Friday, August 27, 2010

Pole Fitness Class

I finished my Pole Fitness class series this past Wednesday. I have been asked many questions about it. MANY QUESTIONS. I hope to share my experience and answer some questions. If you have a question PLEASE comment and I will do my best to answer it.

First, I took an introductory class at Venus Pole Fitness in Modesto for the first time last June. That first class was taught by Diane the owner. She was amazing! Her and her sister own two studios, Diane in Modesto and the sister is in Turlock. Both studios offer traditional fitness classes as well as pole classes. The was an hour and fifteen minute class and my legs were shaking when I was leaving. After leaving the class I thought "Not bad I would like to do it again." Then I woke up the next morning. I hurt (Muscle Sore) is places I didn't even know I had muscles. It lasted a few days. I wanted to go back! This was the FUNNEST workout I have ever done.

I signed up for Pole 101, a 5 week class for beginners only. Leslie was our teacher this time and was tons of fun. I learned so much from her. Again our classes were an hour and fifteen minutes every Wednesday night for the 5 weeks.

The first week you learn to walk, squats, hip stuff and how to slide down the pole. This has been the most demanding workout I have ever done, Billy Banks has nothing on these girls. By week 3 you are in 5 to 6 inch heels doing everything! Week 3 you also learn the first spin. Week 4 is more spins and sitting on the pole. Finally Week 5 a few more spins and climbing the pole!

Now it doesn't sound too bad right. Now during this EACH time we either worked on butts or abs. We did squats for 4 minutes, in 6 inch heels, to the beat of a song and if that wasn't enough a few times we would do a squat and hole for a count of 20! Abs wasn't so bad. I had to rest during that, I was having discomfort from surgery at times.

BEFORE you say I could NEVER DO THAT, a few more things. My class ranged in age from 23 with dance experience to 54 going on her third marriage. Also I was 20 days post surgery on my stomach AND 3 hours after having my stitches taken out. The first 2 weeks I was gentle about what I did laying on my stomach but that was it. Still by Week 5 I had internal discomfort but I knew to pay attention and rest when I needed to.

Some of the draw back is the bruising, pole burn and missing skin. I have VERY bad knees. This is not the best exercise for them but its wasn't bad for them. I protected them as best I could. My knees are bruised and beat up but I did not need to ice them or take pain pills. The pole burn goes away in a day or two.

These are my shoes and they are 6 inch stilettos. They do sell various shoes at the studio and even have a catalog you can look through to order out of. Their shoes are $45 to $55 a pair. I found my online for $40.

I would love to take more classes. There are only 2 things holding me up at this time. The first is the studio is about an hour from my house. The second is with Scott gone I don't always have the child care to keep taking classes.

At this time I don't have a pole in my house. I am thinking about the X Pole. It is not permanently installed and no ladder needed to put up or take down. Plus comes with a storage/travel bag.

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