Monday, January 16, 2012

Bet you thought you never hear from me again!

I am really back this time!!!

Last week I got a FABULOUS new Acer laptop from HSN. Today the very nice Michael from Hughes Net got met Internet.

So I will do a little catch up.

I some what moved out of my house September 1st. I lived in a tiny house around the corner from my sister. The house was broken into 3 weeks after we moved in. I lost $2 and some change. We weren't home. I started looking for a new place. On October 29th we moved in to a GREAT new house RIGHT behind the Waterloo Club. My landlord is great and we love it here.

Delaney started Kindergarten in August. She loves it! Her teacher is wonderful. She has been doing wonderful in school. Delaney asked to be in the after school program and hates being picked up earlier than 5:30pm. At school she is in the dance club. This last November she started cheer classes at Gymstars. Her teacher Miss Melissa is moving her into a new class next week because she needs a bigger challenge.

Daphne is 2! She thinks she is 22. She is sassy. She does something everyday to make us laugh. She is smart! Just Saturday I locked me and her out of the house. Finally I was able to climb through the window to get in. I searched for my keys couldn't find them. I grabbed my spare truck keys and left. All afternoon I searched for my keys. Around 4pm she comes out with them. I asked her to show me where they were. She took me to Delaney's room and put them back in the Fisher Price Airport and told me "their!" Don't know why I didn't think to check their sooner.

A few general things that happened. We got side swiped the first day of school. We are fine. Then in October we got rear ended. The HHR was totalled. The girls are fine. My niece Natalie and I had some headaches and back pain. We are doing better now.

In September I got to was in the Komen 3 Days for a Cure. It was AMAZING. I got to see areas of the bay I had never been to. I met great friends. I also signed up to walk again this year. So back to fundraising! In October I got to go to Chicago with my friend Kymn. I also took a quick side trip to Detroit. I didn't get to do much their. I did see the Ford Museum and I got to have breakfast with Matthew, a friend on the 3 Day. November brought moving and getting everything hooked up to the house. December WOW! Are you ready for this? I had cosmetic surgery. It is something I have wanted for 14 years. I have looked into it many times. My ONLY regret is I waited 14 years. I should have done it sooner.

I will post soon on my goals for 2012.

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Lue-Anne said...

I'm glad you got us all caught up. I love to read your blog!!!