Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Goals

As you know I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I make New Year's GOALS. I have made a few this year. Hopefully I haven't over done it this year.


1. To loose another 15.9 lbs. Yes I know it is a crazy amount BUT it gives me the next number I want on the scale.

2. Each month I would like to complete an OLD UFO or WISH project. I have a ton of things I still love in boxes that I need to make time to finish. Trust me moving them is just as bad as someone else having to go through them when you die.

3. Potty train Daphne by summer time. That way she can go on the Grandma Grandpa trip.

4. Train and Fund raise to walk in the 3 Day. I know I did it last year. I am hoping that I have as much support again this year. You have to raise $2300 and that always makes me nervous. I personally would like to have it done by July 1st so I don't have to worry about it the last 2 months before the walk.

5. I have 5 pieces of furniture that I want refinished. This will be the year they get done and in the house!

6. Use 100 yards from my stash. I know I have tried this before. BUT this time I am not limiting what I buy. Just 100 yards of the old stuff.

So if anyone is reading this what are your goals?

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jennifer said...

1. STAY SAIN! ( yep thats #1)
2. Make a list.
3. Change the list.
4. Make another list.
5. Pick only the ones that are easy on the NEW list.
6.Loose the 20 pounds Iv been trying to loose for the last 10 years ; Pluse the extra 8 pounds that creept up on me , so that means eat a bag of chips?