. So here is the first week.


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